Vampire makeup for guys

If you want to pull it off to the fullest, Halloween makeup for men is just as important as the costume. We have compiled the best suggestions for vampire makeup styles so that you won’t struggle with the decision.

Every desire and option is available, ranging from simple to complex and from humorous to frightful. Furthermore, we also provided you with a full appearance instruction to support you. Allow your imagination to soar this Halloween, and everyone will be in awe of your gorgeous appearance.

Vampire makeup for guys

A vampire costume with scary vampire makeup is a classic Halloween choice, right up there with witch costumes and cat costumes—especially if you’re looking for a last-minute Halloween costume and need to whip a DIY masterpiece pronto! Along your trick-or-treating route, you’re guaranteed to spot at least a few vampire getups every year, and for good reason—it’s a costume that works for toddlers, kids, teens, and adults. What’s more, it can be pulled off quickly and easily with items you likely already have in your closet. (Seriously, a black dress or black pants and a white shirt will get the job done. Add a lace veil or long cape for an extra dose of drama.)

But what really brings the mwah-ha-ha for a vampire costume is the makeup. Take inspiration from famous vampire movies or vampire books, like Count Dracula or Edward Cullen with Twilight vampire makeup, or copy one of the easy vampire makeup looks we’ve rounded up here. Whether you need girl or boy vampire makeup, these photos and vampire makeup tutorials will help you achieve a truly haunting look—and they don’t require spending big bucks on products. Just don’t forget the fangs! Give yourself a fun vampire name, and people will be asking if you’re a real vampire in no time!

Kid Vampire Makeup

For this kid-friendly vampire look, draw dark circles under the eyes by blending a little black makeup with pink or purple on top of a white base. Create fangs with black eyeliner or face paint crayons and fill in with white.

Teen Vampire Makeup

This teen vampire look breaks all the usual vampire makeup rules but still brings all the drama. Daring eyes in silver and blue and eye-catching lip colors take the place of the typical white makeup, dark eyes, and blood. The one common denominator: fangs!

Girl Vampire Makeup

Swirly designs drawn around the eyes with a fine-tip liner pencil bring a dainty vibe to this girl vampire look. Dark lips with painted on fangs (and a drip of red fake blood, of course) up the creepy factor.

Orange Vampire Makeup

You don’t usually see a vampire sporting Halloween orange. But this vampire makeup look—great for teens, tweens, and adults alike—proves that just about any eye makeup can work, so long as there’s a pale, white base all over the face with haunting black lips.

This fake bloody knife headband really takes this boy vampire makeup look to the next level! As if the dark eyes, fangs, and red makeup smears weren’t even to send a chill down your spine!

If you’re into makeup, you likely already have everything you need to recreate this vampy look—just pick up some black lipstick, fake blood, and faux fangs to up the creepy factor.

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