Unicorn makeup for girl

Unicorn makeup for girls that want to feel magical, cute and different. Apart from the fact that I am a very creative person, I also am a girl who loves to look good. There are few things in my mind more gorgeous than a beautiful girl. Especially when she wears an extraordinary makeup. Nail art looks great as well, but one can never beat the magic of a Unicorn glitter on her face. A sparkle of unicorn on the eyelid can change your face look instantly and leave a lasting impression.

Unicorn makeup for girl is all about color, glitter and fun. You can use this design to create a look with a little bit of magic in it.

The unicorn makeup is perfect for girls who love unicorns, girly things and pink.

It’s also great for anyone who wants to show off their inner child with a unique look that will take them back to their childhood.

Unicorn makeup for girl

The unicorn craze has reached a glitter-bombed point of no return—and not just for unicorn makeup. You can now drink like a unicorn, get off like a unicorn, and give your hair the mythical glow of a unicorn. But Google search has spoken, and however polarizing our cultural fascination with all things magical and mystical, we want what we want—and that’s to dress like a unicorn for Halloween. 

The look was high up on the charts, just ahead of mermaid makeup, for last year’s most popular Halloween costumes. And according to this year’s searches, unicorn makeup is still just as popular for 2020. And you know what: Why the hell not? If there’s ever a day to go crazy with holographic highlighter, it’s Halloween. So, on that note, we put together this compilation of Instagram’s best unicorn makeup ideas for Halloween. Go get your glitter on.

Jenna Dewan unicorn makeup

Jenna Dewan / Instagram

Glittery Unicorn

Jenna Dewan had the right idea with this look: Some pink contour, a few rhinestones, and a little glitter hairspray is all you need to nail this Halloween costume.

  • Instagram @cosmicdaughter2/43Bubblegum UnicornPull your hair in pigtails and spray them in three sections with temporary hair color to get the perfect unicorn mane.goth unicorn makeup

E-Girl Unicorn

Unicorns don’t have to be all butterflies and rainbows. For an emo twist on the look, all you need is a killer black lipstick. 

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