Trylo Bra Size chart

Trylo bra size chart is designed to help you know your accurate bra size measurement because a well fitted bra gives your body a better contour. Trylo  bra  size chart is a sure guide that will help you know your accurate bra size measurement. It is every woman’s dream to have a comfortable and supportive bra that would enhance the shape of  their breasts. Therefore we are committed to helping you achieve that . A well fitted bra not only improves your physical attractiveness but also relieves neck and shoulder tension. The question of how do you choose the right bra size is solved, especially when it comes to shopping for a suitable cotton bra.

Trylo Bra Size chart

Is comfort your top priority when choosing a bra? Then, considering a cotton bra is a sure way to go.Trylo cotton bra size chart is designed to help you with your accurate bra size measurement for your convenience Or perhaps you simply favor clothing that feels comfortable to the touch, know that cotton bras meet all of these criteria and can be excellent even in terms of flexibility . Fabric is important when it comes to bra,cotton bras allow air to get through to your skin. If your skin is prone to rashes and other skin irritations, you should choose cotton bras. Cotton bras are the best option if you have sensitive breasts or simply want a bra that does not chafe or feel constricting against your skin.

Trylo Alfa Bra Size Chart

Trylo a vertically integrated company, ranked among st India’s leading manufacturer of wide range Lingerie products, with state of the art production facility spread over 18000 yards at Surendranagar, Gujarat. Apart from being one of the largest Lingerie manufacturer in INDIA, we have successfully evolved in elastic, hosiery cloth & buckle manufacturing for our in house needs, fabric, finishing, processing, stitching are a mark of excellence making every piece of lingerie perfect…


28 A 72-74
28 B 74-76
28 C 76-78
28 D 78-80
28 DD59-6280-82
28 E 82-84
28 F 85-88
28 FF 89-92
28 G 93-96
28 H 97-100
30 A 77-79
30 B 79-81
30 C 81-83
30 D 83-85
30 DD63-6785-88
30 E 88-91
30 F 92-95
30 FF 96-99
30 G 100-103
30 H 104-107
32 A 82-84
32 B 84-86
32 C 86-88
32 D 88-90
32 DD68-7290-93
32 E 94-97
32 F 98-100
32 FF 101-104
32 G 105-108
32 H 109-112
34 A 87-89
34 B 89-91
34 C 91-93
34 D 93-96
34 DD 97-100
34 E73-77101-104
34 F 105-108
34 FF 109-112
34 G 113-116
34 H 117-120
36 A 92-94
36 B 94-96
36 C 96-98
36 D 98-101
36 DD78-82102-105
36 E 106-109
36 F 110-113
36 FF 114-117
36 G 118-121
36 H 122-125
38 A 97-99
38 B 99-101
38 C 101-103
38 D 103-106
38 DD83-87107-110
38 E 111-114
38 F 115-118
38 FF 119-122
38 G 123-126
38 H 127-130
40 A 102-104
40 B 104-106
40 C 106-108
40 D 108-111
40 DD 112-115
40 E88-92116-119
40 F 120-123
40 FF 124-127
40 G 128-131
40 H 132-135
42 A 107-109
42 B 109-111
42 C 111-113
42 D 113-116
42 DD93-97117-120
42 E 121-124
42 F 125-128
42 FF 129-132
42 G 133-136
42 H 137-140
44 A 112-114
44 B 114-116
44 C 116-118
44 D 118-121
44 DD98-102122-125
44 E 126-129
44 F 130-133
44 FF 134-137
44 G 138-141
44 H 142-145
46 A 117-119
46 B 119-121
46 C 121-123
46 D 123-126
46 DD103-107127-130
46 E 131-134
46 F 135-138
46 FF 139-142
46 G 143-146
46 H 147-150

About Trylo Company Brand

Trylo – founded in 1992, comes from house of GULALWADI CHANIYA HOUSE founder Shri Popatlal. Tribhuvandas. Patadia – A well reputed shop in the heart of South Mumbai – Maharashtra (India) since 1950 which itself is the landmark for many. being working round the clock, today Trylo is one of the most sought after brands in the Indian as well as International fashion market. Our ability to learn continuously has given us the flexibility and excellence that is required for the growth in changing and challenging times.

What was intially started as cotton base day to day wear lingerie manufacturing company has now rapidly expanded in manufacturing fashion lingerie, which is the need of time, with the vision of the Third Generation of Shri Popatlal. Tribhuvandas. Patadia, without compromising the ethics, values, quality & comfort. A critical pillar in supporting any organization is the team which forms its core. The company has always believed in nurturing and retaining top talent. Our employees are encouraged to participate actively in decision making which in turn ensures continuous learning.

Today, we are proud to be backed by a team of proficient individuals who have the requisite skills, knowledge and experience to perform effectively and efficiently. Being experts in business administration and marketing, The distributor partners spreads across India covering all the states, ensures prompt service to all the 5000 retail outlets. The strongest human desire is it’s clothing, A desire to look beautiful, A desire to be different, A desire to be comfortable, A desire that is fulfilled by that perfect piece of lingerie named TRYLO. Designed with passion, our product speaks a story of novelty. A strong product portfolio along with the introduction of new products has further strengthened our well established market presence. Committed to advancement, we continue to reinvent ourselves by meeting fresh challenges with innovative solutions. Standing firm on the foundation of goodwill and trust, we are now surging ahead by venturing into new avenues. We believe that we reign supreme because we don’t attempt to conquer. We just do our job the best way! Vision of the company is to be a leader in the global and Indian retail industry by increasing customer base and by offering valuable service through quality products and prompt delivery. Now

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