Tank top bralette

Looking for tank tops with a built-in bra for better shape and movement of your body? You’ve landed on the right page! Tank tops are an excellent pick for summer as you don’t wear layered outfits. So, be it for hiking, workout, running, or other sports, you can always count on these tank tops. They come in various styles with adjustable straps and removable pads. So, if you want a customizable experience, these tops are a must-have.

Summer’s here, and you’re looking great in your cute jean shorts and jazzy yellow tank top. But you know what’s not looking so great? Those big, ‘ol white bra straps. When you want a seamless look, visible bra straps can be a real distractor.

Tank top bralette

Bra straps versus tank tops is a battle as old as time; or at least as old as bras. But don’t despair—we’re here with solutions. Read on for our five favorite bras to wear when you want your shoulders out but your bra straps in.

1: Bandeau

Called apodesmos in ancient Greece, this simple undergarment is the earliest known style of bra.1 Encircling the chest with no shoulder straps, this strapless bra style fits snugly over the breasts and mid-back, making it one of the best bras to wear with tank tops.

Some of the other reasons why a bandeau is a cool choice for summer are:

Its soft and stretchy fabric provides all-day comfort
There are no adjustable straps, clasps, or wires to poke you
It slips on easily over your head
It can be worn instead of a tube top or cami
It makes for a comfy pj top on a warm night
While this bra is ideal for A and B cup sizes, because it doesn’t have underwire or additional support, this strapless bra style may not be the best choice for bustier or older ladies. However, recently, some manufacturers have begun experimenting with bandeaus containing boning and underwires for those who desire a little extra support while still keeping their shoulders free.

2: Racerback

A sporty racerback bra is a great match for any tank top that has a narrow shoulder profile or an athletic cut. With a single strap in the back that joins the thin front straps in an X-shape, these versatile bras usually pull over the head or have a front clasp. In fact, you may already own one if you have a convertible bra in your dresser.

Additionally, racerback bras:

Are supportive
Come in a wide variety of colors, materials, and embellishments
Minimize bra strap slippage with their X-shaped back
Are suitable for any body shape, breast size, and breast type

The 9 Breast Types
Speaking of breast type, do you know yours? Like faces and bodies, breasts can be categorized by shape.2 If you’ve never thought about your breasts beyond their size, this would be a good time to do so. Knowing your breast type and which bras to get for them can help reduce any potential bra fitting problems.

To start, take a look at your chest. What shape (or combination of shapes) do you have under your top?

Asymmetric – One breast is noticeably larger than the other.
Athletic – Small, wide, and muscular, these breasts don’t have a lot of fat or tissue.
Bell – Thinner at the top, fuller at the bottom, these breasts are common among women with larger breast sizes.
East-West – These breasts are wide-set with nipples that point outward.
Relaxed – Longer with less of a perky shape, these breasts have downward facing nipples.
Round – Symmetrical all around, these breasts are circular with nipple placement in the middle.
Side-set – Wide like East-West breasts, but with nipples that point forward rather than outward.
Slender – Long, thin, and oval, with nipples pointed somewhat downward.
Teardrop – At the intersection of Round and Bell, these breasts are full and round but descend from a narrower top.
Regardless of your breast type, a racerback bra can keep your girls supported and your shoulder straps hidden while you rock your summer tank.

#3: Halter Bralette

Does your favorite tank have a halter top? Although the term halter comes from its similarity to the rope used around the neck of livestock, these cute tops are anything but bovine.3 But finding the right bra for a halter top can be tricky. Luckily, halter bralettes provide the perfect option.

The difference between a bralette and a normal bra is actually pretty simple—bralettes are just bras without any structure. This means that bralettes don’t have any:

Bralettes are simply comfy, unstructured bras—the perfect choice for summer.

#4: Lace Bralette

Sometimes, a little peek of the bra strap can be sexy and intriguing, especially if that strap is embellished with lace. To achieve this look, pair a lace bralette with your tank top, and you won’t have to worry about hiding your adjustable straps. 

Not only does this make for a cute outfit, but it also allows you to showcase a garment that might otherwise stay hidden.

#5: No Bra

Okay, we admit this technically isn’t a bra. But sometimes, the best undergarment option for your summer tank top is none at all. While this option isn’t for everyone, there’s no law that says you must wear a bra.

If you like the look of your tank top but haven’t bought a bandeau, racerback, or bralette yet, try wearing your top with nothing underneath. You may be surprised by how comfortable you feel.

No matter what type of bras you’re looking to add to your underwear drawer, Boody offers a variety of options that are comfortable to wear and gorgeous to look at. With shades like nude, pink, mist, storm, and black, you’re sure to find the perfect bra to match your favorite tank top. How often should you change your bra? Read our guide to find out.

All of our sustainable bras are made from bamboo that’s never artificially irrigated, so you can feel good knowing you’re wearing something that’s both gentle on your body and on the environment.

This brand is popular with readers and their cotton ladies tank top is no different! One reviewer heaps some love, saying that “the armholes cover your bra and the neckline is modest. The fabric is not clingy.”

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