Sports bras lululemon

Sports bras are the unsung heroes of your workout wardrobe. They offer the support you need to keep you going strong through a tough workout, and they look great too! We’ve got sports bras in all styles and colors so you can find one that fits your individual style and needs.

While there are many different types of sports bras, most have similar features. They’re made with moisture-wicking materials that help keep you dry and comfortable during physical activity, as well as flat seams that prevent chafing. Some have adjustable straps for added comfort or convenience, while others offer compression support to keep your chest from bouncing around during high-impact activity.

Lululemon offers an array of different sports bras for every occasion — from soft-cup styles to high-impact sports bras. We also have nude options for women who prefer to wear t-shirts or tank tops over their sports bra during workouts.

Our collection includes racerback styles, racerback tank tops, cross back tanks and more! Shop our online store today to find the perfect style for your next gym session.

Sports bras lululemon

If you can find a bra that you don’t want to immediately rip off your body when you get home after a long day, consider that a win. And if that bra happens to be a sports bra that you can comfortably wear during any activity, you’re golden.

Finding the perfect sports bra can be quite the task no matter what size breasts you’re dealing with. There are so many different brands, materials and options on the market. But sometimes, it’s best to go with what you know and for many, that’s likely Lululemon.

Whether you’re running, spinning, doing yoga, dancing your heart during a Zumba class or even burning serious calories during a virtual HIIT class, Lululemon has got you covered.

While many of us love Lululemon for its variety, sometimes when you have so many items to choose from, you can get lost in all the options. So, to help you find the best sports bra The Post chatted with a handful of fitness experts — ranging from a SoulCycle instructors to a certified yoga sculpt teacher.

  1. Lululemon Energy Bra.
    The Energy bra is made with the brand’s fan-favorite Luxtreme material that is sweat-wicking, breathable, cool to the touch, and stretchy.

Cheyenne Tilford, a Hawaii-based certified yoga instructor, runs half marathons and says the Lululemon Energy Bra is one of her favorites due to the support. “I’m training for the Honolulu Marathon in December, and this is my go-to bra for all my runs,” Tilford said. “This bra is also awesome for when I do inversions in yoga as well because it is very supportive.”

Christina Phillips, Master Instructor at SoulCycle in NYC, also raved about the Energy bra. “This is my most reliable go-to bra and has been for years. I wear this for every sporty adventure from cycling, barre, dance class, hiking — and I think I have even slept in it!” Phillips said. “It has great support, just the right amount of scoop in the front without being too revealing and has a cute back detail.”

  1. Lululemon Wunder Train Long-Line Bra.
    The Wunder Train Long-Line Bra is designed for training (hence its name) and is made with the brand’s fastest trying Everlux fabric.

“I love this bra because it’s full coverage, great support, super breathable and dries fast. The coverage is unlike other bras that I’ve tried (no side boobs),” said Holistic Health Coach and former college athlete Maddie Scannapieco. “I like to wear it running, but it works for basically any activity because of the great coverage and strong support.”

  1. Lululemon Free To Be Bra.
    If you’re looking for a lighter, less constricting sports bra, Free To Be is the way to go. It has slick and low-friction support thanks to the Luxtreme material and comes in almost 10 different colors.

“My all-time favorite [sports] bra is the Free To Be Bra. I think I have it in six different colors,” Tilford said. “The straps are so cute and the minimal fabric makes it great for hiking in the heat! I also love it for yoga because it pairs perfectly with high-waisted leggings and is the most flattering.”

  1. Lululemon All Powered Up Bra.
    The Lululemon All Powered Up Bra is a favorite of both Phillips and Scannapieco — especially for HIIT classes. It’s a technical bra with sweat-wicking fabric that will keep you powered up with support for medium-impact workouts.

“The bra is great because it has fantastic support for cycling and HIIT. I like that sizing is based on your bra size, the straps are adjustable and it closes at the back with a hook and eye,” Phillips said. “I view this as a more supportive version of the Energy Bra.”

“It’s light, comfortable and supportive. [The bra] dries so quickly and has so many great colors,” said Scannapieco. “The criss-cross on the back helps it stay perfectly in place when you’re jumping all around and the straps don’t fall off like other bras I’ve tried, so it’s perfect for my weekly HIIT workouts.”

  1. Lululemon Ebb to Train Bra.
    This bra was made specially in mind for those who want to go all-in during their workouts (without falling out) in dynamic classes.

But Scannapieco likes to use the Lululemon Ebb to Train Bra for all occasions.

“Some days I just feel a little more modest than others and seek more coverage up on the podium,” Phillips explained. “I like this bra for its high neck, comfortable fabric and fit. Yoga, barre, cycling — I always feel secure in this one. Especially with certain yoga poses, it’s nice knowing I won’t need to adjust to keep things in place.”

“It’s the perfect bra to wear to both the gym and the farmers’ market. It pairs so nicely with high-waisted leggings and the high neckline is very sleek and flattering,” she told The Post. “It’s extremely comfortable, has full coverage and is very supportive.”

  1. Lululemon Run Times Bra, $68
    Lululemon Run Times Bra
    The Lululemon Run Times Bra will keep your mind on your stride in this bra that gives you support, separation and coverage, with perforated paneling for airflow.

“The support is like no other and the adjustable straps are amazing. It works great for multiple workouts. Anything from hiking, to yoga, to lifting, to all-out sprints,” said Scannapieco, who loves the Lululemon Run Times Bra best for running.

“It’s also flattering and covers everything that you need it to. It’s much lighter and more comfortable than other supportive running bras I’ve tried.”

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