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Sports bras have certainly come a long way since Lisa Lindahl invented the first one back in 1977 by fashioning together two jock straps. Throughout the last few years, big brands like Reebok, Brooks, and Lululemon, as well as smaller labels like Knix and Maaree, have dedicated themselves to making even better high-impact sports bras a top priority. From creative construction and technology that cuts back on bounce to designs that keeps you comfy (no more too-tight-to-move constriction!), they’ve found some seriously innovative ways to make it happen.

Sports bra top

“It’s interesting, because if you think about the bra and history of the bra, for a long time, there hadn’t been any real innovation in the way companies constructed them,” says Barbara Ebersberger, Reebok’s vice president of performance apparel. “It’s always the same principle: The idea that, in order to create a higher-support sports bra, you need to create more layers, with additional bindings and additional hardware.”

Catalyst Bra

Adjustable straps, a hook-and-eye back closure, sizes from 32A to 42G, and a smooth, soft material means you cross off all necessities for a comfy workout in this bra.

Reviewer rave: “I’ve been looking for a new running bra since the one I’ve loved for years was discontinued. A friend recommended the Catalyst and I’m glad she did. The sizing charts made sense and I felt like I had nothing to lose if it wasn’t right for me given Knix’s return policy. After one run, I was sold. Comfortable, easy to get on and off, and most importantly, zero bounce (I wear a 32E and run daily). I will be buying more.”

Enlite Bra Weave High Support

The signature high-impact bra from Lululemon gets a little upgrade with weave-like straps and a sweetheart cut. But you still get the second-skin feel and next-level bounce protection.

Reviewer rave: “Cannot say enough good things about this bra. It gives amazing support and is extremely comfortable. I wear it for working out or just around the house. Only wish it came in more colours, because I would buy them ALL.”

Limitless High Sports Bra

This bra seriously pulls its weight in comfort and support. You get adjustable straps in length and style (U-shaped or crossed), and quick-dry, wetness-wicking material that lets your skin breathe.

Reviewer rave: “I was really hoping not to like this because it’s the most I’ve ever paid for a sports bra. Sadly/happily, it’s also the most supportive and comfortable sports bra I own, and now I want more! I think this works best for C-D cups (possibly DD)…The ventilation holes in the molded cups do seem to make this bra less swampy than my other molded cup bras. My advice is, If you’re a C-D cup looking for support for high-impact activities, don’t buy it because you’ll probably fall in love.”

Ultra Run Sports Bra

Looks good, feels even better, and comes in band and cup sizes from 32A to 38F, you’ll be ready to cruise miles in comfort when you strap into this bra.

Reviewer rave: “I bought this sports bra to wear running as I was starting to run over 5km and was finding my existing sports bras were not providing the level of support I needed. This sports bra is a game-changer. I now have two of the ultra run sports bras and am so happy with the product. They are amazingly functional and has a great look and feel.”

Power X Zip High Impact Bra

There is nothing worse than trying to pull your sweaty sports bra over your head when your arms feel like Jell-o, which is why this zip-front sports bra is a fan fave. Other plusses include padded straps (buh-bye irritating indents), and an adjustable racer-back design. Better still? It’s made from a buttery jersey material that’ll make you want to wear it, even when all you’re doing is sitting on the couch.

Reviewer rave: “This bra is very cute, but also functional! I like the zipper front, it feels secure, and there’s a bra hook in the front as well to help hold things together while zipping—thoughtful! “

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