Special effect makeup for halloween

Special effect makeup and prosthetics are tools that are going to help you create better makeup effects than what can be achieved through regular makeup. They will also allow you to be far more creative when attempting to do an outfit.

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year, and it’s also a great time to get creative with your costumes. If you’re looking for a new way to dress up this year, special effect makeup is a great choice.

Special effects makeup can be used to create a variety of looks, from extreme wounds to realistic scars, burns, bruises and aging. It can also be used to create more subtle effects like freckles, moles and birthmarks.

Special effects makeup is used by film and theater professionals as well as Halloween enthusiasts. It is commonly used on actors playing aliens or other creatures in science-fiction movies or on stage productions. It can also be used for simple disguises such as masks or makeovers for children’s parties or other events where people want a quick change without having to go through extensive costume changes every hour or two (or more!).

Special effect makeup for halloween

Autumn, rainy weather evokes sadness and longing!!

A great reason to unwind and have fun is Halloween. The celebration of this day is on October 31st, on the eve of All Saints’ Day.

Though, the history of the emergence of this holiday is long-standing and very deep. Nevertheless, if you do not go into the essence, the meaning of the celebration is the same- you need to have loud fun to scare away evil spirits.

The costume should not only be intimidating but also stylish and memorable. And of course, the image cannot be considered complete without Special Effects Makeup On Halloween. It is not at all necessary to paint the entire face, you can apply several elements that match the style of the outfit.

Choosing or creating the right suit is important. However, this is not worth dwelling on. The completion of the chosen image for the holiday is makeup, that is, the application of various types of decorative cosmetics to the skin of the face.

In fact, makeup is a kind of make-up – the art of changing one’s appearance. On Halloween, you can change your appearance beyond recognition. Moreover, as a rule, you can also create frightening images.

To make an unusual make-up, you need to stock up on cosmetics, paints, creative accessories, and other auxiliary elements in advance. TO give you more information about the Special Effects Makeup On Halloween, we are here, in this article, presenting you with the best tips. But, getting straight to that; lets’ first grasp the Halloween History.

Halloween history

The roots of Halloween (Halloween, All Hallows ‘Eve or All Saints’ Eve) go back to the pre-Christian era. The Celtic tribes living in England, Ireland, and Northern France, divided the year into two parts – winter and summer. The last day, October 31st, usually meant the completion of the harvest season and the starting of the winter season. From that day, according to the Celtic tradition, winter began.

Over time, the celebration of this day spread throughout Western Europe and America. In addition, since the end of the twentieth century, the holiday has spread in many countries of Eastern Europe and the CIS. Although in the latter, mainly, only the attributes of this day are popular. Informally, it celebrates in countries with close cultural ties with Western civilization. These countries include South Korea, Japan and Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as several island countries in Oceania.

The main symbol of the holiday is the so-called Jack-o’-lantern (Jack-Lantern ). This is a pumpkin with an impending smile engraved on it. It has a lighted candle within the pumpkin.

Best ideas to do Special Effects Makeup On Halloween

#1. Cosmetics


To create makeup, it is not at all necessary to buy a dozen cosmetics and coloring pigments, which will subsequently collect dust in the closet or nightstand. It is quite possible to get by with the usual makeup products that can be found in the cosmetic bag of every girl or woman (if you wish, you can buy something in addition). Here are some of them:

  • A palette of unusual shades of shadows: When creating a memorable look for Halloween, you should get a palette with bright shadows (yellow, pink, blue, purple, etc.). And the palette for smoky ice will also not be superfluous, since no Halloween party is complete without black shadows.
  • Loose glitter: If you don’t want to look like a vampire or a zombie on a holiday, you can create a romantic image (mermaid, doll, Poison Ivy, etc.). A small amount of loose glitter will help in this, which will revive the gloomy look and make it more delicate.
  • Primer: To prevent makeup from dripping an hour or two after the start of the party, you must first apply a primer to your face and eyelids. This will make the make-up more durable and protect the skin from negative environmental influences.
  • Bright eyeliner: When creating “devilish” arrows or freckles, you cannot do without bright eyeliner from a proven beauty brand (Maybelline, NYX Professional Makeup, etc.).
  • A set of brushes and a sponge: To make your makeup brighter and longer-lasting, you need to purchase a set of high-quality makeup brushes and a sponge.

#2. Face art and body art paints

  • In addition to the standard makeup in the form of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and primer, you will need special paints to create a truly dark and intimidating makeup. To do Special Effects Makeup On Halloween, you can purchase a face painting set, consisting of a large number of flowers. Brush, sponge, or sponge are used to apply the paints.
  • If a girl wants to decorate her face and body on her own, she can contact a cosmetic or art store and pick up hypoallergenic paints. These paints must pass the sanitary and epidemiological examination as they can be used at home without harm to health.
  • The Internet also contains a large number of special paints for face art and body art, produced in many European countries (Germany, Russia, France) and the USA.

#3. Auxiliary elements

The following applies as additional elements:

  • You can wash off the colored hairsprays with warm water and shampoo.
  • Purchasing the false eyelashes from the cosmetic store is an easy job.
  • Themed tattoo stickers (easy to stick with water and soap). To create a festive special effect make-up, you can use a pseudo-tattoo on your face (in the form of a bat, cobweb, cockroach, spider, etc.).
  • Pads-stickers (saliva or blood flowing from the mouth, a huge scar, a falling out eye, etc.). You can fix such stickers on your face using special glue.

#4. Creative accessories

Creative accessories

Use the following accessories to create a frightening make-up:

  • false fangs;
  • false teeth-jaws (plastic or silicone);
  • lenses of unusual colors (cat’s eye, bloody eye, completely black lenses, etc.);
  • various trompe l’oeil piercings, for which you do not need to pierce certain parts of the face and body.

#5. Complement the image

To create a cohesive look, you will need not only high-quality makeup, but also an appropriate suit, hairstyle, and, of course, a manicure. You can make the costume both independently, from scrap materials, or purchased ready-made. As for manicure and hairstyle, it is better to entrust these procedures to a professional.

Despite all the tips mentioned above, there are some makeup basics that everyone must be aware of before applying makeup getting it done.

Makeup Basics

Cosmetic stores sell small makeup kits designed for popular scary looks (vampires, zombies, witches, etc.). The set includes special paints, make-up brushes, glue, makeup pads, etc. Therefore, makeup artists advise beginners to use such sets. When it comes to applying makeup, professionals give the following recommendations:

  • If stickers and Onlays are used in the process of applying makeup, then it is best to use a silicone-based primer as a base for makeup.
  • To preserve the gloomy image as long as possible, use makeup on an oily or silicone base.
  • Water-based paints are suitable for coloring cotton wool, napkins, and other elements to make zombie skin or wounds on the face.
  • Lips must be pre-moistened with hygienic lipstick. This will help prevent drying out of sensitive skin.

Simple makeup tricks for a scary look

Simple makeup tricks for a scary look

The following make-up tricks will help to create a frightening look:

  • When applying a thick layer of paint or makeup on your face, you must first “secure” some areas so that they do not stain (a little petroleum jelly on the hair roots and eyebrows).
  • To create dark circles around the eyes, apply dark purple (mixed with red) or black and gray shadows to the area around the eyes. Use flat brush when applying eyeshadow. Next, the sponge is slightly moistened with water and the shadows are shaded.
  • For creating the effect of chapped lips, you should mix nude lipstick (not much different from the natural lip shade) with purple eyeshadow.
  • To create artificial blood, mix burgundy lipstick with a creamy texture with a transparent lip gloss and a small amount of liquid black liner.
  • To simulate lost teeth, you need to wipe the 2 front incisors with an alcohol-containing product, make them dry with a dry napkin, apply a black gel liner with a waterproof effect on them, and let it dry without closing your mouth for 1-2 minutes.

Wrapping Up

When creating a more complex look, you will need to approach the application of makeup responsibly. Do not forget that such a procedure can take a lot of time, and the image will not turn out the first time.

In general, Special Effects Makeup On Halloween is quite important. It is with his help that this or that image is created. Undoubtedly, the costume also plays an important role, the choice of which should be approached with special care. Such a suit can be purchased in a store, rented, or sewn on your own.

With the help of makeup, the face of the character is literally created. Therefore, you should think about all the necessary details in advance and purchase the necessary cosmetics.

On Halloween, looks are usually created using darker shades. However, you can create a completely different image, so if you wish, you should not limit yourself exclusively to classic characters.

Makeup completes the look, makes it bright and clear. Other participants in the festive evening will be able to appreciate the created image, and the photos taken from the holiday will allow you to preserve the memories of participating in Halloween for a long time.

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