Smokey eye makeup for bride

Smokey eye makeup for bride is among the most sought after types of make-up. The peculiar magical lure associated with smokey eye makeup can certainly attract other people’s attention, especially males. It’s no wonder why it is one of the most popular types of bridal make-up.

This smokey eye makeup tutorial is great for a bride who wants to look like she has slept for 100 years and woke up just in time to go to her wedding. It’s also good if you just want to look like an extra from “The Lord of the Rings.”

Step 1: Apply primer to your lids, then use a fluffy brush to apply black shadow on top of it. Don’t worry too much about blending—you want this look to be as intense as possible!

Step 2: With a small angled brush, draw a line at the outer corner of each eye, starting from the inner corner and angling outwards. Then repeat on the other side. This will be your guide for creating a winged liner later on.

Step 3: Using another small angled brush or a pencil brush (a pencil brush will give you more precision), draw two lines starting from the center of your lid and angling outwards towards the outer corners of each eye. These will create the illusion of deep set eyes without actually having them set deep into your skull!

Step 4: Blend out any harsh edges with some concealer or foundation on either side of each line

Smokey eye makeup for bride

With a smokey eye makeup look, you are sure to dazzle like a diva. Smokey eye makeup look is not only classy, but with a little bit of twist and experiment with colours, you can become every bit the trend setter bride you aspire to be. Smokey eyes add an instant dose of glamour but can make you look insanely gorgeous. 

If you are looking for a bridal makeup look, which is not only mystical but smouldering, smokey eye makeup should be on your radar. 

We Have Handpicked Some Gorgeous And Trendy Smokey Eye Makeup Looks For Brides-To-Be :

1. The Classy Smokey Eyes With A Splash Of Sparkle

Slay your bridal look with this extremely gorgeous smokey eye look with glittery eyeshadow on your grand wedding day. 

2. Unleash The Diva In You With This Enthralling Eye-Makeup

The blue shades of eyeshadow with the magic of black strokes will turn all the heads.

3. The Vibrant Colour Pop Is The Call Of The Future 

You just can’t go wrong with a mix and match of bright yellow and pink as an experimental eye makeup look. 

Switch over to these stunning eye makeup looks, if you are an experimental bride-to-be.

4. How About Trying Tropical Hues As Your Next Smokey Eye Look?

Play with the hues of summer- the lovely parrot green and tingly yellow as one of the finest smokey eye makeup looks for all the stunning brides out there. 

5. Bring The Peppy Neon Colours And Nail Your Bridal Look

You can’t go wrong with the maximalist touch of distinct neon shades.The colourful lovely yellow, red hues and sea green blue will make you go WOW.

6. The Glamorous Smokey Eye Look Is The Next Heartthrob 

We are drooling over the touch of soft glam with striking smoky eyes and black eye shadow look of this bride.

7. Catch Up With This Latest Trend Of Monochromatic Shimmery Eyes 

The intense monochrome theme as your smokey eye makeup is actually a masterpiece. Don’t you think so too?

8. The Surreal Golden And Black Tint Will Steal Your Heart 

The most beautiful combo of royal golden eyeshadow and classy black is just an irresistible look.

9. The Sassiest All Black Smokey Eye Makeup Is For The Chic Brides Out There 

Try out this dark black smokey eyeshadow with black kohl and leave all of them stunned.

10. The Legendary Green Smokey Eyes Are A Bang On

The shimmer and sparkle of dazzling green hues with thick lines of black shade is so pretty and ethereal.

11. Keep It Subtle And Classy With Heavenly Smokey Eyes 

The glitter of green and pastel shades will capture your hearts for sure. The serene vibe of this smokey eye makes it stand out of the crowd.

12. The Amalgamation Of Flawless Kohled Smokey Eyes With Kajal Is So Sizzling 

The alluring details of colossal kohl and kajal shades is one of the most artistic eye makeup looks that we have ever seen.

13. The fabulous Royal Blue Is Giving Us Exotic Vibes 

The radiance of the royal blue eyeshadow with elegant black eyelashes will make you look exquisitely peppy. 

14. These Smokey Magenta Eyeshadow Looks Are Extremely Pin-Worthy

The voluminous lashes, ravishing eye shadows and blended concealer is all you need to nail the queen look. 

15. For Those Brides Who Have Always Loved The Bold Look

This one with shimmery blue eyes for your cocktail or reception night is surely for brides with a stunner look.

16. Another One That Took Our Heart Away

Doesn’t she look absolutely gorgeous? We are so adoring her subtle smokey eye look and we are surely head over heels in love with her work.

So, we think these stunning and gorgeous smokey eye makeup looks are just the perfect pick for your unique and OTB look for your D-day. From shimmery to colored smokey eye makeup, all looks have been our favorite and we are not getting over them anytime soon. So, pin down your favorite one and let the diva in you roll.

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