Sister Bra Size Chart

A sister bra size chart is a table that shows you how different brands’ bra sizes correlate to each other. It helps you figure out what size you should be buying in one brand, and then go on to the next brand and know what number you should be looking for on their size chart. A sister bra size chart also makes it easier to find bras that fit well

Sister Bra Size Chart

Using a sister bra size chart as a guide is very important because it allows you to shop more efficiently, by reducing the number of styles that you have to try on. And it’s more accurate than just guessing at your size, because it’s based on real data from real people who have been measured by professionals.

There is no measurement technique that can consistently provide your exact bra size. Everybody has a different body shape, and occasionally we need assistance from our “Sister Cup Sizes.” The cup sizes are likewise graded, therefore the 34B and 36B cup sizes differ from one another. The cup size grows along with the band size. 34B is therefore equivalent to 32C or 36A. Here is a bra sister size guide to assist you in finding the ideal fit.

34dd Sister Size

Current Bra SizeSister Size DOWNSister Size UP

38dd Sister Size

38DD is a sister size of 38C. The cup size, or volume, is the same for both sizes. “D” means the band is one size larger, and “DD” means it’s two sizes larger.

Band size is measured in inches (or centimeters) around your underbust, where your bra band rests. This measurement determines your cup size, since every inch equals a cup size increment. For example: if your underbust measures 36 inches, then you would need a 36D bra.

The sister sizes of any bra size are always one cup size difference apart from each other. So if you wear a 36D bra and want to go up a cup size, try on the 38C bra instead of the 38D bra because they are one cup size apart from each other (38C = 36D).

40dd Bra Size Equivalent

The 40dd bra size equivalent is a D cup—it’s the same as a 38DDD in the UK and Canada, and it’s also known as a 38G in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

The reason that different numbering systems exist is because they each use different measurements to determine cup sizes. For example, the UK and Canada use their own set of measurements that are slightly different from what we use in the United States. The Australian system creates its numbers based on your rib cage size rather than your bust circumference like we do here in America.

Conclusively, Knowing your sister bra size can be a huge benefit to women because it helps them get the best fit, since you will know exactly what size to order online or in-store. It also helps you get rid of confusion about what size you are.

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