Scary halloween makeup for girls

Halloween is an exciting time of year for makeup artists and for those who enjoy the spooky season. There are so many things you can do with your skin, from ghoulish looks to dark fantasy. Halloween is a magical event that lets you experiment with your looks in a safe way (it’s only temporary). With the tricks and treats being handed out this season, it’s easier than ever to get your inspiration together to create captivating makeups.

If you’re looking for a way to scare your friends and family this Halloween, then you’ll want to check out these scary halloween makeup ideas. There are plenty of DIY tutorials on YouTube that will help you achieve the look you want.

To start, use a foundation primer or concealer to even out your skin tone before applying any other products. You want your skin to be as smooth and even as possible before adding any other colors! Once your base is set, it’s time to move on to the fun part: applying some spooky effects.

The easiest way to get this look is by using black eyeliner pencils and mascara. Apply multiple coats of mascara until each lash has at least two layers of color on it (you can always go back later with more mascara if needed). Then use an eyeliner pencil in black or dark gray (depending on what kind of scary look you’re going for) and draw lines from your outer corner down towards your inner corner along both top lids. If doing this freaks you out too much, there are plenty of tutorials available online that show how easy it is!

Scary halloween makeup for girls

Scary Halloween makeup is an easy — not to mention affordable — way to crush the creepiest day of the year, and vlogger Taylor R’s “Upside Down Head” tutorial is jussssst terrifying enough to clinch you a “best costume” prize in any crowd.

The look in question is an optical illusion that involves flipping your entire head, erm, on its head using makeup. “There has been a trend of reverse makeup lately in the beauty community, such as a feature being flipped upside down, the placing of makeup done in the opposite way, or the whole makeup routine done in reverse,” Taylor tells Teen Vogue of the inspiration behind her look. “I saw these videos and photos and wanted to try to flip all of my features — well, my whole head — upside down.”

Taylor combined both special FX and regular makeup to get the look, and while it’s not exactly the easiest Halloween makeup tutorial we’ve stumbled upon this season, it’s totally do-able thanks to her step-by-step directions. According to Taylor, creating the faux nose with spirit gum was the most difficult part of the process. “I think next time I would just use a prosthetic nose,” she says. “There’s a lot available now because of Halloween. This would make the look a lot easier and quicker to do. Another option is to just draw the nose on, I saw a few people do that and it still looks great!”

She continued, “I have never worked with special effects makeup before, but I think if I can do it most of you reading can too!”

Scroll through for exactly the products you’ll need to DIY the look, and get ready to scare the faces off everyone you come across on October 31.

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