Play makeup for little girls

Play makeup for little girls is an excellent way to allow your child to express themselves, while still keeping them safe and having fun. The makeup is non-toxic and easy to remove, so you don’t have to worry about them ingesting anything dangerous or getting it in their eyes.

The best part about play makeup for little girls is that it’s super easy to clean up. If your daughter wants to wear it all day, or even overnight, then she can! When she gets tired of wearing it, just wash her face with warm water and soap (no scrubbing necessary) and let her go about her day as usual.

Play makeup for little girls comes in a variety of colors and styles so that you can find one that fits your daughter’s personality perfectly. Whether she wants pink lips or blue eyeshadow, we’ve got something that will make her feel like a princess every time she puts it on!

Play makeup for little girls

Does your little one like to watch you as you put on your makeup? Have they asked for some little items of their own, like lipstick or eye shadow? If so, you’re not alone, as countless little ones are curious about makeup and like the idea of playing around with their appearance. However, handing real makeup products to young children isn’t always a great idea. Fortunately, kid-friendly play makeup kits exist. These kits are designed to be kid-friendly, but look and feel a lot like real makeup sets, with items like lipstick, powder, lip gloss, and bronzer. But with so many kits to choose from, finding the perfect play makeup to share with your little one or give as a gift to a child you know can be challenging. In this guide, we’ll recommend some of our favorite play makeup sets in 2022 and provide important info you need to know about how and when to share them with your children.

Choosing High-Quality Play Makeup Buying Guide

Play makeup kits are wonderful gifts to give to little ones who care about things like fashion, beauty, and creativity. But which one is right for your child? And how do you know which play makeup set to pick? Below, we’ll answer some common questions about play makeup sets and let you know how to pick the perfect one.

What Is Play Makeup?

Play makeup sets are child-friendly versions of adult makeup sets. They can contain a wide array of different items, such as pretend makeup palettes, soft makeup brushes, plastic makeup applicators, and more. They may also contain some “real makeup” powders and products that are applied to the face, but these products are specially made for kids to be safe and non-toxic.

What Ages Are Play Makeup Sets For?

Many parents worry about the right age for a play makeup set. But the truth of the matter is that there isn’t one perfect age for these kinds of toys. It depends on your child and their level of development and maturity. Some kids play with these sets as young as the age of 3, while others have them much later, at 6, 7, or 8 years of age.

Should I Give My Child Play Makeup?

Some parents also hesitate about giving their children play makeup at all. Some worry that it can send a wrong message or encourage kids to grow up too fast. Again, the reality of the matter is more complex and will vary from family to family.

It’s normal to feel some apprehension about giving your child a play makeup kit. However, there are many benefits that young kids can experience when playing with these toys.


Toys are for fun, and a lot of kids find it fun to play with pretend makeup. They enjoy using the different items, brushing their hair, and pretending to give their friends fun makeovers. Play makeup can therefore be a big source of fun and enjoyment.


Pretend to play with items like play makeup can also be great for your child’s development. It improves motor skills and cognitive development. In addition, studies have shown that these kinds of toys are great for bringing out a child’s creativity and imagination. These kits can even help your kids work on their social skills if they use them with others.


Many kids have questions about makeup. They want to know why some people choose to wear it and others don’t. Using a play makeup kit with your little ones can give you some great teaching moments to share important lessons with them. These toys can therefore be very educational, too.

What to Look For in Play Makeup

So, if you’re ready to buy a makeup kit for your child, here are some of the factors you should focus on to find the right one.

Age rating

Some play makeup kits are for very young children of 3-4, while others are more mature and advanced, suitable for kids of 8-10. It’s important to find a kit that matches the age of the child you want to give it to.

Real or pretend?

Some kits contain real makeup that is actually applied to the face and lips, while others are purely made of plastic and fake makeup components that aren’t used like real makeup. It’s up to you to choose if you want your child to have 100% pretend play or some more realistic elements.

Components and materials

Check to see what’s included in each kit. Some kits are quite small and basic, with just a handful of items, while others are much more comprehensive and have dozens of items for kids to play with. Check the materials too to ensure that everything is safe to use for your kids.

The Best Play Makeup Sets of 2022 in Detail

Make it Up Play Makeup – Best Overall

The Pretend Makeup Kit for Kids is one of the top-rated, best-value makeup kits you can buy for young children. It comes with all your little one needs to play around and live out their makeup dreams, including a pocket mirror, bronzer, blusher, lip gloss, foundation, lipstick, and nail polish. There are 14 pieces in total included in this kit, all made from safe materials like non-toxic ABS plastic and EVA foam.


  • A full set of 14 items in total
  • Safe, non-toxic materials used throughout
  • Super value for money


  • Some items can break easily

Melissa & Doug Play Makeup – Best Design

The Melissa & Doug Wooden Beauty Salon Play Set is one of the most fabulous makeup sets around. Crafted from strong and safe wood and fitted with its own mirror and drawer, this play set allows your child to create their own mini salon in their bedroom or elsewhere around the house. It comes with 18 pieces in total, including a hairbrush, comb, mini hairdryer, makeup brush, and more. All the items are cute and nicely-made, perfect for role-playing, and suitable for kids aged 3 and above.


  • A beautifully designed set
  • Strong wooden construction
  • 18 pieces in total


  • The mirror is a little warped

Kizsbro Play Makeup – Best Real Makeup

The Washable Real Makeup Set for Little Girls contains real makeup products that your little one can use to have fun by themselves or with their friends. It’s all kid-friendly, mess-free makeup, so there’s no need for parents to worry about anything, and the kit comes complete with lip gloss, lipstick, eye shadow, powder blush, and a range of applicators. There’s also a Frozen-themed bag for storage and other fun items like a princess crown and nail file.


  • High-quality real makeup
  • Completely safe for kids to use
  • Fun travel bag for storage


  • Not suitable for very young kids

Hollyhi Play Makeup – Most Complete Kit

The Hollyhi 41 Pcs Kids Makeup Toy Kit is one of the most complete and comprehensive play makeup kits money can buy. It includes over 40 items in total, suitable for kids aged 3+. You’ll find eye shadow, blush, wax, lip gloss, lipstick, multiple makeup brushes, nail polishes, and other accessories included in this kit. There are tons of colors for your little ones to play with and express themselves, and all items are kid-friendly, and free of unwanted ingredients.


  • A huge kit with lots of items
  • Many colors to play with
  • Completely safe for kids


  • Box is a little flimsy

Tepsmigo Play Makeup – Best Value for Money

Finally, we have the Tepsmigo Pretend Makeup Kit. This is a great value kit. It’s fairly priced and comes with a lot of items, including eye shadow, lipstick, glitter, compact powders, nail polish, mascara, and more. The makeup is pretended, but the accessories included are highly realistic, including several real brushes in all different sizes. Little ones will love playing around with this kit and the whole set can be sealed up in a handy travel bag, perfect for taking along to parties or friends’ houses.


  • Great value for money
  • Comes with a travel bag
  • Lots of items included 


  • No real makeup included

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