Pirate makeup for boy

Are you looking for pirate makeup for boy? Pirate face paint for men can make you stand out of the crowd.It is kind of photography makeup.The black eye shadows look like beard painted on the face to give an illusion of bandana worn on the face by pirates

This pirate makeup tutorial is so easy and fun, even your kid can do it! Just follow the steps and you’ll have a cute little pirate in no time.

  1. Start with clean skin. Make sure to wash your face with a gentle cleanser and pat dry with a towel. You don’t want any leftover oil on your skin because it will prevent the eye shadow from sticking.
  2. Apply primer to help keep the eye shadow from creasing throughout the day. This is especially important if your child has oily skin or if you live in a humid climate. You can find primer at any drugstore or beauty supply store.
  3. Use a powder brush to apply foundation over the entire face, including around the eyes and mouth area (this will help keep everything in place).
  4. Paint on some black eyeliner inside the upper lash line (this helps create depth) followed by some white eyeliner just above the black liner so that there’s an outline effect going on there too!
  5. Use an angled eyeliner brush (like this one) to apply black eye shadow all over both lids as well as below each eye socket where

Pirate makeup for boy

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Pirate

This weathered Caribbean pirate look is easy to achieve in less than 30 minutes using basic makeup and a few specialty items from the costume shop.

This weathered Caribbean pirate look is easy to achieve in less than 30 minutes using basic makeup and a few specialty items from the costume shop.

Materials Needed:

  • foundation (several shades darker than skin tone)
  • eye shadow: powder and cream in dark brown, gray or black
  • black eyeliners
  • translucent powder and puff
  • makeup or craft brushes
  • makeup applicators
  • stipple sponge
  • black and gold tooth polish (available at a costume shop)

Apply Foundation

Begin by applying foundation to the face and neck that’s several shades darker than the natural skin tone (Image 1).

Intensify Eyebrows

Use a dark eyebrow pencil to fill in the brows and make them thicker than normal. Use a small craft brush with brown or black eye shadow to create the illusion of extra hairs by pulling the color up in tiny lines (Image 1). Make the brows large and unkempt looking by making the hair lines different thicknesses and uneven.

Create Tired Eyes

Using an eye shadow brush, apply brown eye shadow to the crease of the eyes, blending it down to the lower lid (Image 1). The goal is to make the eyes look tired. Use black eyeliner to line the bottom and top of the eyelids. Then, use a small craft brush to blend this line out with black eye shadow (Image 2).

Weather the Skin

Using a craft brush and brown eye shadow, create contours under the cheek bones, blending down and out for a hollow look (Image 1). Add wrinkles from the long days in the sun by using the brush to make crease lines between the eyebrows, in the nasal folds and a few on the forehead (Image 2). Now, add shading under the bottom lip (Image 3). Then, add gray shadow to parts of the lines – the more color, the more realistic looking. Pucker the lips and add some dark shadow to the lines that exist naturally (Image 4).

Add a Beard

To give your pirate beard growth, dip the stipple sponge into black and brown cream makeup, then lightly dot onto the face. Add age spots and an uneven skin tone using the stipple sponge, dabbing gray and brown eye shadow onto the forehead and cheeks (Image 1). Finally, pat on translucent powder with a puff and brush off excess to set the makeup (Image 2).

Complete the Look

Since pirates don’t brush their teeth, use black and gold tooth polish (available from a costume shop) to make some teeth disappear and others sparkle (Image 1). Add a bandana or hat, long wig, lots of jewelry and pirate’s clothing to complete the look (Image 2).

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