Natural makeup for graduation

Graduation is more than a personal milestone. It’s when you meet all your friends after a year of hard work and efforts, it’s the party time with your family, it’s a time to hit the stage and show off who you are. It’s also one of the most beautiful event in everyone’s life. You should celebrate this moment and look your gorgeous self with a natural makeup that is perfect for graduation.

Natural makeup for graduation is a look that’s both sophisticated and youthful, and it’s perfect for any occasion. If you’re looking for something more natural, this is the look for you! We’ll teach you how to do it in 3 easy steps:

  1. Start with a foundation that matches your skin tone.
  2. Apply bronzer to your cheeks and nose, then blend it into the rest of your face with a sponge or brush.
  3. Apply mascara to your eyelashes and add some lip gloss to complete the look!

Natural makeup for graduation

Oh, how the time flies; one minute, you’re stressing over your algebra homework, and now you’ll be waiting in line to walk up that stage and grab your well-earned diploma. We know how you feel—the end of your school journey is the beginning of another chapter in your life, which can be both exciting and nerve wracking. But what better way to ring in this new beginning than by looking like an absolute star on graduation day?

There are generally no restrictions when it comes to graduation makeup looks, which is why it tends to be difficult to narrow down your choices. Our top tip? Stick to a look that gives you confidence and stays true to your personal style, whether it be super natural or a little bit extra. But just in case the search for that perfect graduation makeup style is leading nowhere, we got you covered—here are 10 different makeup looks for your graduation ceremony!

10 Graduation Makeup Look Ideas, As Seen on Celebrities

1. Glazed Nude

For those wanting to look all glammed-up but not over-the-top, sticking to nudes and glowy finishes are your best bet. Keeping your eyes neutral is one way to create a foolproof look since it can match any color—so you can wear an MLBB shade for the ceremony, and effortlessly switch up the look with a bold lippie for the after-graduation celebration!

2. School Pride

This one’s for those who want to go bold for graduation. Show some school pride by rocking your alma mater’s official colors on your peepers! Adding a pop of color in the inner corners creates a highlight that’s eye-catching and fun, but you can totally get creative with the color placement! This look has plus points for matching your toga, too.

3. Winged Out

A cat eye flick is the ultimate go-to for an edgy look—celebrities always come back to it for a reason! If you’re doing this look on your own, we recommend doing your eye makeup before your face makeup, just so that you can use some concealer to clean up your wing and create that super sharp flick. Sweep your blush upwards and into the temples to match the lifted look on your eyes.

4. Fresh Glam

To keep things fresh for graduation, stick to light pinks and peaches for the cheeks and lips to highlight your youthful face. Apply an eyeshadow a few shades darker than your skin tone for a natural but impactful look. Don’t forget to pop on some inner corner highlight to make your eyes glimmer in photos!

5. Pretty in Pink

Remember the “gandang pulbo at lip tint lang” days? Well, consider this a step up from that beloved trend! Applying cool pinks on your eyes, cheeks, and lips can create a sweet and feminine vibe. Make sure to keep your base makeup thin and glowy for that ethereal look, so you’re ready to stun with your radiance on graduation day!

6. Soft Liner

Want a lifted look, but don’t want to go heavy with black eyeliner? Go for a dark brown wing with eyeshadow instead! This is great because it’s the perfect balance between natural and bold, emphasizing your eyes without being too striking. Just remember to keep things light on the eyes—we don’t want the shadow liner to get lost within the other colors of shadow you have on!

7. Bronze Smoke

Swiping on some bronze on the lids is a great way to create a sunkissed, timeless look. Try mixing and matching finishes, such as in this picture where the eyes are matte and the skin is glowy, to create some extra dimension and depth. Add on some wispy falsies for a dreamy-eyed look and you’re done!

8. Red Lip Moment

Nothing really beats the power of the classic red lip, which means it’s the perfect look for all the boss ladies and gents out there. When it comes to such a bold color, however, it’s best to keep everything else more low-key. Apply your bronzer on your eyes and face to tie the look together and highlight your pout. We recommend wearing a lip liner for that extra clean finish, too!

9. Natural Chic

If you love the “clean girl” look and aesthetic, this one’s for you! Create a polished look by sticking with champagne shimmers on the lid and some subtle definition on the crease. Add some of that champagne shade close to your lower lash line to brighten up the eyes. Don’t forget to add some gloss on your lips and slick back your hair to complete the look!

10. Golden Shimmer

There’s just something luxurious about all things that shimmer, especially when they’re in gold! Pop some golden shimmer on your lids and inner corners to bring life to your peepers. What’s great about this look is that you can use practically any base shadow—from bronze, to taupe, maybe even no shadow at all—and it will still create an effortlessly alluring gaze. This pairs beautifully with extra defined lashes, so make sure to use a clump-free mascara to top off the look!

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