Makeup for walking dead

The walking dead makeup is applying the best decors for a zombie movie. It’s a successful TV show that’s based on a comic as well. AMC has gained high popularity with this addictive zombie themes, as it appeals to old and young bloods of the century. Makeup for walking dead is a must have product if you are actually interested to look like a zombie in real life! Zombies are undead creatures that are often depicted in movies and other media. They’re usually based on corpses. The term “zombie” was introduced by George Romero in 1968 to describe his film of the same name. The zombie is capable of little thought and mostly moved by instinct, such as an urge to feed, though some are also shown to be able to make considered actions (such as operating vehicles).

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television today.

If you’ve ever watched a few episodes, you know that makeup is an important part of the show’s style. The actors who play zombies have to get their makeup done before each scene, and there are a lot of steps involved.

The first step is to cover up any blemishes and make sure your skin tone looks pale enough. Next, they’ll apply white cream foundation to give them a ghostly appearance. Then they’ll use brown eyeshadow to darken the edges of their eyes and make them look sunken in. Finally, they’ll use grey makeup pencils to draw lines over their eyelids so it looks like their eyes are sunken even more than usual! The end result is that these actors look like they’ve been dead for days or even weeks—the perfect zombie look!

Makeup for walking dead

It’s Halloween and if you’re celebrating, you’ve probably already plotted your costume down to the last ghoulish detail. But if your look for tonight got caught up in the zombie apocalypse, don’t leave the house until you’ve set off your costume with a trick that The Walking Dead’s special effects makeup artist Greg Nicotero uses to help create decaying ‘Walker’ skin. “I love is this time of year,” Nicetoro told “In the last six or seven years it’s become an obsession with makeup and haunted houses. People do costume contests and I love that.” Ready to beat out the Honey Boo Boos and questionable ‘sexy’ costumes that’ll inevitably be out in full force? Let’s get started.

What You’ll Need

  • Liquid latex
  • Tissue paper
  • A foam sponge
  • A blow drier
  • Makeup (in burgundy, yellow, blue and brown colors)

Putting it Together 

“Take the foam sponge and put a little bit of liquid latex on the back of your hand,” says Nicotero. “Then adhere the tissue paper to [the liquid latex] while crumpling the tissue paper and fashioning it into leathery looking skin. Stipple a little more latex on it and set it by drying it with a hair dryer. When it dries, the latex is not only going to accentuate the wrinkles but the texture of the tissue paper gives you a really cool mummified look.”

The makeup guru strongly recommends testing this process out on your hand first, before trying it elsewhere.  “For somebody who doesn’t have experience doing this I’d say play around with it a little first and get used to it before going to your face.”

Once you’ve got the base of the skin set, grab your makeup to create festering sores and complete the decaying effect. “Get a bit of makeup — on the show we use pretty much three Tatu brand colors which are primarily used with an airbrush,” Nicotero said. “We use this color called ‘dead’ which is like this yellowish jaundice color. We have ‘aged blood’ which of course is a burgundy color. Then we use a little bit of browns and blues to shade in. When you use all those colors, start with the ‘dead’ [yellow] base and go in and shade in the recesses of the hand, the low points, with the darker color.  Then you can go over and put a lighter mix on the high points so that you’re accentuating the highlights and shadows of it.”

Voila! Now you’ve got disgusting, rotten-looking skin. Happy street roaming!

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