Makeup for smaller nose

So, you have a small nose and still wish to look like a beauty? Worry not, because even if your nose is small, you can find the right foundation to accommodate it.

If you have a small nose and want to know how to make it look bigger, we’ve got the answer!

If you’re looking for makeup tips for your small nose, we’ve got the answers. We’ll show you how to make your nose look fuller and more prominent without surgery or injections.

If you have a small nose, here are some tips for making it look larger:

-Choose light shades of foundation in yellow tones.

-Use a thick eyeliner on the upper lid and thin eyeliner on the lower lid.

-Apply bronzer under the cheekbones and around the sides of the face to bring out features that are already there but may be hidden by your smaller facial structure.

-Choose blush colors that will match your skin tone and bring out glowing skin tones like pink or peach shades will do this well!

Makeup for smaller nose

Step 1: I will be using the Anastasia Contour Kit for this. Choose a colour that matches the undertones of your skin well.

Step 2: Starting under the beginning of your brow, draw a line straight down towards your nostril. The more you bring this line in towards the center of your nose, the thinner your nose will appear.

Step 3: This photo is just showing you to bring it all the way down to the tip! Do this on both sides. Step 4: Brush the dark contour share under the tip of your nose. This will help turn it up and make it appear a little shorter.

Bottom photo

Step 5: Blend! Blend that line right up into your eye socket, and in with your existing eye shadow so it looks natural.

Step 6: Blend the lines downwards in small motions. I like to drag it along the top of the bend in where my nostril begins, leaving my nostrils alone.

Step 7: Grab a light concealer. I’m using L’Oreal True Match concealer.

Step 8: Draw a line from the top of your nose to the tip, and add a little concealer to the bottom of your forehead as well.

Step 9: Blend! Use a damp Beauty Blender for a nice finish. You can dab the concealer lightly over the darkened areas to make sure it all blends nicely and to lighten any areas that are too dark.

I do recommend adding a little bit of contour colour or bronzer to other areas of your face, like under your cheekbones and around your forehead, so that the darkened areas of your nose don’t look out of place!

I hope you like the result and would love to know if you try it!

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