Makeup for short hair styles

Makeup for short hair styles is not a huge deal. Short hairstyles are trendy again and there are many models, actresses and celebrities that are wearing these short hairdos. These cool short haircuts work with every type of face shape and hair color there are. On this article we have collected the very best makeup tips for short hair styles, so let

The right makeup can make a short haircut look amazing, but the wrong makeup can make it look like you forgot to wash your hair.

Here are some tips for applying makeup to your new ‘do:

-Choose a bold lip color—it will stand out against the stark contrast of your new cut!

-Mascara is essential. It brings out the shape of your eyes and makes them seem larger, which helps balance out your face since you don’t have as much hair to cover up its size.

-If you’re going for more natural looks, try using concealer under your eyes and on the corners of your nose (the parts of your face that tend to age first). This will help make sure those areas aren’t showing through brightly or looking flat against your skin tone!

Makeup for short hair styles

Which make-up for short hair?

Daring to go for a short cut will not sacrifice your femininity. But to make the best of your hairstyle, it’s not just about the right cut or the right colour! Your make-up and your look also play an important role. Here’s our make-up advice on how to make the best of short hair.

Making the best of short hair. If you’ve chosen a boyish cut, you’ll need to think carefully about your clothes and your make-up. Keep an even complexion, banish dark circles and conceal any imperfections and make sure that your cheekbones are defined with a blusher, for a flawless complexion. You want to find the perfect balance between a tomboy and a party queen!

Lots of eyeshadow. There are two options for short hair: bold eyeliner or full lips, but not both at the same time. If your haircut reveals your forehead, go for smoky eyes. Use metallic eyeshadows and open up your eyes using a bold line of eyeliner. Finish with a healthy dose of mascara for volumised lashes. A simple shiny or matte nude shade is all you need on your lips.

Luscious lips. If you have a fringe that covers most of your forehead, concentrate on your lips. For plumped lips, make sure your hydrate them regularly (especially in winter) so they don’t get chapped or cracked. To accentuate them, use a lip pencil, the same colour as your lipstick then apply your lipstick evenly. Opt for vermilion, burgundy, dark purple or orange shades. Keep your eye make-up toned down. A nude eyeshadow and a touch of mascara will do.

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