Makeup for rose gold dress

If you love everything rose gold, you may want to try wearing rose gold dresses. This gorgeous color is trending and it’s a perfect chance for you to burst out and impress with to your wardrobe. To complement your dress, you need the right makeup for rose gold dress.

Rose gold is such a gorgeous color, and it’s so versatile! I love it for the holidays, but it’s also great for any other time of year if you’re looking for a fun pop of color.

Here are some of my favorite makeup looks for rose gold dresses:

1) Rose Gold Smokey Eyes

For this look, I’d recommend using a dark brown eye shadow as your base color, then applying a matte rose gold shadow to the center of your lid and blending it outwards with a fluffy brush. Next, apply black liner along the top lash line and smudge it with your finger. Finally, add mascara to finish things off. This look is great because it gives an intense smokey eye without being too dramatic—perfect for holiday parties!

2) Rose Gold Glitter Eye Shadow

This look is simple enough that anyone can do it! Simply apply glittery rose gold eyeshadow all over your lid, then smudge it into a winged eyeliner shape along your upper lash line. You can use glitter glue or liquid eyeliner to make sure everything stays in place all night long. This look is perfect if you want something easy but still festive enough

Makeup for rose gold dress

Rose gold has become a signature color in fashion and accessories. Over the years people have taken a liking to rose gold jewelry as well because of its elegant feminine color too. Also, no matter what it is even a rose gold dress can help you stand out in the crowd and have you feeling confident. When wearing this color dress, it is actually harder than some people can imagine to find the right jewelry and makeup to go with it.

Wearing a rose gold dress is a lot of fun, and whether you are going to a party or celebrating a birthday you should wear it correctly. We take a look at the best makeup and accessories ideas to wear with it below.

Rose Gold Dress With Dusty Rose Eyeshadow

One makeup idea to wear with your rose gold dress is a dusty rose-colored eyeshadow look. Dusty rose is a shade of pink that has a bit of a mauve undertone to it and works well as a natural eyeshadow. For those who want to wear their dress with a calm makeup look, we recommend sticking to this eyeshadows shade. Also, you can get a shimmer dusty rose pink eyeshadow if you want to give your eyes a little more shine.

There are so many brands that sell this color and one we recommend is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Single in Dusty Rose. Aside from this you can wear a mauve or matching pink shade of lipstick with a plum-colored blush. We love this idea because it continues with the rose gold color scheme and is great for natural makeup looks.

Wear A Plum Eyeshadow Look

Aside from the dusty rose eyeshadow idea, if you want a darker look or something more for a night out try a plum eyeshadow. When wearing a rose gold dress a deep purple color such as plum works amazing and makes the eyes stand out. Also, if you have brown eyes this color helps brown eye colors really pop especially if you wear some on your lower lash line.

Anytime you wear a dark color eyeshadow you should keep the rest of the face makeup more natural. One tip that we have is sticking to a nude or light pink lipstick color so you don’t have too many dark colors on the face. However, if you want a little color stick to a red or brown lip as they work well with deep purple shadows.

Gold Shoes & Accessories With Rose Gold Dresses

Aside from makeup we also have to look at what accessories to wear with your rose gold dress. One very famous color to wear is gold, which works perfectly with this rose theme! One way to incorporate the color is by wearing gold platform heels, gold jewelry, and a matching gold clutch or handbag. When doing this idea always make sure the accessories match, you don’t want to have too much color going on.

Also, make sure they are simple accessories because the dress is already attention-grabbing, so keep the accessories minimal.

Diamonds & More Diamonds

Another accessory item that works best with your rose gold dress is a nice diamond necklace or bracelet. As everyone knows, diamonds are a girl’s best friend so wearing diamond accessories is a must. Anytime you wear a rose gold dress a lot of the time the dress itself, depending on the fabric, already shines. Due to this, make sure that your diamond accessories are kept simple and classic as well.

One idea is to wear dangling diamond earrings which always look super elegant and are perfect for evenings. Another idea is to wear a mix of diamond bracelets in sets on your arm which will shine as you walk and grab all the attention.

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