Makeup for prominent eyes

If you have prominent eyes, they can be a challenge to make look beautiful. Most people with prominent eyes also have dark circles and bags under their eyes, so finding the right makeup can be tricky.

However, there are some easy ways to make your prominent eyes look glamorous and not tired or irritated. First, try using a peach-colored eye shadow instead of black or gray. You can also try using a white eyeliner on the inside corners of your eyes, which will make them appear bigger and brighter. If you want to wear mascara, try using a volumizing formula that won’t clump up on your lashes.

If you’re having trouble getting the right shade of foundation for your skin tone and type, it might be time for an appointment with a professional makeup artist. They can help you determine which shades will work best for your skin tone—and then they’ll teach you how to apply them yourself!

Makeup for prominent eyes

How To Apply Makeup for Prominent Eyes (Easy Protruding Eye Tips)

Do you have prominent eyes?

The term “prominent eyes” is merely an “official” designation for big, beautiful eyes.

So if you have big, round eyes, then that’s it.

In this post, you’ll learn how to accentuate your prominent eyes.

What are prominent eyes?

A lot of people interchangeably use the words “prominent” with “bulging” or “protruding”. But that isn’t necessarily true in all cases as they relate to eyes.

Take Christina Ricci for instance; she has prominent eyes. But they are deep-set and not bulging or protruding.

Still, her eyes identify as prominent. That’s because her eyes are big; it’s as simple as that. No matter how sunken they may be, still, those pretty eyes of hers are prominent.

So prominent eyes can be anything between two extremes—deep set and protruding. As long as they are big and round and easily seen, then they are prominent.

Want to make your big eyes appear smaller?

Did you know your eyebrows can play a factor in making your big eyes look more intense?

Check this out.

Have thicker eyebrows?

Thicker eyebrows can actually make your eyes appear more striking. This is a result when your eyebrows seem to frame your eyes.

On the other hand, thinner eyebrows can give you an innocent look and a little less intense.

Depending on which look you want to achieve, you can play with the thickness or thinness of your eyebrows.

Makeup for prominent eyes tips

Eyeshadow application for prominent eyes will vary based on how your eyes are set. 

Do you have deep set eyes?

Or do you have protruding eyes?

Makeup for deep set prominent eyes 

If you have deep-set eyes you will want to pull your eyes forward by brightening them. A pop of shimmer on the lid goes a long way too! 

For lashes use lengthening mascara or false lashes to help your deep eyes stand out. 

Deep Set Prominent Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Are you a visual learner? Check out this deep set eyes makeup tutorial. 

Protruding prominent eyes makeup tips

Stick to a darker shade, applying it to your crease. This will give your eyes a deeper set appearance. We are trying to achieve the opposite effect of deep set eyes. We want to pull the eyes back not forward. 

Protruding Prominent Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Let’s talk lashes and highlights.

If you have deep-set eyes, it’s OK to wear bright, shimmery colors. These can make your eyes look like they are protruding.

However, if you have bulging eyes, you should avoid long lashes and highlights.

Long lashes will make your eyes appear more open. As a result, you will look like you’re surprised or a bit overeager. And the highlights, well, your eyes will appear protruding out more.

Almond vs Round

In my other post, I talked about almond-shaped eyes.

So how can you tell if you have almond or round eyes?

Let’s differentiate the two.

From its name, almond-shaped eyes take the shape of almonds. They appear angular as opposed to rounded. And because they are angular, they have sharp features, especially on the outer corner as if pointing toward the temples.

On the other hand, round-shaped eyes are, well, rounded. They can either be big or small. Round eyes are also referred to as doe eyes.

Here’s how to tell if you have round-shaped eyes.

With your head straight, stare into the mirror while focusing on your eyes.

Can you see the white portion of your eyes that’s above and below your iris?

If yes, then you have round, prominent eyes. Compare that to almond-shaped eyes where the iris touches on the edges of your eyes, leaving no white space above or below it.

Do you have big, average, or small round eyes?

Now that we have ascertained you have round eyes (as opposed to almond-shaped eyes), let’s look at the size.

To determine the size of your eyes, you will have to estimate it horizontally and vertically.

The key is to look at your face, taking a step back and assessing the proportionality of your eyes.

In most cases, all of us have eyes that are highly likely average. So if yours is a bit smaller or bigger than usual or you often get comments about this subject, then that’s probably it.

Determining the size of your eyes is crucial in knowing how much eye shadow to use.

Large eyes can get away with more dark eye shadow. On the other hand, putting too much dark eye shadow on small eyes will only make it “vanish.”

What’s your “eyelid situation”?

Let’s look at the relationship between your eyelids and brow bone.

There are five of these “situations”: monolid, hooded, deep set, crease, and prominent.

1. Monolid

When the fold of your eyes meets the lash line without showing any crease, you have monolid eyes. This usually comes with no prominent brow bone showing.

While this is typical among Asians, not all Asians have monolid eyes. But it’s not uncommon among Westerners.

2. Hooded

If your eyes open and there are no visible eyelids showing, you have hooded eyes. Here, the brow bone is prominent, and the skin of the brow bone obscures the eyelids.

Most people with hooded eyes have deep-set eyes or prominent eyes too. Also, some hoods are a bit puffy than the average eyes.

3. Deep Set

Do you have prominent brow bones that extend all the way to the top of your eyes?

If you do, then this can give your eyes a sunken appearance. As a result, your eyes seem to get further back in the skill.

Then what you have are deep-set eyes.

In most cases, deep-set eyes are often appreciated as hooded. That’s because the eyes are further back while the brow bones are prominent.

Emma Watson is one of the popular personalities with deep-set eyes.

4. Crease

Do your eyelids become apparent when you open your eyes?

That’s the crease in each eye showing.

Having a visible crease will qualify you under this type of eyelid situation. As long as your eyes are not protruding or bulging; otherwise, you’ll fall under the prominent classification.

Kylie Jenner is a great example of having eyes with a crease.

Also, it’s worthy to mention that the crease type is easiest to work with. That’s because it’s an incredibly easy task to “cut” those creases when applying makeup.

5. Prominent

Do you remember Paris Hilton’s partner in the hit TV show “The Simple Life”?

Nicole Richie is a great example of having prominent eyes.

Notice how her eyes protrude as they seem to settle on the outside of the eye sockets. You’ll also see how her eyelids are very visible as her eyes are open.

Another important consideration is the setting of your eyes.

Setting pertains to the distance between your eyes.

There are three settings: wide, close, and average.

1. Wide Set

Check out Michelle Pfeiffer.

Have you noticed there is more distance between her eyes?

Take a look at the photos of Jackie Kennedy. See how her eyes are further apart from each other.

Other famous personalities with wide-set eyes include Miranda Kerr, Kate Moss, and Amanda Seyfried.

2. Close Set

When we speak of close-set, it means there is less distance between the eyes.

Check out Jennifer Aniston, and notice how her eyes are closely set to each other.

Other celebrities will close-set eyes include Meghan Markle, Miley Cyrus, Anna Paquin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Obama, and Kristen Bell.

3. Average Set

To be considered having average set eyes, the distance between your eyes should equal the length of one of them.

So to have average set eyes, your eyes have a proportional setting in relation to each other.

A great example is Jennifer Lawrence. Notice how her eyes are proportionately spaced apart with a length equal to her one eye.

Eye position is the last consideration when putting your eye makeup.

When we speak of eye position, it pertains to how the outer corners of your eyes go.

So if you drew an imaginary straight line across your eyes, you’ll get a good idea where these corners point out.

There are three eye positions: upturned, downturned, and straight.

It’s easy to identify what eye position you have.

Placing an imaginary line across your eyes, if the outer corners of point up, it means you have upturned eyes.

Conversely, if it points down, then you have downturned eyes.

Lastly, having straight eyes means the outer corners of your eyes pretty much line up with the imaginary straight line.

Lucy Liu is the perfect example of having upturned eyes. Notice how the outer corners of her eyes point up, deviating from the imaginary straight line across her eyes.

Camilla Belle has beautiful downturned eyes. See how her gorgeous peepers point downward in relation to the imaginary straight line drawn across her face.

Lastly, who better represent women with straight eyes than Kylie Jenner. Her eyes just perfectly align and follow through the imaginary straight line.

What are the preferred makeup styles for prominent eyes?

Celebrities are different; they have makeup artists at their disposal. So when they want to look their best, their makeup artists are just on speed dial and a phone call away.

Unfortunately, not all of us may have that same luxury as celebrities. I doubt we will be the makeup artist’s priority at any moment’s notice. More so on a daily basis, when we’re trying to get ready for work or party.

If only each one of us has a team of beauty and makeup experts to pay attention to the tiny details in our appearances.

Here are simple tips on how to apply makeup for prominent eyes.

Without makeup, your prominent eyes may look big, round, and protruding.

So, ideally, the look you will want to achieve with your makeup is to make your eyes look balanced; perhaps shaped like an almond too.

Here’s how you do it.

First, don’t bring your eye shadow a bit too low on your lower lash line. Keep it close to your waterline. This way, the eye shadow won’t emphasize your eye bags.

Also, put the eye shadow in the outer corner, so it appears like cat-eyes.

Next would be putting on the contour and highlight. Here, your focus will be on creating shadows and drawing light to your eyes.

Using your contour, round the edges of your eyes. By applying darker eye shadow, it helps balance your eyes and make them appear not so protruding. These darkened areas will also help shape your eyes like an almond.

As for the highlight, apply it to the inner corner of your eyes. Its purpose is to attract light and attention to this particular area.

So the highlight has the effect of pulling your eyes from the inner corner while the dark eye shadow creates the shadow on the outer corner.

Here’s another bunch of quick tips.

Don’t forget to add color to the inner corners of your eyes. Preferably light shimmer color.

Do you like matte brown eyeshade?

It’s the perfect color to apply all over your eyelids. You can also use matte brown shade to line your lower lash line. A darker matte shadow works on the outer corners.

Want to achieve a smokey eye effect for your prominent eyes?

Did you know your big, protruding eyes are perfect for trying out a smokey eye effect?

It’s just the perfect eye shape and type for this gorgeous makeup style.


Because smokey eyes can make your peepers smaller. So if you have big eyes, then this beautiful effect will make your eyes look amazing.

Here are simple steps to create smokey eyes.

Begin by lining your eyes with black liner. Don’t forget to line the waterline and lash line too. Then smoke it out. That would become the base for your eye shadow.

Next, put on your eye shadow on your eyelids. Create a V-shape as you lift your eyes at the outer corners. Then blend it. You can use a lighter eye shadow to help transition from your skin color to the darker eye shadow.

Put eye shadow as well to your lower lash line and light shimmer color along the inner corners. And with your mascara, you’re done.

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