Makeup for pregnant

Pregnancy is a time of great beauty and something to be enjoyed, but still it can be difficult for a woman to feel beautiful about herself during this time. Evening out skin tone, avoiding harsh lines around the eyes and mouth, hiding broken blood vessels on the face, covering red marks from breasts on clothes and make up- These things should be part of your makeup routines.

Pregnant women have to deal with a lot of changes in their bodies, including ones that affect their skin. You might notice that your skin is more sensitive and acne is more likely to pop up. You may also have a hard time keeping your makeup from smearing or wearing off throughout the day.

But don’t worry! We’ve got some great tips for making sure you look fabulous at all times—even when you’re pregnant.

First off, don’t be afraid of makeup! It can help make you feel more confident and beautiful during this exciting time in your life. But there are some things you should know before applying any makeup.

1) Avoid products containing alcohol as an ingredient; they can dry out your skin while also increasing your risk of experiencing negative side effects such as irritation or allergic reactions. Instead, opt for products that contain hyaluronic acid or aloe vera gel instead—these ingredients will help keep your pores moisturized while creating a barrier against harmful chemicals like those found in many foundations and powders.

2) Don’t overdo it! Pregnant women should avoid using foundation on their face because it can cause irritation for some people (especially those who suffer from rosacea). Instead,

Makeup for pregnant

Pregnancy Safe Lipsticks, Foundations, Mascaras, and More

When expecting, we know that what we put into our bodies can affect our baby’s development. But the same also applies for what we put onto it; our skin can absorb upwards of 60 percent of topical applications! This means that parents-to-be have to beextravigilant about finding nontoxic skincare products and cosmetics.

There are a number of natural and organic options out there, but which ingredients should we most look out for? We’re glad you asked. Here are a few ingredients to be mindful of while pregnant:

  • Avoid retinol or retinoids (vitamin A) as much as possible. Often used to treat skin conditions, retinoids have been found to cause serious birth defects.
  • Dealing with melasma? You may want to avoid soy, which can increase hyperpigmentation because of its estrogenic effects.
  • You may already be sensitive to particular smells, but synthetic scents often contain phthalates which can cause reproductive malformation. Unfortunately, the same can be said of many essential oils as they aren’t always tested by the FDA. These oils are highly concentrated and potentially dangerous to our health, even when used on skin outside of pregnancy.
  • While we always advocate for sunscreen, avoid using chemical filters like oxybenzone which can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Instead, choose a mineral sunscreen for maximum safety.

Luckily, we’ve found seven brands offering pregnancy-safe cosmetics and skincare products, so you won’t need to worry about any of the above! Each of these companies offers natural or organic options so you can both look and feel your best. 

1. cocokind

Pregnancy-Safe Ingredients | Organic olive oil & beeswax, plant-based powders
Brand Ethics
| Cruelty-free, organic & natural ingredients, recyclable packaging, gives back
Our Pick | Tinted Moisture Stick
Price Range | $9 (tinted moisture stick)⁠–$14 (brow balm)

cocokind’s mission is to provide clean, conscious, and accessible beauty for all, including expecting parents. In addition to its natural skincare line, cocokind offers highlighters, brow balms, and tinted sticks crafted with plant-based ingredients like maca root or mushroom extract. cocokind gives back to women entrepreneurs with grants up to $10,000, so each purchase has an impact.

2. 100% Pure

Pregnancy-Safe Ingredients | Avocado & cocoa butter oils, plant-based pigments
Brand Ethics
| Cruelty-free, organic & natural ingredients, give back, made in the USA
Our Pick |Fruit Pigmented Eye Shadow
Price Range |$7 (lip balm)⁠–$55 (palette)

As an alternative to synthetic dyes and colors, 100% Pure opts for fruit-pigmented makeup instead. From eyeshadow to liquid lipsticks, each product is nontoxic and natural but will also last, if the thousands of positive reviews are any indication. With dozens of products and shades available, there are countless ways to highlight that maternity glow.

3. Amareta

Pregnancy-Safe Ingredients | Certified organic sunflower seed oil, shea butter, mica
Brand Ethics
|Organic & natural ingredients, made by women and for women
Our Pick |Natural Flush
Price Range | $25 (natural flush)⁠–$62 (moisturizing cream)

Sync your skin with your cycle: Amareta wants us to adapt to our hormones and cycles, especially during pregnancy. Its line of MadeSafe cosmetics are formulated without parabens, retinoids, or questionable essential oils which could be harmful to a baby’s health. Whether you’re dealing with added sensitivity or irritated stretch marks, Amareta offers plant-based solutions that work for all skin types.

4. Burt’s Bees

Pregnancy-Safe Ingredients | Natural oils (jojoba, sunflower), green tea
Brand Ethics
| Cruelty-free, natural ingredients, recyclable packaging, gives back
Our Pick |Goodness Glows Foundation
Price Range |$2.99 (towelettes)⁠–$62.95 (essentials bundle)

Since the brand’s inception, Burt’s Bees products have always been at 95 percent natural (or more), responsibly sourced and packaged, and safe for both parent and baby. Using ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil and green tea extract, you can find concealers, eyeshadow, and everything in between at this one-stop-shop. The team also invests in initiatives supporting human and honeybee health for the ultimate sustainability.

5. Honest Company

Pregnancy-Safe Ingredients | Avocado & jojoba oil, acai, pomegranate, mica
Brand Ethics
| Cruelty-free, natural ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, gives back
Our Pick | Tinted Lip Balm
Price Range | $3.99 (face wipes)⁠–$40.99 (Honestly Blushing Kit)

Sustainability and safety are two main values behind Honest Company’s cosmetics. All cosmetics are naturally formulated without talc, phthalates, or synthetic oils and fragrances; plus, more than a dozen skin tones and shades are available, so you can always find your perfect(ly safe) match. Purchases support the team’s commitment to social responsibility, giving back to mothers and babies across the U.S.

6. Ecco Bella

Pregnancy-Safe Ingredients | Organic oils, vitamin E, green tea extract, mica
Brand Ethics
| Cruelty-free, organic & natural ingredients, refillable packaging
Our Pick |Soft Eyeliner Pencil
Price Range | $14.95 (refills)⁠–$32.95 (face powder)

Ecco Bella marries together science and beauty with a line of USA-made cosmetics for face, eyes, and lips. Each formula combines plant-based and naturally occurring ingredients to both treat and protect your skin. Want to be safe and sustainable? Opt for Ecco Bella’s refillable compacts to cut down on excess packaging and waste.

7. Luv & Company

Pregnancy-Safe Ingredients | Vegetable oils & wax, shea & cocoa butters, herbs, mica
Brand Ethics
|Cruelty-free, organic & natural ingredients
Our Pick | Luv Natural Mascara
Price Range |$18 (loose mineral pigments)⁠–$49 (liquid foundation)

Luv & Company is the inclusive and nontoxic cosmetic line we’ve been waiting for. This Black woman-owned and run brand is best suited for melanin-rich parents-to-be. Cruelty-free and natural, you can find a range of mineral foundations, highly pigmented lipsticks, and rich brow pomades to instantly elevate your look.

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