Makeup for pink prom dress

The most popular color for prom dress used to be blue. However, it is pink that has taken over the hearts of young brides everywhere. That doesn’t mean there is a lack of traditional style, but you will want your makeup for pink prom dress to match the outfit.

This is a guide on how to do makeup for pink prom dress. The dress has a lot of color, so we want to keep the makeup simple. The most important thing is to pick the right shade of pink for your skin tone. That way, it will compliment your skin and make it look vibrant.

If you have fair skin, then use a soft pink or peach color that’s not too dark or too light. If you want something more dramatic, then go for an orangey-pink shade that will bring out the gold in your eye shadow and make your lips pop!

If you have dark skin, then opt for a bubblegum pink shade that has some warmth in it—it will make your eyes pop! If you have olive skin, then try using a deep berry shade that’s flattering on most skin tones—just be sure not to go too dark!

Now let’s talk about eye shadow: The key here is less is more! We want our eyes to look bright without being overwhelming; so choose one or two colors at most and apply them lightly with an eye shadow brush (or even just your finger).

Makeup for pink prom dress

Be it a hot pink lip colour or a dusty rose evening gown, pink is every girl’s best friend and almost everyone has some shades of this colour in their wardrobe and makeup kit. So, today let’s talk about pairing the two i.e. how to create a stunning makeup for a pink dress, taking inspiration from this colour.

No matter, if you are wearing a pink prom dress or a party attire, in today’s tutorial of ‘makeup for a pink dress’, we’ll share some stunning makeup ideas that will complement every pink dress in your wardrobe and make you the definition of ‘pretty in pink’.

• Bright Pinks

Summer and spring are the perfect seasons to pull off the bright pink shades – think raspberry or fuchsia.  Now if you’re thinking of wearing bright makeup with a pink dress, stop right now. Don’t go overboard! Instead, we’ll recommend that you choose one facial feature to focus on and keep the rest of the look neutral. For instance, if you want to highlight your eyes, we’d recommend this classic eye makeup for a pink dress. Start by shaping your eyebrows. Once that is done, use a golden eyeshadow to highlight your upper eyelid, and define your eyes using a kajal and eyeliner. Follow it up with a pink blush, and a pink lipstick and your pink dress makeup look is now ready.

• Light Pinks

Lighter shades of pink such as baby pink, dusty rose or so, deserve a bold makeup. And nothing speaks bold like smokey eyes.  If you’re looking for ideas to do makeup for a light pink dress, here’s what you can do. Create a smokey eye look and finish off by adding some shimmer on it. Use waterproof mascara to densify your eyelash and add volume. Next, apply blush on the apples of your cheekbones and complete your face makeup by applying a highlighter just above the blush on the upper cheekbone. Complete your makeup with a beige lipstick and style yourself pretty with accessories.

• Dark Pinks

If you are wearing a dark pink dress, your makeup should ideally be dark and dramatic. However, it is important to balance your makeup for a pink dress with a few lighter elements so that you don’t look gaudy. To complement the dark tones of a dark pink dress, create a cut crease look. Apply brown eyeshadow on your crease and follow it with a brightening concealer across the lid, cutting your crease in a clean semi-circle. You can find your ideal concealer shade by using the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool and then go a shade or two lighter to get the desired look. Add a tint of colour to your cheeks by using a peach blush and enhance your lips with red lipstick. 

• Orange Pinks

There are two popular shades of orange pink – coral and salmon – and both work well with any and every shade of makeup. This shade of pink allows you to play with contrasting colours and makes you stand out from the rest. Begin your eye makeup with a vibrant green eyeshadow. To create a show-stopping look, follow this step by using a navy blue eyeliner on your lower lash line. Give your complexion a pop of colour by applying a rosy nude blush on the apples of your cheek. You can go for a bold fuchsia lipstick to add a quotient of glam to your look.

For your pink dress makeup look ideas to stand out, you need a flawless base makeup to support it. The first and most crucial step of your makeup for pink dress should be using a primer to create a smooth base. Next, apply a foundation to create an even complexion. Then, use a concealer to highlight certain parts of your face like your eye contours and the top of your cheekbones, and your base makeup is now ready.

If you’re hesitant about the above-mentioned looks, especially picking a lipstick or an eye shadow for a pink dress, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. You can now finalize your makeup for a pink dress with the Maybelline Virtual Try-On tool. This tool helps you experiment with various face, eye and lip makeup products and shades from the comfort of your home, without you having to spend a penny. Now that you’re confident, slay the pretty pink dress in style.


The most exciting part of the prom prep-up is makeup! Just a bit of rouge, highlight, mascara, and concealer goes a long way. In this section, explore the best advice you’ll find online on prom makeup! We asked top makeup artists for help, so rest assured that these tips, tricks, and hacks come from industry experts and are ‘tried and tested’ for prom!

Practice Your Looks

You’ve probably saved thirty prom makeup looks on Instagram already; but to truly get that glow on the Prom night, you will have to spare some time for skincare and also practice your desired look. You might choose a natural prom makeup look and think that you do it every day so it’s “no big deal”, but trust us, the fret will be REAL on the big night. It is always advised to practice even the most simple prom makeup looks.

Make Your Appointments NOW!

Many experts admitted that they hate declining any last-minute appointments, but they have to! So, if you wish to seek professional help for prom makeup, make your appointments today. Their slots sell out fast for the whole prom season. Also, scheduling a ‘practice session’ will be easier right now.

Choose Colors That Compliment Your Dress

While choosing your makeup colors, especially for your prom eye makeup, keep your dress in mind. Do not try to exactly match your makeup with the dress you’re wearing. A little contrast will add a bit of pop to your usual look. If you’re wearing an all-pink dress, pink prom makeup with pink eyes and pink lips might be a bit too much! However, if you keep your eyes minimal nude and wear a bright pink lipstick, you’ll be able to balance the look. Prom makeup for blue dress should be a neutral one. Do not try warm tones. Rather, stick with the beiges and pinks. There’s nothing better than a sleek eyeliner on natural eyes and a bold red lip if you’re looking for advice on prom makeup for a red dress, and smokey eyes and nude lip can be your go-to prom makeup for a black dress.

Natural Prom Makeup Can Be Your Makeup LBD!

Just as a ‘little black dress’ rescues you from any last-minute dress dilemmas, natural prom makeup looks will save you from last-minute makeup blunders. Natural makeup goes well with all colors of dresses – glittery, basic, bright, or neutral. If you’re wearing a sparkly dress or a floral ensemble, keeping it simple will do the trick for you!

Experiment With Glitter

Do not be scared to play with glitter while getting ready for Prom 2023. Especially if your dress lacks the bling of embellishments, rhinestones, or sequins, gold prom makeup can be your key to adding a bit of glam to your look. If you think gold eye look will be too much, go for a gold eyeliner instead of the usual black one. If your dress has a bit of silver embellishments, go for silver prom eye makeup. Silver or golden halo eyes are trending for Prom 2023.

Start Collecting Your Makeup Essentials Now

If there’s anything you’ll need, start buying it now. Consult an expert to find your perfect foundation match. A trip to the Sephora prom makeup section might be totally worth it! See if you’ll need any tools like brushes or sponges, etc. These are all things that you might forget to buy at the last moment. Also, if your brushes need cleaning, do that in advance so they are all clean and dry to use.

Get Blotting Sheets

Be prepared for touch-ups and keep blotting sheets in your bag. Throughout the night you’ll be busy dancing, which can leave your skin looking shiny and oily. Blot sheets will come in handy to keep your prom makeup intact all night.

Keep a Stain Remover Pen Handy

Make sure you have a stain remover pen with you. In case you get any makeup on your dress, try it on the inner lining first to see if it harms the fabric. To avoid such a situation, keep your dress covered while wearing makeup. Secret hack: wear an apron on top of your prom dress. DO NOT think of wearing your dress after wearing makeup. If you do, wait for it to set on your face and (please for the love of God) be extra careful of the lipstick.

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