Makeup for photoshoot tips

Photo shoots are a lot of fun, but they’re also very different than an everyday look. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you get ready for a photoshoot.

  1. Make sure your skin is clean and free of makeup before you apply anything else.
  2. Apply primer on clean skin to even out your complexion before applying foundation.
  3. Apply foundation with a brush or sponge, and blend well so there aren’t any streaks left behind from your previous application.
  4. Set your face with powder after you’ve applied all other products (blush, highlighter, etc.), so that everything stays in place throughout the shoot without smudging or running off onto clothing or other surfaces nearby (your model’s face).

Makeup for photoshoot tips

Do you need any makeup photoshoot ideas? Dropicts will share some insight that you might need to learn as a beginner in this photography field.

A makeup photoshoot isn’t that easy. You need to be able to adjust the lighting that can affect the result of makeup in the picture. If the lighting is too hard, the makeup will look bland and otherwise.

Besides lighting, creativity is also important in this makeup photoshoot session, especially if you use it for commercial purposes. To get some creative ideas for your makeup photoshoot, you can check the information we are about to give you below. You can try to use our ideas for your next awesome makeup photoshoot project.

5 Makeup Photoshoot Ideas

In this article, Dropicts has prepared 5 makeup photoshoot ideas for you. These ideas are suitable for beginners:

1. Simple Close-up Portrait

The close-up portrait is one of the most basic makeup photoshoots that you can do as a beginner. To get a better result, you can try to do the full face close up or focus on one part, depending on the makeup part you want to show. For example, if you want to accentuate the eye shadow or eyeliner, you can try to focus on the side-eyes  only.

2. Lollipop Theme

Some makeup production companies have a colorful concept and this can give you an idea to make a lollipop theme. What we mean by the lollipop theme is you can make a concept where it looks like a colorful palette, following the main color of the makeup.

For this lollipop theme, you can also use some props or a little object that has a matching color with the makeup color. As an example, if you want to do a photoshoot for red matte color lipstick, the model can hold a rose to show the color comparison to the people

3. Monochrome Color Board

A makeup photoshoot can go along with a monochrome color board. But, not every makeup photoshoot session can use this type of idea. You can only use this for eye makeup like eyeliner or mascara.

4. Natural Makeup Looks

You don’t need to always take a makeup photoshoot in the studio. Take the model outside during daylight to get the natural source. Let the light add some warm vibes to your picture. This concept can come along with a message for people who want natural makeup looks.

5. Half-side Close-up Portrait

The last idea you might want to try for a makeup photoshoot is the half-side close-up portrait. Unlike the usual close-up picture, you only need to take the half side of the face to get the aesthetic vibes. You can take the half side of the face vertically or horizontally, based on which part you want to accentuate in the picture.

With this information, you can try to upgrade your skill in makeup photoshoots. If you need some help with the editing process, Dropicts can help you to give some touch-up to your makeup photoshoot. Contact us now and give the order, we will give the best result for your photos.

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