Makeup for night party

Makeup for night party with bold makeup palette, the perfect shade for a night out. Beauty trends this season color of black and red lipstick, can make you become one of the leaders in the fashion world! Makeup skills should know how to choose lip color on red rose, bold lips can make you sexy.

Night parties are the most fun, because everyone is in a great mood and there’s just a lot of energy. The best part is that you can wear whatever you want!

For this look, I’ve chosen to go with a dark blue eye shadow and bright pink lipstick. You can choose whatever colors you like—just keep them complementary. The key is to keep your eye shadow close to your lashes so it doesn’t smudge into your eyelid crease, and apply the lipstick carefully so you don’t end up with a lip stain on your teeth (it happens).

You can also do something more dramatic if that’s more your style: try a red lip and brown eyeshadow, or do a cat-eye with black liquid liner and mascara. Whatever makes you feel good!

Makeup for night party

7 Makeup Tips for Night Clubs and Parties

All of us out there love clubbing. There’s something about that music flowing through your body – a great stress buster. Daytime and nighttime looks are a lot different. During the daytime, we know what works best but your day makeup can look very different and out of place under those dim lights. So here are some tips for night makeup looks you all must know!

1. No SPF

During the daytime, it’s a beauty crime to step out without SPF but during the night avoid creams and foundations with SPF. SPF can cause a whitish cast and can make your skin appear white in the low light. You don’t want to be looking like a ghost in those pictures.

2. Dip in glitter

Personally, I’m not a glitter lover even in my eyeshadows. But I’ve now started to explore and have become bolder with my looks. So indulge in glitter but be careful not to go overboard with it. Dab it a little here and there.

3. Bright, bold lips

We’ve always talked about complementing your looks, evening things out between your eyes and lips. Night clubbing is not a time to go subtle on your lips. Explore a few brights and don’t be afraid. Pick those reds, pinks and plums you are afraid to try.

4. Don’t fuss over tiny details

I always get my left eyeliner perfect and mess the right one up. So I spend good 15-20 minutes removing it and reapplying it; the reason is my boyfriend as he comments on the tiniest of things. But this can be avoided during night clubbing. Under the dim lights, it’s difficult to notice whether the right eye flick is on point or not. So don’t fret over it.

5. Deep eyeshadows

Keep those peaches and nudes for the daytime. Keep deep, sparkly and bright colours for the night. Imagine putting so much effort on your makeup and not getting noticed because you’ve used the wrong shades. Go for deep magenta, plums, blacks, green and blues to really make your look stand out.

6. Go matte

For the night, avoid dewy looks. In the crowd, there’ll be a lot of sweating and it can make your dewy look dew-astrous! Instead, complete your look with a matte finish powder. It can give you a clean appearance even in the dark lights.

7. Wear it with confidence

During the nighttime, the most important makeup is confidence. Wear it with oomph! Even if something on your face has gone wrong, don’t let it show, and you’ll master the nighttime makeup look with perfection.

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