Makeup for music festival

Whether you are attending a small, local festival or you’re going to Coachella, you want to look your best and feel confident in your beauty. Here are 5 makeup tips that will make your festival experience even more enjoyable:

  1. The most important thing about makeup for music festivals is the SPF! You’ll be outside all day and all night, so make sure that your makeup has SPF in it! If not, make sure you have sunscreen on hand so that you can apply it before heading out into the sun.
  2. Makeup for music festivals should be light, but also long-lasting. The last thing you want is to wear bright lipstick only to find out after an hour of dancing that it’s all gone! Try using lip tint instead of lipstick or gloss—it won’t rub off as easily and will give you more color than just a regular lip balm would provide.
  3. Try using waterproof mascara instead of regular mascara if you’re planning on getting sweaty during the festival (or even if you’re just planning on crying while listening to a particularly emotional song). This way, no matter what happens during the day or

Makeup for music festival

Music festivals are the perfect time to experiment with makeup looks you might not dare to try on a regular day, from sparkling face gems to neon eyeliner and colorful lashes. They’re also made for photo ops — all the more reason to have a little extra fun with your makeup. Below, we found six of the coolest, most colorful makeup tutorials on YouTube to take you through festival season this summer.

Butterfly Wings

This butterfly eye makeup is both ethereal and eye-catching. Melly Sanchez used teal and purple on her lids, but you can make the look your own with a color combo of your choice.

Three Colorful Looks

If you’re headed into a full festival weekend, you’re going to need more than one makeup look. Come prepared with this three-part tutorial by Vane, which includes cute and girly daisy-covered eye makeup and a purple smoky eye.

Crystal-Studded Lids

If you’re looking for unique placements for your face gems, we love sprinkling them all over the lids like this. Make your eyes pop even more with a flash of pink glitter along the lower lash line. Try the NYX Professional Makeup Face & Body Glitter in Rose.

Neon Streaks

Match your makeup to your favorite artist’s laser show with this electrified eyeliner look. Make sure to lock in all your hard work and prevent your intricate liner from smudging with a long-wearing setting spray like the Urban Decay All Nighter Vitamin C Setting Spray.

Embellished Everything

Make your eyes and your baby hairs sparkle with this ultra glam tutorial by Lesley Marie. She achieved her entire look using drugstore and affordable makeup products.

Neutral Glam

The quickest way to elevate a soft glam beat is by adding a graphic liner and some gemstones. We love this pack from Amazon because it’s less than $10 and the gems come in multiple sizes.

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