Makeup for maroon dress

So you are ready for your special event but not sure about this special color? Here is my advice! Makeup for a maroon dress can be easy if you understand something very important about the color scheme Basically, there is a cold and a warm undertone or everything in the world.

It all depends on your natural skin color, eyes, and hair as well as the very dress color. Makeup for maroon dress shade is a very deep color that requires specific makeup. When you are wearing that kind of a dress you have to wear makeup that will be noticeable. That would be best to wear it either in the evening or during the cold weather.

Makeup for maroon dress

Nothing screams more mysterious or sensuous than the color maroon, also known as deep red. It is a color that people choose to wear when they want to feel super confident. Not only does wearing Maroon channel out your inner goddess, but it also is symbolic of sophistication, beauty, and elegance. The color maroon is truly royal. An outfit with this color scheme will surely make any woman look the best version of herself.

Accessories for a maroon dress are not that difficult to pick out. Jewelry made of precious metals and stones is ideal for cocktails and night outs. A gold or silver necklace with a maroon dress will accentuate the grace of the women wearing it. Ornaments made with violet and lilac-colored stones can also be used to accessorize oneself. It can be the color of your footwear, as well as for a clutch to carry your essentials in.

There are a few colors to wear with maroon clothes that will always make you look and feel more lavish, and really, who doesn’t want to look the best always?

You can never go wrong with these five color combinations while pairing it with maroon colored pieces: 

1. Gold: Nothing makes a more luxury style statement than gold. A gold necklace or a metallic mini gold clutch will instantly oomph up your maroon outfit 

2. Black: It is a classic neutral hue, you’ll never go wrong pairing maroon with black.

3. Brick red: Also called rust, is a color that not many think they can carry well but a color that looks good on everyone and will go perfectly with maroon. 

4. Pink: Everyone loves to don an easy-to-contrast outfit, and wearing pink with maroon will also give you a tonal look.

5. White: White is a color that will always be a classic. Wearing something white will accentuate your maroon dress. 

Add to that some killer makeup, and your look is complete. But what happens when we want a makeup look that stands out alongside such a magnificent color?

The makeup for the maroon dress is so enchanting. We saw that there are specific colors that, when styled with a maroon piece of clothing, in the same way, there are certain color combinations in makeup too that will always work with this deep dark rich red color.

These color palettes will work on everybody, no matter as there is no specific skin tone that it looks good on. These combos will look good on any shade of maroon, be it light or dark. You can go light with these color combinations for a day look and darken it or add some depth to switch it to a night look.

Balance is the key! Your makeup and your ensemble should always balance each other.

Maroon is naturally a colour that speaks for itself, so in order to balance it with makeup here are certain things that you can do:

1. Opt for a nude eye shadow palette for your base instead of colorful ones and choose chocolate shades to apply to your eyes’ crease. It works as a great day look. Add some shimmer on top, and it smoothly turns into a night look.

2. If you do not have a color that matches your maroon or someone who does not like dark lips, you can use matte shades like a pink or a brown to go with it. Don’t use overly loud or bright shades of blush. Instead, go for a light pink.

3. Also, use a highlighter so that you look like you are always glowing.

4. If you’re hesitant, start by blending the maroon with neutral tones for a hint of color.

5. A subtle dash of the maroon liner will make your eyes pop. After something more dramatic, apply a little black liner along the lash line and smudge it.

6. Always make sure that your eyebrows are looking good. Do not ignore your eyebrows. Your eyebrows naturally frame your eyes and give you that fierce girl boss feels. Shape your eyebrows and fill them in to complete your makeup look.

Here are the best makeup ideas for your maroon dress

There are a lot of ideas that you can implement by using the right makeup and dress to make your features pop and radiate class. There is a stunning makeup look for you irrespective of the occasion you are wearing for your style or skin color. 

Keep reading to find out the top 10 best and latest makeup ideas for the maroon dress. Scroll down to get inspired.

1. The Perfect Balance

It is an excellent look if you are planning to wear your maroon dress to work. Give preference to a simple, but at the same time, stunning eye makeup look. Black eyeliner, and any brown eye shadow as all the chocolate shades work well with maroon with a touch of black mascara will make it possible for you to look brilliant. 

Use a brown or dark red lip liner to line your lips and then fill them with it. Take a lighter lipstick than your lip liner and smudge it in the centre of your lips. Blend it till there are no visible lines. 

Swipe on some lip gloss for extra shine and look striking.

2. The Classic Look

The classic look that will suit a maroon dress is neutral eyes and deep dark red lips. You can apply a tiny amount of light-colored eye shadows, top it up with some winged or cat-eye black eyeliner on the eyes, coat your lashes with a generous amount of mascara and go in with outfit-matching color lipstick on the lips. 

Use a liquid or gel eyeliner to get intense color, plus it also lasts longer. You can slightly over line your lips with a lip liner to get that natural pout. This makeup is easy to do and looks super classy and posh!

3. Smokey Eyes

Those who do not like to apply dark lipstick can keep your eye makeup heavier and use a nude or very light lipstick. 

Smokey eyes are one of the best eye makeup choices to keep your eye game healthy. You can give your eyes a smokey effect with brown or black eye shadow, and if you wish to stand out, you can even go for a maroon eye shadow and smudge it all over your lids.

Layer powder eye shadows over cream formulas to build a better smokey eye. This look gives out mysterious vibes, and it’s suitable for the evening events.

4. Oh So Dramatic! 

Nothing makes more statements than going full bold with your makeup match the maroon lips with dark and sultry eyes!

Maroon and gold look super-rich and mysterious. Smudge some maroon eyeshadow for smokey, sultry eyes, and add some gold glitter in the centre of your eyelid lid and the inner corners of your eyes. Use a little bit of dark brown or black eye shadow to darken your eyes’ outer V shape and add some liner along the waterline. Put on some false eyelashes and apply a coat of mascara to it. 

For an even dramatic look after coating the lashes in black mascara, use a small brush to apply an oxblood shade on just the tips of your lashes, or use a black up top and maroon the ends of the bottom lashes. 

Less is more, so don’t overdo it! The trick is to blend those eye shadows well so that there are no harsh lines visible, making your eyelids look smooth and crease-free. 

Apply that dark maroon lipstick and add lip gloss, you are surely going to look like a Glam Goddess. This look is going to turn all eyes on you!

5. A Sparkly Touch

Play up your eyes with a tiny glint of shimmer. A little shimmer will not overpower your dress in any way. 

A soft-hued glittery eye with a soft pink blush to make your cheekbones look flushed is critical when wanting to keep makeup natural, but adding some dimension to your face. You can add some lip gloss and keep it simple or give some color to your face by swiping on some maroon lipstick. 

Glitter with champagne tones looks the best with maroon, but you can go with any colored shimmer.

6. Vampy Lips

Keeping your face clean without any makeup with only adding definition to your lips is a look that minimalist makeup wearers can give a try. 

Apply a dark maroon lip color, use a similar but softer colored blush, and make sure that your eyelashes look thick and voluminous eyelashes.

7. So So Silver

Silver and maroon go great together. It is an edgy makeup look while still looking all chic.

You can apply silver eye shadow on your lids and blend the shadow to the brow, or you can use a silver eyeliner around the eyes for a delicate look. 

8. Monochrome Moment

The monochromatic nude feel is an excellent color palette to choose for a maroon dress when you want to wear a more natural makeup look. 

A soft brown tone on the eyes with just the right amount of brown eyeliner defines without distraction. Since your nude will be different from someone else’s, search for colors with earthy tones that will suit your skin the best.

9. Pretty in Pink

Pink is a color that is a little closer to the red family, but there are certain shades of pink that will complement your maroon dress even though many people may think that these two colors will clash. 

Use a powder pink eye shadow and light pink lipstick as this shade will make it possible for you to create a gentle everyday look.  You can add a hint of rose gold glitter to make your makeup even more stunning. 

It is essential to strike a nice balance between two similar shades that compliment so that nothing ends up overpowering the other.

10.Bronze and Peach

This combo pairs incredibly well with a maroon dress. Using and carrying the warm Peach and bronze undertones throughout the eyes, cheeks, and lips is a great way to balance your makeup for a maroon dress. The peach tones in your make up will enhance the maroon undertone of your attire. 

Use a bronzer on your cheekbones instead of using blush, and apply a slightly pigmented bronze eye shadow to make your eyes pop.


You can pair the maroon colored dresses with many variations of makeup. Makeup is all about having fun and exploring new ways of enhancing one’s features.

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