Makeup for makeup artist

If you are a makeup artist, it’s easy to understand that the job is more than just applying makeup. You need to be creative, have very nice personality and a team player. Makeup artist has to be always prepared for any situation which calls for versatility. In this article we will discuss about different kind of tool kits or kits that are required by a makeup artist.

Makeup for makeup artists is a very specialized field. It’s not only about the application of products and colors, but also about the knowledge of how to work with different types of skin, what kinds of brushes will be most effective for each client, and how to spot changes in your client’s skin as it ages.

The right makeup can help you create a look that reflects your client’s personality and helps them feel confident. Whether you’re working on yourself or someone else, it’s important to choose products that won’t irritate the skin.

Makeup for makeup artist

While you may not know it, makeup and hair play an essential role in every film and television show you see. Some people believe that talented makeup artists are only needed to modify an actor’s appearance — think prosthetics, wrinkles, and wigs — however, the makeup department is essential for every production, regardless of how basic the makeup look is.

If you enjoy the magic of filmmaking and consider yourself talented with makeup, or if you’ve just graduated from a makeup artist school, studying how to become a makeup artist could be the correct path. Working as a film makeup artist allows you to collaborate with actors and directors. In addition, you will be able to leverage your imagination to assist in creating and applying masks, makeup, and other methods of modifying an actor’s appearance for a film role. You can go through various stages to become a professional cinematic makeup artist. 

But wait, this isn’t to say that working as a movie makeup artist is easy—it took years of practice and immense dedication for even famous makeup artists to reach where they are today.  So, to help you understand everything, we’ll go over what you need to know to get your foot in the door and start working on film sets.

What Is a Film Makeup Artist?

A film makeup artist is somebody who applies makeup to performers on set. They could play a significant role in supporting filmmakers and writers in telling a story on the big screen. They may work closely with the production team, the filmmaker, their working time and schedules may differ significantly based on the film and the filming location. 

The complexity and style of design can vary based on the production and character, but excellent makeup artists can pull off a wide range of looks from any genre or period.

Hair and makeup are generally separate departments on a film set, though you might integrate them on smaller projects. The two departments collaborate and are frequently linked. Smaller productions may use only one person for both hair and makeup, so learning abilities in both areas is beneficial if you’re just getting started.

What Do Film Makeup Artists Do?

The responsibilities of a makeup artist for movies may differ based on their function. In the makeup department, four primary job classifications dictate what activities a makeup artist may undertake on a movie set:

Key makeup artist

The makeup department is led and overseen by the key makeup artist. They develop makeup for the lead and supporting performers, including prosthetics and special effects makeup. They also employ stylists to imitate these looks on the other actors. During production, the key makeup artist does the lead actors’ everyday makeup and delegates jobs to their crew, continually overseeing makeup consistency throughout the film shoot. In addition, they are on set for touch-ups in between takes.

Makeup Artist

The makeup artist does makeup for non-lead performers and the supporting cast. The key makeup artist oversees them and carries out the critical makeup artist’s designs.

Makeup Assistant

A makeup artist’s helper assists them with body makeup procedures such as face painting and body art. They may be in charge of organizing makeup kits and other minor jobs. If the director orders a reshoot, they may picture the actors’ makeup to assure uniformity.

Special Effects Makeup Artist

A special effects makeup artist alters the look of film characters when they need to look like a zombie, scary, aged, beaten up, bloodied, or out of this world—any makeover that demands more than what conventional makeup artists can handle. Prosthetics, equipment, cosmetics, and other materials may generate realistic abnormalities, wrinkles, scratches, and other effects.

The entire makeup unit deals with the specialized makeup trailer and is on set for the duration of the production, in case any touch-ups or modifications are required.

What Is the Role of a Special Effects Makeup Artist?

Have you ever wondered how aliens and other characters in TV and movies achieve their distinct appearances? Of course, the authors and directors work together to make that idea a reality, but the artist who makes that vision a reality is a special effects makeup artist.

A makeup artist is usually in charge of ensuring everyone looks good on camera. However, when special effects like scars, cuts, fake blood, or open wounds are necessary, the SFX makeup artist is summoned. These painters have the privilege of making some of the most iconic scenes of the series for shows featuring aliens or distinctive makeup.

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