Makeup for lash extensions

Finding the right makeup to go with lash extensions can be tricky. Not every brand is made with lash extensions in mind, and sometimes what looks good on someone with longer lashes might look clumpy and unnatural on you.

It is important to remember that lash extensions require the use of a special adhesive. The adhesive used for lashes is different from the one used for false eyelashes, so you should not try to use false eyelashes with your lash extensions.

If you wear mascara, you must wait until 24 hours after your last application before applying your extensions. This will help them adhere better and last longer.

You can also use a primer before applying mascara to help lengthen the life of your lashes.

Some people choose not to wear makeup at all while they have their lashes done, but others like to wear eyeshadow or eyeliner around their eyes once they are finished with their lash extension application session.

Makeup for lash extensions

Foolproof Guide to Wearing Eye Makeup with Lash Extensions

If you’ve ever wondered why people are so obsessed with long eyelashes, you’re not alone. In fact, the desire for longer lashes dates back thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians considered long lashes to be a sign of beauty, and they used a variety of methods to achieve the look, including using beeswax and plant extracts.

Today, people still crave long lashes, and there are a number of products on the market that claim to deliver dramatic results. However, before you invest in a costly lash serum, it’s important to understand how your lashes grow – and why some people are born with naturally long lashes while others are not.

Can you wear eye makeup with lash extensions?

If you’re one of those people who wear a full face of makeup every day, even when you don’t have to, then the answer is probably no. But if you’re like me and only wear eyeliner and mascara on days when you want your eyes to look a little bit more done-up, then the answer is yes! You can absolutely still wear eye makeup with lash extensions.

In fact, I would recommend it – using a less dense mascara on top of your falsies will make them look even thicker and fuller. So go ahead and experiment with different eye looks – just be sure to avoid anything that’s too heavy or might cause your lashes to fall out prematurely. Enjoy!

Tips for wearing eye makeup with lash extensions

Eyelash extensions are one of the hottest trends in beauty right now. If you’re considering getting them, you might be wondering how you’ll still be able to wear eye makeup. Never fear! With a few simple tips, you can have the best of both worlds.

Choose your eyelash extension style wisely

If you go for a natural look, you’ll have more leeway with your eye makeup. However, if you want a more dramatic look, it’s best to keep your eye makeup minimal.

Make sure your eyelash extensions are applied by a professional

The chemicals in makeup can break down the glue that holds the extensions in place, causing them to fall out prematurely. If you absolutely must wear makeup, be sure to visit professional eyelash extensions near me who can apply your eyelash extensions correctly. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a raccoon-eye look that is not only unattractive but also very difficult to fix.

Use a light hand

When applying eye shadow or liner, be sure to use a light hand. Heavy-handed application can cause the extensions to fall out.

Choose waterproof formulas

Waterproof formulas will help to ensure that your makeup doesn’t smudge or run, even if you get caught in a rain shower or tears up during a touching movie scene.

Avoid oil-based products

Oil-based products can break down the adhesive that holds the extensions in place, so it’s best to avoid them altogether. Instead, opt for water-based or gel-based products.

Use a cotton swab to remove makeup

To avoid damaging the extensions, use a cotton swab dampened with water or makeup remover to gently remove any eye makeup.

When applying your eye makeup, be gentle!

Avoid tugging or pulling at your eyelashes, and use water-based products whenever possible.

Following these tips will help you to keep your eyelash extensions looking their best while still being able to enjoy wearing eye makeup.

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