Makeup for karva chauth

Karva chauth is one of the festivals in which adornment has a vital role to play. If you belong to a society where marriage is arranged, it is always a wise idea to go that extra mile during this festival and make yourself look beautiful. So if you want to step out on this festival in the best possible way, follow the following tips.

Karva chauth is the festival of lights, and if you’re going to celebrate it with friends and family, you need to look your best. That means finding the perfect makeup for this special occasion!

There are lots of ways to go about creating a beautiful look for karva chauth: from smoky eyes to bold lips, there are plenty of options out there. But if you’re looking for something that’s a little more subtle and elegant, we recommend starting with a clean face.

The next step is contouring—but instead of doing it in the usual way (with bronzer or blush), try using a highlighter instead. You can apply it right underneath your cheekbones or on the bridge of your nose. This will make them pop without being too obvious.

Then, take some eyeliner and line your upper lash line with it—but don’t go all the way across! Instead, stop at about halfway through each eye; this will give you a sexy cat-eye look that’s perfect for karva chauth.

Finally, add mascara (we recommend waterproof) on both top and bottom lashes for dramatic effect!

Makeup for karva chauth

While most of us rely on makeup artists to do our makeup on special days like Karwa Chauth, but if you have a knack for makeup, you can try our these DIY makeup tips to shine on this Karwa Chauth and get that true festive glow. Here are a few makeup ideas for you to follow.

Dewy skin effect: Start with a good skin care for a long lasting radiance look. Use a primer to get a long makeup stay. Mix a liquid highlighter or crush a bit of powder highlighter to your primer for a dewy skin effect. Use a hydrating foundation with sheer coverage. Apply highlighter on the high points to add extra sheen. Add a pink lip balm on the lips for the plump effect.

Go monochromatic: One can easily create this look. Use nude shades of eyeshadows for example a pink, peach or a beige. Apply eyeshadow primer on your eyelids and blend them well with your fingers. Using a brown eyeshadow to blend on the crease. Once done apply a pink eyeshadow on the entire lid. Smoke brown kohl on the lower lash line. Define the brows and finish the eyes using a volume mascara. Use the same shade of pink for the blush on the cheeks and lipstick to create a uniform monochromatic effect.

Golden glow with bronze eyes: Prepare your skin and apply an illuminating primer. Apply foundation and correct the imperfections with a concealer. Set your base with a compact or loose powder. Now contour your cheeks using a bronzer. Use a golden highlighter on the cheeks and bridge of the nose. Use a setting spray to keep the makeup intact. Using a bronze shimmer eyeshadow creates a Smokey effect on the eyes. You can use a golden eyeshadow as well. Swipe the eyeshadow on the entire lid and blend the crease with a brown eyeshadow to create depth. Finish the eyes with eyeliner and mascara. Apply a nude shade of lipstick.

Bold red lips: This is the most simplest yet an elegant look. A red lipstick never goes wrong for any occasion. Apply your base using a foundation and concealer. Blend it well and set it with a compact. Add blush to the cheeks and fix it using a setting spray. For the eyes use a nude eyeshadow in brown. Take it on the entire lid and blend it well. Smoke the under eye too with the same colour. Apply volume mascara generously to get a glam look. To complete the look add bright red lipstick.

Natural look: Get a flawless base. Use a BB cream instead of foundation for the face. This is one product that adds hydration and colour to the skin and does not look layered up. Dust loose powder to set it in place. Add a soft pink blush and spray hydration mist. Keep the eyes nude using a matte eyeshadow in shade of pink or beige and mascara. Opt for a nude eye pencil in the waterline. Finish the look by applying a gloss or creamy lipstick in nude.

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