Makeup for indian eyes

Indian eyes are a unique shape and it takes some experimenting to figure out what types of makeup work best with your specific eye shape. However, there are some basic guidelines that can help you get started.

  1. Choose a light shade of foundation that matches your skin tone. If you’re wearing fake eyelashes with this look, choose a lighter shade as well.
  2. Use an eyeliner pencil to line your upper lash line and apply mascara to both top and bottom lashes. A waterproof formula is best because of the humidity in India.
  3. Use an eyebrow pencil in a darker shade than your hair color to fill in any sparse areas or gaps between hairs on your eyebrows (this step is optional). If possible, use an eyebrow brush to brush hairs up from underneath, giving them more volume at the follicle where they meet the skin surface – this helps create a fuller appearance overall!

Makeup for indian eyes

Eyes are second to none when it comes to conveying expressions, although the mouth is close behind in terms of revealing our emotions. Remember the universal eye-rolling action that you engaged in on an hourly basis, when you were back in your teens? Apart from reflecting liveliness, energy and – at times – tiredness, your eyes serve as great hint droppers when it comes to identifying the ethnicity and origin of an individual. Give it a shot yourself, by looking at pictures of veiled faces and trying to see if you can accurately guess their heritage. But, the eyes are not just about sight and expressions. For many of us, they’re the best attention-grabbing feature. Enhancing our eyes is common, no matter ethnicity, however, different cultures enhance eyes in different ways.

There is a reason why YouTube is teeming with tutorials teaching eye make-up to perfection.

And this is what we’re going to shed light on!

If you’re of Indian or Middle Eastern Heritage, you’re about to read some pretty good tips on making this important facial feature even more beautiful and prominent.

Dos and Don’ts of Enhancing Indian or Middle Eastern Eyes with Makeup

While we explore how various techniques can accentuate different types of eyes, we would list some basic do’s and don’ts of eye make-up as well. Whether you have down-turned, almond, hooded, deep-set or close-set eyes, you have got to know these ground rules.

Lashes: To Curl – or NOT to Curl? – This is a decision you need to make based on the shape of your eyes as well as the condition and length of your lashes.

Often it’s a DO for curling lashes for a better eye area appearance.  No less than a magic wand for some faces, an eyelash curler can help makes the eyes look larger – and even awake and more refreshed. 

The DOs of Eyelash Curling

For best results, make sure you place the eyelash curler, gently and carefully, at the base of your lashes (don’t get the curler too close to the skin though or you could pinch and damage your delicate eyelid area skin).

The DON’Ts for Curling your eyelashes

  • DON’T Curl lashes after applying mascara
  • DON’T start curling in the middle of your eyelashes unless you’re getting ready for a costume/fancy dress party.

Bottom line: Remember the trick is to enhance your natural look, not opt for overly noticeable enhancements. Aim for a gentle curl, not a very notable bend.

What if your eyelids are just too saggy and cover your lashes?

Are your lashes hidden by your upper eyelids or eye bags? If you have sagging eyelids or puffy under-eye areas, you may want to check with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, to determine if an Eyelid Lift Surgery (Blepharoplasty) or a Canthoplasty Surgery will help restore your eyelids to a more youthful appearance.

Eye Shadows: Makeup isn’t Intended to Give your Eyes a Competition – Every time you shop for eyeliner or an eyeshade, please remember it’s meant to be applied to enhance your natural eye colour and to complement your eyes, not compete with your eyes for attention.  Your eyes are the feature, and the eye makeup is just an accessory – you don’t want to overdo your eye makeup where it looks like it’s the other way around.

Having brown eyes makes you lucky when it comes to eye makeup.

The DOs of applying Eye Shadow and experimenting with different colours

  • Indian and Middle Eastern women tend to have brown eyes or hazel (brown to green) eyes although there is great diversity in the depth of colour and the patterns of the iris area.
  • Brown-eyed beauties need not go for the same colours that their blue-eyed or hazel-eyed friends experiment with, although they often have more options and can wear more colours easily.
  • You can easily experiment with many different colours because many shades won’t compete with your natural eye colour (where wearing green eye shadow with green eyes or blue shadow with blue eyes is often a no-no).
  • You should consult a Dermal Clinician or Makeup Artist to ask about what tones or shades will flatter your skin tone.
  • Make sure you always apply a quality eye shadow primer product before applying your eye-shadow; and buy quality brand eye shadows for best longevity and appearance (as cheap cosmetic options often result in skin allergies or major flaking problems).
  • A primer on your eyelids before applying eye shadow will often help the eye area make-up stay intact for a longer period of time.

The DON’Ts of Eye Shadow or Eyeliner Application

  • DON’T choose cheap products that can cause skin allergies or flake off quickly
  • DON’T forget your skin tone while choosing an eyeshadow shade; some overly light or white shades may leave you with an overly dramatic look (but DO stay ahead of trends and experiment with the latest application methods if you think they’ll suit you).
  • DON’T stick to eyeshadow colours to exactly match your outfit. It often looks very overdone,
  • DON’T leave a gap between the eyeliner and eyelash.

Bottom line: Remember the trick is to choose a colour that flatters, or isn’t an exact match to the colour of your eyes. You need to make your eye color stand out!

Perfect your eyebrows: Strong Brows are Currently IN – Eyebrows can get your eyes a lot of attention because they tend to change the entire look of the face.

Everyone else is getting the latest tattooed brow look or heavily applying the latest brow-defining makeup. But, you’re unlikely to need to resort to such measures, although everyone is different. You’ll mostly want to get your brows shaped properly so that you get the most eye-enhancing effect. This is often best done professionally every few months, with at-home maintenance in between.

The DOs for Best Eyebrows

  • DO seek professional brow shaping advice or treatments at least ONCE.  Brows are so important we strongly suggest you get a professional to give you advice. They can help you learn to shape your brows, so you know what will suit you best.
  • DO try to give your brows a look that is well-groomed whilst still looking natural (not overdone).  You can sometimes brush them with clear brow mascara or a soft enhancing colour. Visit a quality brand makeup counter or brow technicians for the latest product lines and brow-enhancing tips.
  • DO try to learn the best proportions and shapes for your facial features and your eyes (where the brow should start, end and the overall shape and thickness of the brow that will best suit your face).

The DON’Ts for Eyebrows

  • DON’T go for an overly finished look.
  • DON’T let the hair between your brows join together.  Invest in a good set of Tweezers such as TWEEZERMAN, or a great brow shaping professional service.

While some want it to stand out, others prefer pulling it off without looking overly made up.

Bottom line: follow the natural shape and arch of your brow. This will keep the look as simple and natural as possible.

Now you know where to start from. Let’s discuss the ultimate magic bullet for eye makeup for most women with Indian or Middle Eastern heritage.

  • Topping the list of must-haves is Kajal.
  • It is so commonly used that it wouldn’t be surprising if many women counted it as a grocery item.

Kajal-rimmed eyes have been favoured for centuries.

Subtle enhancements often result in huge differences when it comes to eye make-up. You can change the way you look entirely by stroking your liner outwards or curling your lashes.

Experiment with different styles till you’re confident about one look that you feel really suits your eyes. Let it be your ‘go-to’ favourite!

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