Makeup for hooded eyes and glasses

Hooded eyes are a well-known issue that plagues many people, especially depending on the style of glasses they wear. This can cause vision problems and problems with makeup. Given the drastic difference between hooded eye lids and clear lids, different techniques need to be implemented with makeup application. This article will outline these key differences and methods for application that will help in your daily routine.

With hooded eyes, it’s important to highlight your eyelids and the area around your eyes with makeup. You’ll want to use a highlighter that has a white base and then add some highlighting powder on top of it.

You can also try using a gold or bronze eye shadow in the crease of your eye and then apply it along your lower lash line as well. This will make your eyes look larger, which is important for hooded eyes.

You can also use a pencil liner to line the top lid of your eye with a dark color like black or brown and then apply liquid liner over top of it using an angled brush. This will help add definition to your eyelashes so they stand out more!

Makeup for hooded eyes and glasses

If you’ve ever worn glasses, you’ll know that as much as you love your frames, they become a massive pain when it comes to applying make-up.

From your mascara licking the lenses, to that annoying red mark they leave on your nose, there are many beauty issues that arise when we wear our spectacles.

How do you apply make-up when you can’t see without your glasses?

‘It can be tricky to apply eye make-up when your eyesight is challenging, but it is possible!

‘The first investment should be a good quality magnifying mirror.

‘Then, try pulling your glasses to the very end of your nose, tilt your head back, raise your brows and look into a mirror that preferably you can tilt – this will allow you to see your eyelid through your lenses and at the same time giving you enough space to apply shadow, liner or mascara.’

How do you stop your lashes from hitting the glasses lens?

‘If your lashes are very long, they may hit your lenses. To prevent this, try curling your lashes to give them a little lift and thus pull them away from your lenses. You can also get your lashes permed for a longer-lasting solution.’

How should you apply your mascara to avoid getting it all over the lenses?

‘When applying your mascara, opt for a formula that is longwearing, so it won’t smudge on to your lenses if your lashes do touch them throughout the day. Additionally, a good curl will prevent this. Be sure to give your mascara time to dry before positioning your glasses for everyday wear.’

How do you cover up red marks on your nose left behind by glasses?

‘Bobbi Brown’s Instant Full Cover Concealer, £23, and Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Sticks, £23, are fantastic for applying over any areas on the nose that may have been made a little red by your glasses.

‘You can apply before wearing your glasses but keep them in your bag for touch ups, if necessary.’

Glasses tend to cast shadows under the eyes. How can you avoid making the eyes look sunken in?

‘To avoid your glasses casting shadow under your eyes and making your eyes look sunken, use a corrector and concealer a shade lighter than your foundation to significantly brighten your under eye. This will eliminate that shadow effect.’

What should you do when filling in your brows?

‘It’s important to frame your brows when wearing glasses so they don’t disappear behind your frames.

‘There are lots of pencils on the market but I much prefer filling in brows with a matching colour shadow for a more natural finish. Simply draw the shadow through your brows following the direction of the growth of the hairs.

‘Remember, the skin behind the brows doesn’t need to be completely filled with colour – this could make the brows look a little heavy, so just a little will do the job.’

How should you balance the rest of your face make-up?

‘If your eyes are well defined behind your glasses and your brows are filled in, then complement the look with a little foundation to even out your complexion and conceal any redness, add a little blush to the apple of your cheeks and lip colour of your choice.’

What colour eyeshadow goes best with black/brown/tortoiseshell/bright frames?

‘When lining the eyes, I suggest you don’t try to match your frames. Simply look for tones that are darker in colour than your frames and opt for colours that complement your eye colour.

‘Purples and blues look incredible against hazel eyes, and rich bronzes and browns really enhance blue and green eyes.’

How should you define your eyes when wearing glasses?

‘Eyeliner in a shade deeper than the rim of your glasses is the best way to define your eyes when wearing glasses.

‘If you’re not a fan of eyeliner then try tight-lining your eyes. This involves lining just in between your lashes and along the water line on your top lash line. You won’t see any make-up above the eye lashes but your lash line will look much darker, your lashes thicker and help your eyes stand out.’

What’s the best eye makeup option for a night out if you wear glasses?

‘The colour options for glasses wearers for evening are endless but my recommendation is that your emphasise your lash line the most to ensure your eyes are the focus behind your lenses.

‘Black liner will always create the most definition but why not play with colour, too? Try applying a thick liner in a deep green or blue but add a little back at the very base of the lashes. This will add fun and drama without necessarily wearing a lot of coloured shadow.’

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