Makeup for hooded asian eyes

Hooded eyes are a condition that make the eyes appear small and recessed into the eye sockets. It can make people with this condition appear tired even when they wake up in a morning. Hooded eyelids may look smaller than usual which makes make-up harder to apply. The aim of applying make-up to hooded asian eyes is to hide or minimise the appearance of this feature.

Hooded eyes are a common problem for people from Asia, which is why makeup for hooded asian eyes is so important. When you have hooded eyes, your eyelid is shaped like a triangle instead of being flat. This means that it’s hard to get the right amount of shadow on your eye without looking like a clown.

The best way to do this is by using a tapered brush. The key thing to remember with hooded eyes is that they’re not just small—they’re also rounder at the top than they are at the bottom. That’s why you want to use a brush that has a tapered end: it’ll help you apply shadow in just the right spot without accidentally smudging it into your eyelid crease or down onto your cheekbone.

Another way to use makeup for hooded asian eyes is by using an eyelid primer before applying any other products. You can find these primers in most drugstores at affordable prices, but make sure that they are made specifically for Asian skin tones because they tend to be more yellow than white-based primers (which will wash out your skintone).

One last tip: when applying mascara around your lash lines, try using an angle

Makeup for hooded asian eyes

For many beauty lovers, YouTube played a crucial role in teaching beginner-friendly makeup techniques, from mastering a cat-eye to blending foundation seamlessly. And with so many beauty influencers on the site, it’s easy to find someone with not just a similar makeup style, but similar features to your own. Here, we’re spotlighting five of our favorite eye makeup tutorials from Asian content creators. Keep reading to learn how to achieve puppy eyeliner on monolids, trendy graphic liner and more. 

Floating Eyeliner

In this video, Sandy Lin talks us through one of our favorite eyeliner trends at the moment: floating liner. She also chats about finding makeup styles that work with her eye shape, rather than looks that fake a crease.

Puppy Eyeliner

Tired of a traditional cat-eye? Try puppy eyeliner, which has a flick that points downwards instead of upwards and out. Here, Elaine Park demonstrates how to create the look on monolids without using false eyelashes.

Soft Glam Smoky Eye

We love Sichen Chan’s videos for her in-depth face and eye charts that show viewers exactly where to place each product. Here, she creates a beginner-friendly soft glam look using the Lancôme Grandôise Waterproof Mascara for full, fluttery lashes.

Cute and Colorful

Watching a Mei Pang video feels like sitting down with a kind older sister (who also happens to be a pro at makeup). You can find almost every product she mentions in this video at the drugstore.

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