Makeup for hijab

Hijab is a very important thing for muslim women, especially when they wear it in public. It’s not just a piece of cloth that covers their head and chest, but it’s also a style statement. Hijab is a tool to express themselves and show the world what kind of person they are.

Wearing hijab comes with a lot of responsibilities. You have to take care of your appearance so you can look beautiful, especially if you’re going out with friends or family members. You might want to change your makeup style and wear something different from what you usually do. However, there are some rules that must be followed when wearing makeup while wearing hijab.

First, make sure that your foundation matches your skin tone perfectly so it won’t show up under your veil or scarf. Second, apply concealer on any pimples or dark spots on your face before putting on any other makeup product because they’ll show through the thin fabric of hijab easily if left untreated! The last thing you want is an embarrassing situation where someone sees those spots underneath!

Thirdly, choose the right shade of eyeshadow or eyeliner according to how much coverage

Makeup for hijab

Makeup with Hijab. Wearing a Hijab in Islam is a sign of modesty and simplicity. Along with the covering of the head, you can also use makeup, which will add more charm and beauty to the look. Accessorizing your hijab with the right jewelry and adding the right makeup will change your look dramatically. Today we will give you ideas on how to do makeup with hijab to help you achieve the best of your great features.

If you put on too much makeup, it will be of no use. Keep very minimal makeup. Your focus should be eyes and cheeks. The most important step when you start with the eye makeup is to choose a headscarf that goes well with your eye color. You can choose a light eyeshadow and wear dark shades of the scarf.

How to Wear Makeup With Hijab

Follow these simple and basic makeup tips below:

Eye Makeup Tips With Hijab

Eyes are the most prominent part, and you can add glamour to it by picking the right shade. For a simple c, ange you can apply eye pencil, eyeshadow, and mascara.

For a different type of eye make tutorials check here, and you can put on any makeup as per your choice.

Choose colors which match your headscarf. You should avoid putting glitter and rather go for light gold shades. For a natural look you can use nude shades, and for heavy wedding makeup, you may use shiny shades.

Cheek Makeup

Choose your blush type that suits your skin. Powder blushes are perfect for oily skin. Do a fish face before applying the blush. Then bring your cheeks up, and move the brush towards the apples of your cheeks. This will give a natural tone to your face.

Simple Makeup with Hijab Tutorial and Hijab Makeup Tips

Lip Shades

You are always incomplete without a nice bright lipstick shade. Good shade on your lips enhances the look and makes you stand out among everyone. The bright red color and pink shades are perfect for the lips. Try to match the lip shade with the color of hijab. And with this look don’t overdo rest of the makeup.Keep it very light so that it doesn’t give a overdo makeup look. Let your hijab and lips make the prominence.

Beauty items every hijabi should keep in the purse when heading out.

– Eye Pencil

– Lipstick

– Face Powder

– Blush on

– Face Wipes

– Gloss

– Eyeliner

Other than makeup, a few points that are to be considered important are that you should also choose a style of hijab that suits your face shape the most. Persian style hijab and Turkish style hijab are very modern and trendy. Dress up well so that your style doesn’t diminish. Buy yourself a cool pair of sandals or high heels. Match your shoes with the outfit you choose to wear. Long dresses look amazing with a high tied hijab and high heels. Once you are done selecting the outfit, then you can choose a similar shade of eyeshadow and emphasize your features well. Keep the look very soft and subtle.

Don’t go overboard with your makeup. Natural makeup looks much better than a heavy one. For a wedding look, you can use glittery Arabic eye makeup and wear hair accessories. Check out these bloggers profiles to see the latest hijab makeup ideas and styles.

Simple Makeup with Hijab

For a simple makeup look, simply wear eyeliner and mascara. You can add a nice lip colour to freshen up your look further. This is one of the simplest makeup routines, and it’s especially recommended for young girls who’re on the go and don’t have time for the whole foundation and contouring routine.

Gorgeous Makeup with turban hijab

Simple Makeup with Hijab Tutorial and Hijab Makeup Tips

Smokey Eye Makeup

For formal occasions, nothing beats the smokey eye makeup. Here we see that the model added a touch of gold to her smokey eye to match it with her hijab, and it surely was a great idea.

Bold Lipsticks with Neutral Colored Hijabs

Neutral colored hijabs like black, white, grey or ivory look amazing when worn with a bold and beautiful lip colour, so do give this style a try.

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