Makeup for green eyes tutorial

Finding the best makeup products and color combinations to flatter green eyes is time consuming. Here is a step-by-step tutorial showing the process of a professional makeup application on green eyes with different eye colors.

Green eyes are often considered to be one of the most beautiful eye colors. They give your face a special touch that makes you stand out from the crowd.

In this video, we will teach you how to achieve a natural look for green eyes. You don’t need many products or makeup to make your eyes pop. A little bit of mascara and eyeliner will do the trick.

Makeup for green eyes tutorial

Between brown-eyed girls and blue-eyed beauties, it seems as though green eyes are often under-appreciated. However, green is one of the most beautiful colors a pair of eyes can be. It’s bright, warm, colorful, and reminiscent of the most gorgeous plants and trees in nature. Like any other eye color, green eyes have certain shades that are complementary to them and other shades that are not. Green eyes are beautiful all on their own. However, if you really want to make your green eyes stand out and prove to the world that green eyes won’t be ignored, it’s important to use shades of eye makeup that work best with green eyes.

It doesn’t take much effort to incorporate complementary colors into your eye makeup. There are many stunning eye makeup looks you can create using colors that complement your green eyes. Countless bright and neutral colors from bronze to navy to bright pink complement green eyes. Using the right shades of eye makeup that work well with your green eyes can help your eyes pop. They’ll appear even more breathtaking than they already are.

Easy Step By Step Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes

Many people think that using eye makeup that is the same color as your eyes is automatically not complementary. It is true that you need to maintain caution while using shades of eye makeup that match your eye color. However, the blanket statement against this technique is a misconception. As you can see from the look above, wearing eyeshadow that matches your eyes can create gorgeous looks that help your irises pop.

Step By Step Makeup Tutorials For Beginners

If you have green eyes, blue is a great eye makeup color to wear. You don’t have to exercise caution when wearing blue eye makeup. This is because blue shades don’t match too closely with your green eyes. However, the simultaneous brightness and coolness of shades of blue help your green eyes stand out and appear brighter. Green-eyed beauties have the good fortune to be able to wear any shade of blue eye makeup, from turquoise to navy.

Simple Step By Step Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes

You can definitely wear neutral shades of eye makeup to complement your green eyes. In fact, neutrals often look best with green eyes. Any natural shade is apt to complement green eyes and make them pop. Create a blend of pale and dark neutral shades of eyeshadow to produce a gorgeous and subtle look. The pale shades brighten your eyes while the darker shades make them stand out more prominently.

Easy Step By Step Eye Makeup Tutorial For Green Eyes

White eye makeup can be tricky. For many eye colors, it can wash out the color in your irises and make the whites of your eyes appear yellow. However, green-eyed women are lucky. If you have green eyes, you can rock white eye makeup. As you can see from the look above, white eyeliner makes green eyes pop and helps them appear brighter and even more colorful.

Simple Step By Step Eye Makeup Tutorials For Beginners

If you’re going to incorporate shades of green in your eye makeup looks, it’s important to use the right shades that are complementary to your natural eye color. Shades of green that include warm yellow tones are generally most complementary for green eyes. These shades bring out the warm tones in green eyes and can make gold flecks in your irises stand out more prominently.

Easy makeup tutorial for green eyes

Dark, smokey eyes look gorgeous with green eyes. In fact, colors like the charcoal, black, and silver shades used in the look above frame green eyes beautifully and help them stand out from your face.

Make tutorial for green eyes

If you have green eyes, you don’t necessarily have to incorporate any colors at all into your makeup look to make your irises pop. Green eyes have a lot of color included within them already. So, even a dramatic look using only shades of black is enough to make them stand out.

how to apply eyeshadow for green eyes step by step

Warm, bronze eye makeup looks are very flattering for green eyes. Because bronze tones bring out the warm tones within your irises, these shades help your eyes appear brighter and more vibrant.

how to do a smokey eye for green eyes step by step

The look above includes a flattering blend of cool navy and purple eyeshadow colors. These cool shades are complementary to green eyes and help their color stand out more against your skin. Also, the darkness of the shades creates a contrasting frame for your eyes that emphasizes the color of your irises.

everyday makeup for green eyes

This look is a gorgeous and subtle blend of neutrals that looks beautiful with green eyes. It includes pale and darker neutral shades in both matte and shimmery finishes. Plus, this look includes a highlight in the inner corner. The highlight automatically brightens your irises and helps their color appear more vibrant.

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