Makeup for fat face

If you have a fat face, it can be hard to find the right makeup. Your face might be wider than it is long, or your chin may stick out more than your forehead. Either way, you can still look great with the right makeup!

First of all, you want to make sure that your foundation matches your skin tone. If it’s too light or too dark, it will accentuate the size of your face even more. You want something that looks natural and even-toned on the surface of your skin.

Next, use a concealer or foundation on any areas that need extra coverage, like around the eyes or on any blemishes. You can also use concealer under your eyes if they’re puffy from staying up late last night—this will help them look smoother when you put on mascara later on!

To finish up your look with eyeshadow colors that go well with your foundation shade (and cheek blush if necessary), try one of these: golds and bronzes for fair skin tones; reds and purples for medium-toned skin; browns and maroons for dark-skinned beauties!

Makeup for fat face

Today, we would be talking about some makeup tips for a chubby face. Makeup is important as it can help to make your face look thinner, enhance your best features and the also improve your overall appearance. Whether you are attending a birthday party, wedding or any celebration, applying makeup can help to enhance your facial features. However, applying makeup mechanically is just not enough because you need to follow certain techniques that can help you achieve a chiseled and defined face. So, here are some tips and tricks for a chubby face. Follow these techniques and it will surely help to slim down your face.

1. Contouring:

One important makeup tip for people with a chubby face is you should be contouring your face. Contouring can help to make your face look slimmer and not so round. You should be using darker shades of foundation, bronzer or concealer as it can help to create an illusion of a slimmer face. This will surely make your face look slender.

2. Lipstick Trick:

Wearing lipstick is another great way to make your face look thinner and slimmer. Contouring your face, applying eyeshadow and doing eye makeup is different but applying a lipstick is a must. You should try to apply deep berries, reds or plum colored lipsticks as they will help to draw the attention away from your face to the lips. This is a simple trick to make your face look slimmer. If not berry tones, you should opt for darker shades of lipsticks. You can use Kiko Milano Creamy Lipstick 06 Blackberry for best results.

3. Bronzer:

Another great tip to make your face look thin is by applying bronzer. Applying bronzer is an awesome way to make your face look slim thus diverting the attention from your cheeks. So, it is always good to accentuate your cheeks with bronzer. Always make sure that you apply bronzer on the jawline as well. It will surely create a softer look on the face. You can use Milani Baked Bronzer 04 Glow or Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer Ticket to Brazil for best results.

4. Use More Of Brown Tones:

Using more of deep or brown tones can help to make your face look slimmer. These tones help to highlight the best features of the face and also divert the attention from the chubby face. You should always opt for using brown tones so that it helps to promote a brighter and stunning face. Use Milani Baked Bronzer 05 Soleil to give a slimming effect on the skin.

5. Using Blush:

Using a proper blush is another important step that can help to make your face look slimmer. I would definitely recommend using a blush on the face as it helps to highlight your facial features and also promotes glowing skin. Make sure you use a blush that gives a matte finish on the skin and also is much warmer on your skin tone. You can use Australis Show Some Cheek Blush Fame or Inglot Freedom System Face Blush for best results.

6. Use More Of Berry Tones On Lips:

As mentioned earlier lipsticks play a major role in slimming down your face. You should be using berry tones on your lips so that it creates an impression of a slim face. Experts have said that using berry tones has helped to create the illusion of a slimmer face. So, it is always best to choose berry tones.

7. Right Eyebrow Shape:

Choosing the right eyebrow shape is another easy way to make your face look slimmer. Opting for a higher and more pronounced arch can help to downplay the chubbiness thus allowing your face to look slimmer. It will also make your eyes look uplifted thus creating an illusion of a toned face.

8. Pay Attention To The Forehead:

You should never forget to contour and highlight your forehead as it can prevent your face from looking chubby. You should blend the blush (darker shade) into your temple thus emphasizing your bone structure. This easy trick will surely make your face look slimmer.

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