Makeup for family photos

Family photos are a great way to preserve memories that you can look back on and cherish forever. If you’re getting ready for your next big family photo shoot, it’s important to know that your makeup should be as simple as possible. This way, it won’t distract from your natural beauty, but will accentuate the features that make each person unique.

Here are some tips for creating a beautiful look that works well with family photos:

1) Choose a neutral base like white or light brown eye shadow. This will help keep your eyes looking bright and awake without making them stand out too much in the picture.

2) Don’t forget about the lips! A nude or pink lipstick will complement most skin tones and is easy to wear all day long without needing touchups or reapplication throughout the shoot itself (which will make you look good!).

3) Don’t overdo it on the blush—a light application of blush around each cheekbone area will give you just enough color without being distracting from anything else in the photo itself!

Makeup for family photos


PUMP UP THE CHEEK COLOR– Don’t get washed out by the bright lighting either outdoors or in the studio. Cheek color will go SO FAR when it comes to giving your face a 3D look, as well as help you to look healthy and bright.

CHOOSE A LIPSTICK COLOR THAT YOU NORMALLY WEAR… JUST NOT NUDE– Again, don’t let your lips disappear into your skin tone, so pick a color thats a little more bold. BUT if you’re a gal that never wears red/pink/berry lipstick, then DON’T wear it for your photos either. It will feel foreign and unlike your true self.

DITCH EYE LINER & FOCUS ON LASHES INSTEAD– This may be an unpopular opinion, but several of my photographer friends have agreed… eyeliner in far way shots does more harm then good. Our eyes naturally contract when we smile, making them appear smaller. And black eyeliner will only visually close them down further! Instead enhance the lashes with a good curl, lots of mascara or some falsies.

MATTIFY SKIN AND LIPS– Under the spotlight we tend to get sweaty, so start with a completely matte base and lip. Glowy foundation or highlighter only makes you look oily and shiny from a distance, and can create major reflection issue in photos. This powder is cheap and amazing. Glossy lips cause a major problem if there is any breeze and a strand of hair (or your bridal veil) gets stuck in the stickiness. Gloss also transfers onto teeth more easily, and if there’s any kissing involved in your photos, matte will wear much longer with less transfer.

SET YOUR MAKEUP BEFORE, DURING & AFTER APPLICATION– One thing I know for sure, is that photos always take longer than expected… and usually there is stress or nerves involved. Setting your makeup with a mattifying setting spray prior to foundation, and again after foundation will lock it place. Then do another spray after all of your color has been added. This one is my go to!

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