Makeup for eye colour

Eye color is one of the many things that make each person unique. But while it can’t be changed, you can play up or down your eye colour with different makeup techniques.

If you have blue eyes, try using dark brown shadow to make them pop. You can also use a warm pink blush to give the illusion of a tan.

If you have green eyes, use a light brown shadow and a peach blush to enhance the green in your eyes without looking like a “teacher’s pet.”

If you have brown eyes, highlight them with golds and oranges. Brown-eyed people typically look good in gold jewelry as well.

If you have hazel eyes, use an orange-y brown shadow and apply some glitter on top so they appear more greenish at times and more brownish at others (depending on what kind of lighting they’re under).

Makeup for eye colour

Because your eyes are one of the most striking features on your face, it’s extremely important that you pay attention to your eye color when it comes to your makeup. When you keep your eye color in mind while you choose your makeup, especially your eye makeup, you’ll be able to do more with it. Bring your best to the table with these tips and tricks for every eye color, even when your eye color lies between two different colors.

Blue Eyes

These tend to be the lightest-colored eyes; even if you have pretty vibrant eyes, you don’t want to overwhelm them by using too much product. That’s why many people with blue eyes choose to go with lighter tones, including pastels; these make your eyes the star of the party, making you less likely to go overboard.

Although you can definitely stick to the earth-tone neutrals that brown eyes look so good in, consider soft oranges to complement your blue hues. Even eyeshadow colors as light as coral and champagne can let your blue eyes shine. Alternately, try colors with cool undertones, like a popping green or lavender purple, to bring your look together.

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are some of the most common, but that doesn’t mean they have to look commonplace. They’re a great starting point for just about any style because they’re a neutral tone, meaning you can feel free to go wild on your eye makeup when you have brown eyes. The real question is whether you want to make a sharp contrast or you want to soften things up.

If you’re looking for a really sharp contrast, traditional black liner will definitely make darker eyes pop. Of course, the traditional “earth tones” of brown, bronze and coal will make for a beautiful smoky eye. And if you want to make your eye makeup a little softer, try a dark blue liner instead of a black one to compliment your chocolate hues.

Green Eyes

This is one of the least common eye colors, which is why you want to bring so much attention to them. Making your green eyes pop allows you to really show off one of your best facial features. Here, look for complementary colors rather than using green and blue, so your eyes will stand out rather than blend into your eye makeup.

Interestingly enough, purple is actually one of the best colors for green eyes. From deep plum to light lavender, purple offers a contrast to green that won’t look like it clashes. Another option that’s great if you have a light hand is products with red undertones, like rust. Just make sure you choose a color that’s dark enough so you don’t look like you’re repping Christmas tones.

Gray Eyes

Gray eyes are essentially very muted blue eyes, and they deserve their own place because they offer a frosted take on the traditional blue. It’s especially important that you use light eye makeup on gray eyes because they can often look washed out if you go with eye makeup that’s too strong for them to shine through.

For the light look that really brings out the gray, try something gentle with just a shade of tone, like a light aqua blue. When you reach for accessories, go with silver, not gold; the silver will perfectly enhance your eyes, making them even more obvious to anyone who takes a second look.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel falls right between brown and green and often presents as a darker eye color with light flecks. With hazel eyes, you can take some picks from both green and brown recommendations to come up with your own perfect look.

Although the earth tones of brown eyes work perfectly for hazel eyes, metallic golds and yellows help to bring out those light flecks in your eyes. You can also try the purple hues that work so well for green eyes. Overall, gold is definitely your color, so take advantage of it.


Regardless of your eye color, there’s definitely something you can do to enhance it in all of your looks. You want people to notice your beautiful eyes while admiring them in the context of your eye makeup. Do you find you’re incredible at doing just that? Then you might want to put it to use. At Ogle School, you can discover your color genius through the cosmetology program and turn your passion into a career.

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