Makeup for dewy skin

Dewy skin is best achieved through a moisturized canvas. You need to start with the right skincare routine before you can even think about makeup. I’ll show you makeup tips for dewy skin so your glow doesn’t look greasy!

The best makeup for dewy skin is a combination of light coverage and a radiant, hydrated look.

The first step to achieving this look is to apply a primer before your foundation. A primer will help your makeup last all day, and it will also prevent any dry patches from showing through your skin-tone foundation.

Next, use a foundation that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. You don’t have to go out of your way to find an exact match; if you can’t find a shade that’s perfect, just choose one that’s close enough to blend in seamlessly with your natural skin tone. You’ll want this layer of foundation to be sheer enough that it just adds color back into the skin without looking heavy or mask-like.

Finally, apply some translucent powder over top of the foundation to set it in place and prevent any oiliness from showing through later on in the day.

Makeup for dewy skin

Whether you just binged Bridgerton for the tenth time or saw it on your TikTok, dewy makeup looks are officially everywhere. The hallmarks of this beauty trend are easy to pinpoint: glowing skin that looks fresh from a spa session, bright flushed cheeks, and not a single matte finish in sight.

Part of the struggle of dewy makeup is that it’s as ephemeral as a spring morning. To achieve that amount of glow, products tend to slide off your face and disappear before the day ends. Luckily, we’re experts in the area. We asked Sara Wren, our Milk Makeup Director of Artistry, for an easy tutorial with stay-all-day wear time. 

Her hero products? Our Bionic Fam: Essence Beauty Award-winning Bionic Blush, Bionic Bronzer, and Bionic Glow. They’re the perfect hybrid of skincare and makeup with 90% natural formulas that contain ingredients like mushroom extracts, hyaluronic acid, vegan plant-derived collagen, and cherry water to help hydrate and seal in moisture.

How to Get a Dewy Makeup Look

1. Start with a hydrating primer.

The most important step in achieving budgeproof dewy makeup is prepping your canvas. This means you need a makeup primer that grips everything on top. The blue agave extract in our award-winning Hydro Grip Primer helps form an invisible layer to lock in your look, while also adding glow and a burst of hydration.

2. Apply a lightweight skin tint.

After your skin is primed and hydrated, it’s time to apply your first dewy layer: skin tint. Our Sunshine Skin Tint SPF 30 is a skin tint, face oil, and sunscreen in one, resulting in a finish that looks and feels breathable. Skip the mattifying foundations and powders for this one; you want to summon every bit of glow you can. If you’re worried about your face looking too oily, the previous primer step helps keep your makeup looking fresh (not greasy!) throughout the day. If you want to intensity the glow even further, blend your skin tint with your favorite shade of Bionic Glow before applying.

3. Create a bronzed base.

The next step is to add a warm, sunkissed effect to your skin. Our Bionic Bronzer comes in several shades to suit a wide range of skin tones. Tap small dots of the weightless liquid formula onto your face wherever you’d naturally get some sun, like the tops of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, and around your hairline. Then blend it in with your fingertips, a makeup sponge, or brush.

As with all our Bionic products, you’ll want to shake the tube well before squeezing to dispense the formula. Apply as little or as much as you want for your desired level of bronzing; it’s buildable and reviewers love the ease of application. For those that haven’t tried it yet, we’d describe the finish as matte-dewy, which means it will look like healthy moisturized skin, but doesn’t contain any shimmer. If luminosity is your thing, feel free to mix in a drop or two of Bionic Glow during this step.

Easy dewy makeup look featuring Milk Makeup Bionic Blush, Bionic Glow, and Bionic BronzerA model wears Milk Makeup Bionic Blush, Bionic Glow, and Bionic Bronzer for a natural dewy makeup look

4. Add blush. Then add some more!

Dewy makeup looks would be nothing without this signature step: blush. It’s a nonnegotiable step in adding a pretty flush of color to your skin. Our hydrating Bionic Blush comes in four shades, so we leave the choice to you and your mood of the day. Whichever shade you pick, this supercharged liquid blush will instantly upgrade any dewy makeup. We’re not the only ones who think so either; Essence magazine officially named it the Best Bold Blush of 2022.

Here’s one pro tip: “For deeper skin tones, I recommend really punchy shades like Fly and Beyond,” says Sara. “They may look super bright at first glance but can be worn as a sheer flush or built up to a bold look. Fly is a fruit-punchy ruby red and Beyond is a rich blue-toned plum—I really love mixing them together too.” 

We specifically designed all our Bionic formulas to feel lightweight and layer seamlessly over other makeup, so no matter how much blush you pile on, you won’t disturb anything you’ve applied underneath. To complete the rosy effect, dab a little blush on your lips for a matching watercolor stain.

5. Finish with a final layer of highlighter.

The grand finale for a dewy look? Extra glow, of course. Pick your favorite shade of our Bionic Glow highlighter to amp it up to angelic levels.

The formula is made to be applied with fingertips, a makeup brush, or sponge—your choice. Take a small amount, and blend it onto your cheekbones, collarbones, cupid’s bow, and anywhere else you want to highlight. Both shades will give you a super natural-looking, lit-from-within effect. (Think of that healthy radiance you get after a facial. Subtle—not sparkly.)

Your canvas of primer will keep your makeup smooth and fresh, but if you want some extra insurance, spritz on a final layer of our Hydro Grip Set + Refresh Spray. Ready to recreate it? Tag us in your best dewy makeup looks featuring our #BionicFam. We’re ready to see you shine.

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