Makeup for dark skin tutorial

Do you want to learn how to apply makeup for a dark skin tone? Maybe you have a friend that wants to learn, or maybe you’re tired of not finding makeup tutorials that showcase women with darker skin tones. This article might help

steps in applying make-up on a dark skin:

Step 1: Concealer

Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone. Apply it to the areas you want to highlight (your cheekbones, brow bones and chin).

Step 2: Foundation

Apply foundation to your face using a brush or your fingers. Blend it in along the jawline and neck.

Step 3: Powder

Use a powder brush to apply powder evenly over the entire face. Make sure not to leave any areas uncovered by powder as this can cause creasing.

Makeup for dark skin tutorial

Everyone has a different skin tone, and different makeup products and techniques work best for certain complexions. What works for pale, freckled skin is different than what works on tan, sunkissed skin, or dark, mocha coloured skin. Today we’re focusing on makeup tips for dark skin, and letting you in on 8 of the best products and tutorials to make your dark skin stun by enhancing your naturally beautiful features!

7 Makeup Dos and Don’ts for Dark Skin

1. Do Colour Correct
Colour correcting is key, no matter what skin colour you have. You want to pick a concealer that neutralizes discolouration and covers dark spots. For instance, if you have a deep purple cast under your eyes, use a concealer that has some red-orange in it. This will cut out the darkness without you having to layer on concealer!

2. Do Go Bold with Blush
Rich, saturated colours look amazing on dark skin tones. Go for bold blushes in shades like deep mauve and cranberry. They’ll add warmth and energy to your complexion!

3. Do Contour
Using a good foundation will make your skin look flawless and give your skin a nice base, but contouring is also an important step. Foundation on its own can make your skin look flat, but contouring with bronzer and highlighter will help give it life!

4. Do Go Bold with Eye Makeup
Bold eye makeup looks amazing on dark skin tones. Jewel tones and bright colours give vitality to your face and make your skin look gorgeous. Just make sure to leave your lips and cheeks more muted when you go with bold eye makeup.

5. Don’t Go Too Matte
If you go too matte with your foundation, it can make your skin look cakey and unnatural. If your skin is dry, go for a liquid or cream foundation. You’ll get a natural, no-makeup makeup look.

6. Don’t Go Pale
Stay away from colours that are pale or have too much white pigment. They can make dark skin look greyish, which is not the look you want to go for!

7. Don’t Use Foundation That Doesn’t Match
It can be hard to find the perfect foundation for dark skin tones, but don’t give up your search. Enlist the help of a professional makeup artist to help you find your perfect match. Your face should not be brighter than your neck or chest, so match your foundation to these areas to find the foundation that will work for you!

4 Best Makeup Products for Dark Skin

1. Iman Cosmetics Second to None Cream to Powder Foundation
This foundation is ideal if you want a dark foundation that goes on as a cream and sets as a powder. It has a creamy consistency that blends easily and contains powder for a velvety finish. It’s a full coverage foundation that reduces the appearance of large pores and helps with discolouration.

2. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
Searching for the perfect luxurious concealer? Look no further than the NARS creamy concealer, a cult classic that corrects, contours, highlights and perfects. You’ll get 16 hours of creamy, medium-to-buildable coverage and a radiant finish you’ll love!

3. Fashion Fair Lip Teaser
Fashion Fair is loved for its colourful collection and attention to mocha skin tones. Their lip teasers are formulated with soothing botanicals that condition the lips, and with colour-enhanced pigments, you get high-beam colour that lasts for hours.

4. Cover FX Custom Drops
If you haven’t heard about Cover FX custom drops yet, be prepared to have your mind blown! Pick your perfect shade and add the drops to moisturizer, tinted moisturizer, and even sunscreen to create a shade and coverage perfect for your skin tone!

4 Step-by-Step Makeup Tutorials for Dark Skin

Dark Skin Makeup Tutorials for Beginners + Highlight and Contour | KimAllure

If you want a flawless no-makeup makeup look, then this is the video that you want to watch! She shows you how to apply makeup for dark skin for beginners, and finishes off by demonstrating how to get a gorgeous highlight and contour! She uses products like the Revlon Photoready Foundation in ‘Mocha’, the CoverGirl Ebony Bronzer and the Milani Baked Bronzer in ‘Golden’.

These products and tutorials for dark skin will have you looking beautiful and feeling your best! Use them whether you want to amp up your nighttime look or are looking for a natural daytime look to rock from here on out!

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