Makeup for dark green eyes

Welcome to the ultimate guide to makeup for dark green eyes. It includes all the shades you need to bring out your unique eye color and create a smoky look or daytime eye makeup suitable for your skin tone.

Dark green eyes are a gorgeous color, but they can be hard to work with when it comes to makeup. If you have dark green eyes, you know how difficult it can be to find the perfect colors for your unique eye color.

The first step in finding the right makeup for your dark green eyes is determining what shade of green they are. Are they more like teal or blue-green? You’ll want to choose colors that complement the shade of your eyes.

Next, you need to determine whether your skin tone is warm or cool. Warm skin tones have yellow undertones while cool skin tones have pink undertones. This means that if you have brown or olive skin, you’re likely to have warm undertones. If you have white or pale skin, however, then chances are good that you have cool undertones.

Once you know what color eyes and skin tone you have, then it’s time to start thinking about which shades of eye shadow will look best with your green eyes! You’ll want to choose colors that complement each other—for example: dark browns and light pinks won’t go together very well at all! The key here is balance; if one color dominates too much over another one then it will look off-

Makeup for dark green eyes

Green eyes often feature golden brown or sea blue specks, making them a versatile base when applying different eyeshadow colors. Learn about complementary eyeshadow shades for green eyes, so you can effortlessly create daytime and evening looks.

Choosing Eyeshadow Colors Based on Eye Color

Eyeshadows are available in all colors of the rainbow, so finding the right color palette for your eye color takes time and patience. As a general rule of thumb, select options on the color wheel—a circle diagram illustrating the relationships between different colors—that oppose your eye color to create a pleasing visual contrast.

For example, warmer tones, like shades of gold, brown, burgundy, and pink, are a dynamic accent for green eyes, as they oppose green on the color wheel.

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

Eye shadows are available in powder and cream formulations. Like other makeup products, it’s best to stick to one texture when layering multiple products for a seamless look. Once you select your preferred eyeshadow texture, consider the following factors before choosing an eyeshadow palette:

Eye color: Different eyeshadow colors can alter the appearance of your eye color. Darker green eyes pair well with warmer tones because these colors brighten the eye. Light green eyes pair best with cooler tones, such as lilac, silver, and taupe.

Undertone: Skin tone refers to your skin color, and the undertone is the shade within that color, just below your skin’s surface. There are three types of undertones: warm, cold, and neutral. For skin tones with a cooler hue, choose a taupe or ivory eyeshadow as a blend base. For warmer skin tones, use pink or brown shades, such as mauve or beige. People with neutral skin tones can play around with a combination of these colors to create a look that appears most natural. Learn how to identify your skin’s undertone.

3. Hair color: Like skin tone, hair color should also factor into your eyeshadow palette selection. For instance, green eyes pop against red hair, so a natural eyeshadow palette can make the green color more prominent. Use cooler eyeshadow tones for darker hair colors and warmer eyeshadow tones for lighter hair.

4 Eyeshadow Colors to Make Green Eyes Pop

While most eyeshadow colors work with green eyes, shades with warm undertones complement some eyes’ natural yellow or gold hues. Use brighter shades for a bold look and subdued shades for a natural day look. Here are some colors to consider:

Red undertones: Red is directly across from green on the color wheel, so any eyeshadow palette with red hues, like maroon, coral-orange, or pinkish-red, will accentuate green eyes. Rose gold is also a good option because the slightly red undertone of this gold shade allows green eyes to shimmer.

Copper or bronze: Like eyeshadows with red undertones, copper and bronze eyeshadows bring out the gold pigments in green eyes. You can wear a light copper eyeshadow throughout the day for a natural look and transition to an evening look by adding a shimmer of gold eyeshadow to the top of the lash line.

Purple shades: Purple shades highlight the gold or yellow flecks found in some green eyes. Using light purple eyeshadow, whether lavender or lilac, can create a unique yet subtle day look, while darker purples, such as violet, plum, or magenta, are ideal for an evening look. Consider sweeping the lower lash line with a dark shade of purple for a more dramatic eye.

Silver tones: Not all green eyes have a yellow or gold undertone. For green eyes with a naturally cool tone, consider blending silver and taupe eyeshadows to highlight the blue or grey tones in your eye color. Stick to a matte silver shade for the day and add a shimmery silver layer for a stunning nighttime look. You can also incorporate silver eyeshadow into your smokey eye look by blending silver shades with dark grey and black eyeshadows.

How to Create an Eyeshadow Look for Green Eyes

For a timeless evening look, blend warmer eyeshadow tones with shimmery gold color. To create this eye makeup look, you’ll need eyeshadow shades of brown and gold.

Prep: Prep the eye area with eye cream, concealer, and eyeshadow primer. Your lightest shadow will act as an eye primer. Use a dedicated eye shadow primer to ensure your makeup stays on all day, or if you’re worried about it sticking to any fine lines or dry skin.

Eyeshadow application: Using an eyeshadow brush, create a base layer of light brown across the eyelid. As you move farther away from the inner corner of the eye, blend in a darker brown. Add the gold shimmer to the deeper crease of your outer eye and smudge it slightly with your finger or brush to create a smokey look.

Liner application: Follow the bottom line of your eyes with a black or brown eyeliner to highlight the natural shape of your eyes.

Finishing touches: You can also add other finishing touches to your eye makeup look. A dot of shimmery highlighter at the inner corner of the eyes, carefully applied winged eyeliner or cat eye (use liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner) to the outer corner, or a coat of mascara can make the eyes pop.

Set: Spray a gentle makeup setting spray to prevent your eye makeup from wearing off throughout the day.

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