Makeup for covering freckles

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Freckles are a common cosmetic concern for many people, and they can be difficult to cover. Many makeup products are designed to be used as concealers for dark spots and blemishes, but you might be surprised to discover that some of the most effective methods for covering freckles involve using products that don’t blend in with your skin color at all.

The best way to cover your freckles is with a foundation or concealer that matches your skin tone—not necessarily your freckle tone. You can also choose a color that’s slightly darker than your freckles and blend it into the surrounding area, but this method tends to look unnatural. The best method is to use a product that contains a high amount of pigment and doesn’t blend in with your skin tone at all.

If you’re looking for a makeup product that covers freckles, try using an eyeshadow primer instead of traditional foundation or concealer. This will allow you to apply the eyeshadow directly over your freckles without disrupting any other makeup applications you’ve applied beforehand.

Makeup for covering freckles

1. When it comes to wearing makeup with freckles, less is more.

“I think the best products for freckles are the sort of sheer ones,” says Goodwin. She explains that, often, people go the route of tinted moisturizers, but many of them don’t have any staying power. “What I’ll do is I’ll use a full-coverage foundation as a concealer and apply it just underneath my eyes, on my eyelids, and around my nose, nostrils, and lips,” says Goodwin.

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It can be tricky to find the right foundation, but she says to steer clear of formulas that are too shimmery, as well as formulas that are too mattifying. Instead, you should try to strike the perfect balance and land somewhere in the middle with a satin formula. These types of foundations let your freckles shine through and look the most natural.

2. Blend your makeup correctly.

After applying the full-coverage foundation, Goodwin uses a sponge to blend it all out. “You just sort of move it into the skin on top of your moisturizer. It blends into your skin and leaves just a trace of foundation behind, covering up anything uneven but still allowing your freckles to come through and look like your skin.”

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3. Contour with caution to prevent hiding your freckles.

Contouring can be a fickle beast, especially if you’re looking for a natural look. For this, Goodwin typically avoids powders that may give the appearance of sitting on top of freckles. Instead, she looks for liquid options “that move into the skin really easily.”

Goodwin recommends patting highlighter onto your cheekbones and browbones. “It gives the skin a full glow without looking overdone,” she says. She also emphasizes looking for products that will give your skin a luminous, natural glow instead of using shimmery products that might distract from your freckles.

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For bronzers, Goodwin typically uses sticks or creams instead of powders. If you have freckles, you don’t want to go overboard on contouring. Going for a subtle look will be your best bet.

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4. Don’t be afraid of wearing bold makeup.

People with freckles shouldn’t be afraid to mix up their beauty routines and try something different. In fact, freckled faces are the perfect canvas for trying daring looks. They will make your freckles stand out and your features pop. Stand loud and proud.

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“I think girls with freckles are so beautiful,” says Goodwin. “I love the juxtaposition of bare skin with like a bold look, whether it be a red lip or even a pop of color on the eye and nothing else. I think it’s so cool and modern-looking when I see a woman in ownership of that.”

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