Makeup for business women

Makeup for business women is an important part of your daily routine. It gives you a boost in confidence and makes you feel more like yourself. But when it comes to business, it’s important that you look the part—not just because it helps people see you as an authority figure, but also because makeup can help with memory retention and stress relief.

You don’t want to be caught without the right makeup on at work or in a meeting with clients, so here are some tips for putting together your own professional makeup routine:

  1. Start with a good moisturizer and foundation. These products will give your skin a smooth, even canvas for applying other makeup products (and they’ll help prevent wrinkles!). If you have acne or blemishes, use cover-up before applying foundation.
  2. Next comes contouring: using bronzer or blush to make certain features stand out more than others. This is especially important if you’re going for a natural look (or if you want people to take notice of your cheekbones). If this isn’t your style, skip this step!
  3. Now for eye shadow! Use light colors on the inner corners of your eyes and dark colors all across the eyelid area—this will make your eyes

Makeup for business women

As a former freelance makeup artist, the most common question I received from clients was how to incorporate office-appropriate makeup into their daily beauty routines.  Most had some desire to enhance their overall appearance with light, natural makeup, but were concerned they may appear overdone and unprofessional. However, when correctly applied, makeup is the missing piece of the puzzle for professional women who want to enhance their professionalism, confidence, and appearance.

Here are five easy and affordable tips to incorporate into your daily “dress for work” routine that will take your business appearance up a notch.

Beauty and Business: 5 Makeup Tips For the Working Woman

1. Use Tinted Moisturizer

Your skin needs moisturizer. Much like a plant needs water, your skin needs to be hydrated daily.  Tinted moisturizer hydrates your skin while enhancing your complexion by evening out your skin tone.  There are no chemical agents (bleaching creams, etc.) in tinted moisturizers.  Moisturizers are simply a less pigmented version of foundation combined with hydrating agents.

2. Maintain Clean Brows

No pressure to have arches like Audrey Hepburn, but clean brows can do wonders for the face. In addition to making things appear more symmetrical without cosmetic surgery, a slight lift in the brow directs the attention from the under eye and pulls it toward the top, making you appear more bright-eyed.  A properly groomed brow requires a mere brush in the morning to lay your brows down and you’re ready for the workday!

3. Use Mascara

Since eyes are the proverbial “windows to your soul”, a lot of your beauty enhancements can be handled here. Having said that, mascara is a must.  Mascara brightens your eye area by bringing your lashes to life.  Though I wouldn’t recommend blue or purple for traditional office environments, mascara comes in an array of colors including more work appropriate options like black and brown.

4. Use a Warm Blush

Of all the beauty products, most women are apprehensive of blush. Most think blush makes them look like an 80’s rock-star with over-contoured cheeks.  However, blush simply helps to lift the cheeks and adds a subtle glow to the face. Choose colors that add warmth to your skin tone; avoiding bright pink or red hues that can be shocking in an office environment.

5. Soft Lips

A little lipstick goes a long way. Now that your eyes are bright and your face is soft and glowing, you should add a soft, feminine lip color.  Lipstick, lip balm and lip-gloss can be used together or apart but only one is necessary in most professional settings.  Much like tinted moisturizer, lip products help keep your lips moisturized and absent from chaffing and sun burn.

All of the referenced products can be found in any drug store for affordable prices beginning at two dollars.  The look above can be completed in ten minutes or less for an easy enhancement to your professional look that won’t distract from the great work you do.

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