Makeup for blonde hair

If you are a blonde out there, you have definitely faced the dilemma of where to find a really good makeup that would go well with your hair color.

For blondes, the key to beauty is contrast. When you’re thinking about makeup for blonde hair, you want to have a few different shades of eyeshadow and lipstick on hand.


-Choose one dark shade that’s close to your natural hair color and another lighter shade that’s about two shades lighter than your real hair color. This will help create contrast between your eyes and your hair.

-Make sure there are no harsh lines between the colors; blend them together so it looks like there’s just one shade of eyeshadow on your lids instead of two separate ones.

-You don’t have to use both colors in one look; you can mix and match them for a more dramatic look or keep it subtle by using only one color at a time (such as the darker shade).


-Choose a bright red lip color with orange undertones for blonde hair because this will make your teeth look whiter while also giving off an air of confidence (the color red makes people feel powerful).

Makeup for blonde hair

It is difficult to find makeup tips for blondes. Perhaps this is because there is such a wide variety in the shades of blonde hair. But there are some universal makeup tips for blondes. Being a blonde, I have had plenty of time to use trial and error to find out what works best.

1 Find a Mascara That Works Wonders

One of the best makeup tips for blondes is to find a mascara that works wonders for you. Most blondes have very pale eyelashes so they need all of the help a mascara can offer. There are hundreds of different mascara formulas that you can try and no one formula is right for everyone. Some of us need a mascara that will add volume while others need one that is lengthening. If you want some extra power for your lashes, try using a lash primer first.

2 Help Your Eyebrows out

Just like with eyelashes, many blondes have pale eyebrows. Eyebrows are very important. They help to frame your eyes and add shape to your face. Having them professionally tinted is a great option for blondes and it saves you from using a pencil every day. The goal is to go a shade darker than your hair.

3 Pay Attention to Your Eye Color

Blondes have a variety of different eye colors. The color of their eyes gives them many different options in what color of eye makeup they can use. Don’t be afraid to play around and experiment. Color is something that blondes need desperately. They don’t have a lot of contrast between their hair and their face, so adding color with makeup is important.

4 Stay Away from Yellow Based Lipstick

Lipstick is another way that a blonde can add color to her face. However, it is important that a blonde stays away from lipsticks with a yellow base. This is not going to be flattering as her hair is a shade of yellow, as much as she may dislike that term. It is better to stick to lipsticks that are blue based or have a brown tint. Yellow lipsticks will not look right on a blonde and most people can spot that quickly.

5 Play with Lipsticks

Other than the tip above, most blondes have the advantage of being able to wear many different shades of lipstick. Pinks are a very natural choice for blondes. If you are in doubt, think about Barbie and how she always wore what we have come to think of as Barbie pink lipstick. Blondes can also wear reds quite easily. Corals and nudes are an option but need to be handled a bit more carefully.

6 Remember Neutrals Flatter Everyone

If you are in doubt on what color to wear as your eye shadow choice, remember you always have neutrals. More than that, neutrals are a wonderful choice for blondes. While neutrals are good for everyone, they look especially good on blondes. Neutrals are also a wide variety to choose from so you are not limited on color choices. You can go with browns or greys.

7 Figure out if Your Skin is Warm or Cool

Knowing if your skin is warm or cool can help you make better makeup choices anyway, but it seems especially important for a blonde. It seems that with a blonde, everything can kind of blend together and the wrong choice in makeup can really stand out. If you are unsure if you are of a warm or cool skin tone, read up on the subject. Another option is to consult an expert, such as a makeup artist. You could even try consulting someone that works for a makeup counter in a department store.

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