Makeup for bikini competition

There are some things that you should know before you start your makeup session, and it’s good to have a basic knowledge of what you will be doing. This article aims to provide you with as much information as possible about bikini competition makeup. From the brands that most pros use to the products every competitor should bring to the stage, we’ve got your back!

Makeup for bikini competition is similar to that of a pageant. The goal is to highlight your best features and bring out your confidence.

Be sure to have a good moisturizer on hand. This will help keep your skin looking fresh, healthy, and shiny. It will also allow you to avoid the dreaded “cakey” look that can happen when you apply too much foundation or powder!

Next, apply concealer over any blemishes or acne spots. Be sure not to leave any dark spots visible on your face; this can make you look washed out and tired in photos later on.

To finish off your face, apply blush and highlighter in a natural way—you want to look like you’re glowing from within, not like someone just slapped makeup all over your face in an attempt at perfection (even though we know it’s impossible).

Makeup for bikini competition

How To: Competition Bikini Make-Up Tips

Hello my Beautiful Ladies … Getting ready for fitness competition and still can’t decide either to hire a professional make-up artist or do your competition bikini make-up yourself?

To make the perfect competition bikini make-up to showcase your entire look  is not an easy task. So this is exactly why Vicky Ross Fit are here. As one of the Top USA Competition Bikini Company we are focused on perfecting your entire stage look. We also understand that the competing cost can be very expensive ( especially if you are a first time fitness competitor). So this is exactly why we even had created a Board “Competition Bikini MakeUp Ideas” on Vicky Ross Fit Pinterest.


Skin Care is very important part of our everyday life. So when it comes to a special occasion, bodybuilding competition is one of them, skin preparation becomes even more important. You already know How Crucial to Exfoliate your body before applying your competition spray tan.

So your face exfoliation as just important as your body exfoliation! You need to start with fresh, clean face before applying your show day makeup.

Life is Better in the Vicky Ross Fit Bikini …& bikini is prettier with Magnificent Competition Bikini Make-Up


I hope you don’t plan to become Fiona from Princess over night ) This exactly why you should NEVER SPRAY TAN your FACE for Fitness Bikini Competition. Unless you really want that Fiona Style Green Face Effect.

Just keep in mind that the pigment in Competition Spray Tan is much more intense than just regular spray tan. I personally had decided to spray tan my face once. Honestly it wasn’t the most pleasant experience. It did mess up my make up and by the end of the show day I had a “muddy looking face”. Attaching a picture for your reference … I am the girl in the middle. As you can see the overall make-up look is not as crisp & glowing as it is suppose to be for competition bikini make-up.


When it comes to choosing a foundation for your make up it can be a little tricky. Especially because you are not 100% sure which share the spray tan will give to your body and how intense the pigment will show off. Ideally you need to choose a face foundation that is 1-2 shades lighter than yr body. It will be nice to have on hand a few foundation shades for that reason. Also keep in mind that you need to create warmer face tone. So stay away from grey/ashy foundation make up shades. Also keep in mind that fitness competition is a long day event & can get very stressful and sweaty. That’s why when choosing a make-up foundation look for such qualities as: buildable, non-transferable and long wear product.


Lipstick doesn’t need to be crazy bright colors so everyone can see your lips on stage. Think of the color that will loo nicely in combination with your overall presentation. Also think of the lipstick color that will enhance the lips under the lights.

Eye shadow doesn’t need to match your competition bikini but if you can create a unique look …why not? I personally getting super inspired by competitors who takes the competition stage look to the next level and create a look that stand out among other fitness bikini competitors.

 Eyebrows & Eyelashes Fill out your eyebrows and use it as an accent to bring attention to your beautiful sparkly eyes. Remember that your face tone will be way darker than your everyday shade. So it can be a good idea to make the eyebrows a little darker.

I would highly recommend never pass on the eyelashes because those make a huge difference. The other tip is DON’T OVER DO IT! Yes, you want to give your lashes a little more dramatic look. But it doesn’t mean the eyelashes should take over your eye and entire face. I personally like to go the the closest beauty store and actually have the opportunity to look closer at different eyelashes. It gives the option to choose the pair of lashes that are more complimenting to the shape of your eyes. Also don’t save money on high quality eye lashes glue so you won’t need to touch it up during the day. I personally like black lashes with black glue (compare to clear or white). Black glue require more accurate work but at the same time it is super easy covered with eye liner.

Blush MUST HAVE as  apart of competition bikini makeup! It might look a little too much from close distance because most likely you will need to use extra blush to cover darker face tone. But blush is that final touch to your competition makeup that will help to give your face a fresh look and pop of color.


 Highlighter is NOT your Best Friend for competition bikini makeup. The reflection of the stage light will make you look sweaty and greasy. Matter fresh look is what is your goal. So you can use the concealer to highlight and create dimension.

Stay Away from WHITE FACE : body tan – foundation shade (1-2 lighter then body tan ) – concealer (1-2 lighter then foundation).

Don’t forget to Prime & Set! You want to make sure you use A primer and setting spray to keep your makeup in place all day and prevent you from getting oily!

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