Makeup for autumn

While the summer months are more about showing off your tan and hitting the beach, autumn provides us with the chance to wear different makeup styles. Makeup for autumn should help you look more beautiful and radiant than ever.

Autumn is a great time of year for makeup. You can still rock a bold lip or smokey eye, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to go subtle with your look. If you want to up your autumnal game, here are some tips:

  1. Go for a more nude lip color. Try a light pink or brownish-nude that will complement your outfit and make you feel beautiful!
  2. Add some sparkle to your eyeshadow by using golds and coppers instead of blacks and blues.
  3. Add some warmth into your skin with bronzer or blush (or both).
  4. Use a highlighter on top of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, and under the tip of your chin

Makeup for autumn

November is about to begin and we cannot wait to take out our faux fur coats and leather jackets. Autumn/winter is beyond exciting not only because of the cozy coffee nights but also because there is nothing better than flaunting winter fashion and makeup.

The perfect autumn/winter makeup look contains deep colours like plums and browns that we normally wouldn’t opt for as our go-to lip colour choice.

We think the perfect fall makeup look is monochromatic plum or brown and this story will show you how to create this perfect autumn/winter makeup look inspired by the famous Youtuber Nikkie Tutorials in just a few simple steps…

  • Step 1: Moisturise your face
  • Step 3: Apply a light to medium coverage foundation

Step 1: Moisturise your face

The first thing to do before you begin your makeup routine in the winter is to moisturise your face properly to avoid any harsh lines, flakiness and dryness or open pores. Since winters generally tend to make everyone’s skin dry, you need a thick but non-sticky moisturizer. We suggest you try the Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow Moisturiser.

Step 2: Eye shadow

First start with a peach or orange shade all over your eyelids. For this we’ll use the Lakmé Absolute Eye Shadow Palette in French Rose.

Next, we will use a brown eyeshadow on the center of the eyelids from the same palette.

The final step is to use a black eyeshadow towards the outer corner of the eyelids and on the crease to define it further. Use a blending brush to blend the crease and smoothen the edges to give a smokey effect.

Step 3: Apply a light to medium coverage foundation

Take a plain brush and dust off any fall out on the under-eye area before you start applying your foundation.

Because a winter makeup look usually consists of bold colours, your foundation should be light and thin. You can try the Lakmé New Argan Oil Range Foundation for this look because argan oil adds a boost of hydration to the foundation and gives your skin coverage as well as a dewy glow.

Step 4: Bronze and highlight

A very important step in your autumn/winter makeup routine is to add some warmth to your face using a bronzer and sculpt it using a highlighter. You can also use the highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes to make them look big.

Step 5: Smokey effect on the lower waterline

We’ll now go ahead with the same orange eyeshadow we first used on our eyelids to underline the lower waterline. Use the brown shade towards the outer corners of the lower waterline for a smokey effect.

Step 6: Eyeliner

A very important step in bringing your entire fall makeup look together is to use a bold winged eyeliner. For this we’ll opt for the Lakmé Absolute Precision Eyeliner which is a deep black shade and perfect for drawing a wing as the name suggests.

Step 7: Kajal

We’ll then use a kajal pencil to fill in the lower waterline. For this we’ll use the Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate which comes with a blender to smoothen and enhance the smokey eye look.

Step 8: Mascara

The final step in completely this perfect autumn eye makeup look is to add tons of the Lakmé Absolute Flutter Secrets Volumizing Mascara to the upper and lower lashes.

Step 9:

Winter makeup is all about going for deep lip colours so seal your look with a deep brown from the Lakmé Argan Oil Lip Range that will add colour with just a single swipe and keep lips moisturised.

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