Makeup for a navy dress

This post will focus on makeup for a navy dress. There are alot of navy dresses available in different designs, fabric, length and color option. However, you must be careful about it. Makeup for a navy dress could be tricky. You might look pretty or look downy in the same dress. It would all depend on how you manage your makeup. Different dresses would require different makeup looks with an equal importance given to simple and subtle makeup options just as to bold and vibrant makeup options. So let’s see what makeup options can make you look stunning in a navy dress:

If you’re looking for makeup that will complement your navy dress, here are some tips:

  • Choose a neutral lip color that is close to the color of the dress. For example, if your dress is dark blue, try wearing a deep pink or red.
  • Keep eye shadow and blush light. If you want to wear heavy eyeshadow or blush, keep it on the cheeks rather than on your eyelids.
  • If you have light hair, consider leaving it down and letting it flow loosely over your shoulders (and perhaps even through the back of your neck). This will help draw attention away from any imperfections in your makeup job!

Makeup for a navy dress

Move over black… there’s a new classic in town and it’s not afraid to change a fashionista’s day. The alluring navy blue dress is the perfect selection when you’re looking for something elegant and flattering. Some may even suggest that navy is making its mark as the next big fashion trend colour, equivalent to the ever so popular choice of black.

It’s not hard to see why the colour navy has become such a popular choice amongst fashion lovers. Very much like its counterpart black, the colour navy suits almost every skin tone, complexion, hair colour and any age group, making it oh so on trend all day, everyday. Navy is a lot less harsher to wear than black, which means you can dress up and down to suit almost every occasion. When it comes to selecting a makeup look to style with your navy dress, the possibilities are endless – no truly, we mean endless!

Go bold with a smokey eye or keep it edgy and fresh with a contrasting red lip – the sky’s the limit with this versatile yet classic colour. Although navy may be considered an easy choice when it comes to options for a special event, it doesn’t stop us from asking ourselves how do we style our Navy look? In this blog, we look at  our top 7 beauty looks to match with your navy dress for your upcoming formal function. We’ll no doubt inspire your next look, teach you how to match your makeup to your type of occasion and make you feel like a superstar in no time.

Top Makeup Tips When Wearing Navy

  1. Lightly heat your eyeliner with a lighter for easier/ thicker application.
  2. Always add a colour to your lips, colour helps polish up your look and freshen up skin tone.
  3. Remember to pick the right blush colour for your skin tone. Light skin works better with rose tones, while medium or tanned skin works better with bronzed/plum tones.
  4. Use professional makeup brushes for a super flawless finish.
  5. Always moisturise your skin to help create the perfect base. Make sure to take care and not over-moisturise around the eyes to avoid enhancing any fine lines around this area.
  6. For the perfect flawless finish always match your foundation to your skin tone.
  7. Use a white eyeshadow before your apply your eyeshadow colour to help intensify the colour.
  8. Contrast your makeup type with the fabric used in the dress (e.g. use matte products when you are wearing a silk satin dress).
  9. Don’t over do it on the dark colours. Light colours generally work better with navy/black dresses.
  10. When creating a dramatic smokey eye, choose one colour and use at least 3 colour tones.

1. Gala Ball Drama

We start off the list with a look that is most surely not for the faint hearted, that is the bold gradient eyeliner look. To pull off this look effortlessly opt for a cream based eyeliner as this will help you achieve a slightly more defined look. Cream liners also allow for better blending between colours, thus creating a perfectly smooth gradient finish.

2. Lace & Lip

What better way to express yourself in a navy dress than with a bold fire red lip? A bold lip will add the perfect amount of edge to a beautifully laced navy midi dress, resulting in the ultimate balance between sexy and sweet. The contrast between the geometric laser cut patterns in the lace fabric and the strikingly bold lip will leave you breathless.

3. The Girly Edge

Are you a girly girl at heart? Chances are this will be the quintessential look for you. Capture a super fresh ethereal style with a soft pink lip and rose gold eyes. This look is bound to sit beautifully against the rich navy tones of your garment. It also works particularly well with fair skin types by adding soft definition which will compliment your features. To complete your look flawlessly, add soft waves to your luscious locks.

4. Old School Glamour

The most iconic of all looks, old school Hollywood inspired styling will have you channelling your inner Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe. The simple yet powerful makeup look offers you effortless glamour that will surely complement your gorgeous floor length navy gown. To create this look, opt for a soft smokey eye, glossed peach lip and finish off with a touch of blush for your cheeks.

5. The Natural Beauty

After a makeup look that is not too cakey, dark or heavy, then this is the one for you. This look is based around the philosophy of showcasing your natural features in the most subtle of ways. Although natural styling can seem harmoniously easy on the eye, it can be a lot more complex to pull off flawlessly. Top tip to remember is to use a neutral palette suitable for your skin tone. This means understanding your skin tone and using the right tones for you. (e.g. warm or cool skin tone).

6. Bold Metallic Dress

Get ready to command the crowd with this boldly adventurous look. This super edgy style is a great way to complement a bold outfit or add drama to a more conservative garment choice. Perfectly versatile in nature, navy metallic defined eyes are a fantastic way to make your mark at your special event. To complement your edgy look add a nude coloured lip and keep your skin tone fresh and hydrated with a lightweight foundation.

7. The Merlot Lip

Add a dash of class to your look and feel opulently regal with a rich wine toned lip. The deep red tone works particularly well with blue or navy toned outfits. For added elegance, choose a smokey metallic gold eyeshadow and lightly contour the features of your face with an illuminated bronzing powder for a naturally hydrated sunkissed look.

As you can clearly see, your styling options are endless when choosing the colour navy. The key factor to remember when styling your gorgeous navy look is to always consider your environment and understand the characteristics of that environment. This can be as simple as determining the type of event. For example, if you are attending a daytime function you should take care to not overdo your makeup, If it’s an evening event you have the flexibility to be more bold and daring in your makeup styling choices.

Whether you feel elegantly understated or boldly whimsical, navy is your go to colour as it can be styled in a number of wonderful ways. Hire a navy dress for your next special event!

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