Large cup bras

search for the perfect fuller-bust bra is difficult, to say the least. It needs to have a supportive structure yet still feel soft and comfortable—but also look cute. If it sounds like those are some big shoes cups to fill, don’t stress. We’ve scoured across the World Wide Web for all the best lingerie brands for big busts to bring you every kind of style that you could want or need for any occasion. A soft, cozy bralette for lounging around the house? Check. A flirty balconette bra for date night? Got it. A supportive underwire-free bra you could actually sleep in? You know it’s here.

Large cup bras

Whether you have yet to find your perfect fit or if it’s way past time to put your ride-or-die fave to rest (RIP), we’ve got you covered. We tapped expert bra fitter Lily Flast, founder of Soutien NYC, a service offering inclusive, nurturing virtual bra fittings, and pored over dozens (and dozens, and dozens…) of glowing reviews from real people actually wearing these bras. Now, you’ll be more than ready to shop 20 of the best-rated bras for big boobs below (seriously, more than 4 stars, or they’re out!), plus Flast’s tried-and-true favorites she swears by for clients.

Finding the perfect bra is even trickier if you have large breasts. Bras aren’t always designed for larger chest sizes, limiting selection and making it difficult to find a bra that fits. Not only is it hard to find bras that are made in a wide range of cup sizes, but to find the one that’s comfortable, supportive and flattering can feel impossible. And since bras for large busts can get pricey, you want to make sure you’re investing in ones that’ll last.

Pure Luxe Bra

To make bra shopping a bit easier for you, the experts at Good Housekeeping Institute put bras to the test. We evaluate bras in our Textiles Lab and with real consumer testers for performance and appearance properties, including comfort, stretch recovery and shrinkage. We test all sorts of bras from sports bras to backless bras to strapless bras to wireless bras and of course, bras for large busts. Bras for large busts can refer to bras with larger cups sizes or bras with wider bands, and the picks ahead are primarily bras that are available in larger cup sizes, but we feature some bras with wider bands, as well. All of our picks are either top-tested styles or newer bras with unique features and rave reviews from users.

Passion For Comfort Minimizer Underwire Bra

This beloved bra was rated the most comfortable by our consumer testers who said it fit well, was supportive, stayed put and was easy to take on and off. The bra received the top scores among wearers of all cup sizes, including those with larger cup sizes who especially liked the full coverage design, though a few commented that the lace straps were difficult to wear under certain clothing. This one also proved to be durable in our Lab evaluations – it washed well and completely recovered its shape after being stretched out.

Supportive bras in larger cup sizes can get pricey, but this best-selling style is more affordable without skimping on the necessary features. It has cushioned straps to help ease the stress on your shoulders and a microfiber lining to feel soft on skin. And unlike other bras that can add unwanted volume, this one has minimal padding with fabric that helps smooth.

Love My Curves Modern Curvy T-Shirt Bra

Designed specifically for curvy figures, this bra offers a smoothing factor that our testers said looks great under clothing. Thanks in part to its wide straps for support, it stayed in place better than any others in our test and was comfortable to wear. It’s available in solid colors, but one tester said that the lace print made it feel sexy and flattering. It held up well in Lab tests too and didn’t have any shrinkage when washed.

Idol Molded Balcony Bra

This bra stands out not only for being available in cup sizes ranging from B to HH (the UK size equivalent of L), but also for performing well across the board for those in larger sizes. Consumer testers enjoyed wearing this style, giving it good ratings for comfort, fit, support, appearance and how well it stayed in place. One tester noted that she was impressed it could do all this without looking like a “granny bra.”

Beauty Back Smoothing Minimizer Bra

This brand’s signature “Beauty Back” collection uses smoothing fabric that’s the perfect solution to get rid of back bulges. Consumer testers raved about the support, fit and comfort of the styles we reviewed in our test, and this one, in particular, goes up to cup size H. Like other minimizer bras, it can also help give a better fit under clothes.

If you have big boobs, you know all too well that shopping for bras can be a tedious and uncomfortable process. Some might even say it’s as annoying as finding the right pair of jeans. Despite what the diamond-studded fantasy bras of years past may tell us, bras can feel extremely unsexy to try on and purchase. Even more so when many American lingerie manufacturers tend to cater to smaller cup and band sizes — bustier consumers are then left with ill-fitting or drab styles, if they’re left with anything at all.

To help you avoid the stress of buying a bra in-store, we searched through all the Amazon reviews, asked all our big-boobed friends, and tried bras ourselves to find the good, the best, and the “beige and grandmalike but so comfortable that it’s worth it.”

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