Knix bras for large bust

High impact exercise can be a challenge for those who have a larger bust. Breasts can move about too much, making them feel self-conscious. Worse still, excess movement can cause neck, shoulder or back pain or even injury.

Even with low impact exercises, breasts can sometimes get in the way… ever done a yoga pose and found your breasts were spilling out and getting in the way? Yep, been there, done that.

A good sports bra helps. It keeps your breasts contained and controlled so that you can really enjoy your activity, whether it’s gentle stretching or performance athletics.

But what features should you look for in a great sports bra? Let’s look!

Knix bras for large bust

After two years of lounging around in the same sweats and comfy bralettes, it might be time to refresh your underwear drawer. Whether you’re looking for new (real) bras or you’ve sworn off underwires for good, first and foremost, you should select one that fits properly, regardless of the style. But women with larger breasts might find it tricky to find a wireless bra that offers as much security as it does comfort. This is because many bras don’t account for the extra space needed in the cups or feature a disproportionately big band — without an underwire, the band is essentially responsible for support, which is why an ill-fitting one will cause your straps to slip and cups to feel loose.

In order to find the ones that fit larger breasts properly, I consulted over a dozen stylish women — including lingerie-store owners, stylists, and fashion writers — about the wireless bras they buy for themselves. (I even put some choices to the test myself.) Below, you’ll find all the ones that made the cut, as well as the criteria used to judge.

5 Features to Look for in the Best Sports Bras for Large Breasts

No matter what brand you’re shopping from, if you’re on the hunt for the best sports bras for large breasts, here’s what you should focus on:

1. High Support

The main job of a sports bra is to offer support so that your breasts don’t move about uncomfortably while you exercise. You should feel snugly contained in a sports bra, not spilling out. While there are sports bras that show some cleavage, for the maximum support look for a full coverage cup.

Other sports bra features that will give support include the thickness of the material (and its elasticity), wide and adjustable shoulder straps and thick, adjustable back strap and closures.

2. Moisture-Wicking Material

We all sweat when we work out and sweat is the most natural thing in the world. But when sweat collects around the delicate skin of the breasts, it can contribute to chafing. Many women with large breasts are susceptible to chafing beneath their breasts for this reason.

To counteract this, look for a sports bra made of moisture-wicking materials (or sweat-wicking fabric). They will draw the sweat away from your skin so you stay dryer, for longer.

3. Comfort

There’s a difference between strong support and discomfort. Your sports bra should contain you but not constrict. It’s okay to feel your breasts are snugly contained in a ‘they won’t budge’ kind of way. But you shouldn’t feel like they’re squashed against your torso to the point of discomfort or not being able to breathe or move properly.

If you wear lighter bras for an everyday bra, a sports bra may feel more “full on” when you try it on. But make sure that it’s still comfortable; that it fits correctly, won’t dig into your skin or leave red marks, that you can move in it and relax. Once you get used to any bra – including a sports bra – you should be able to forget it’s there.

4. Easy to Put on & Remove

Sports bras have a little bit of a bad reputation for putting on and removing. It can seem like the material is so thick that you really have to do contortions to wiggle in and out of them. Obviously, that’s not an ideal situation in the gym changing room!!

If you find the ‘pullover’ style of bra awkward, look for a more traditional bra with back closures. Indeed, these bras generally offer better support as they have adjustable straps whereas pullover styles often don’t. If you prefer, you can look for a sports bra with a front zip closure. These are also great as underwear-as-outerwear sports bras.

5. Bounce Reduction

A sports bra can fit you and offer good support and shape but still leave you with bounce. This is often because of cup coverage. While it has become more fashionable for sports bras to come in demi-cup styles, they really won’t do a lot to minimize bounce. 

When you try on your sports bra, do some jumping jacks to make sure bounce is reduced. The goal here should not be bounce elimination; our bodies do bounce when we jump – it’s just how our bodies are designed to move! But you can minimize the bounce so that it doesn’t make you feel self-conscious or cause strain.

Catalyst Sports Bra

Women in sports bra

The Catalyst Sports Bra is the most supportive high impact sports bra you’ll ever put on. Designed to drastically reduce breast movement, the Catalyst outperformed over 800 bras it was tested against. And taking it off after a long workout is a snap!

How it Fits:
Performance molded cups separate and encapsulate your breasts to reduce movement. It may feel a little snug when you first get it, that’s normal. It’s designed to relax and adapt to your shape as you wear it. It’s comfortable, supportive, and easy to take on and off.

What Reviewers Say:
“Who here hates when you are running and there’s that extra bounce coming off your chest? Well, this bra is for you! Such a great addition to my exercising wardrobe! I loved it so much, I ordered a second one two weeks later to have a backup for when the first one was getting ready for the wash.”

“I love this bra. It fits snugly but once worn for a while, you don’t notice it’s there. No wires cutting in, no tight spots that irritate. I love how it feels and looks under clothes.”

Size Options:
32A to 42G – and everything in between!

Catalyst Front Zip Sports Bra

The most supportive sports bra ever and even easier to put on and take off. The front closure, cross-back, high impact sports bra, the Catalyst Front Zip Sports Bra gives you the wireless support, comfort, and adjustability you want…without the painful struggle.

How it Fits:
Front zipper and cross-back design allow for more ease of movement – ideal for anyone with limited range of motion or those who prefer front closures. Adjustable back straps are made from flexible, but supportive elastic that won’t budge.

It may feel a little snug when you first get it, that’s normal. It’s designed to relax and adapt to your shape as you wear it.

What Reviewers Say:
“I bought this bra because I had a shoulder injury and was looking for something that was easy for me to put on. What a game changer! Ever since I started wearing this bra, I haven’t missed any of my other bras. It is the most comfortable bra ever and I can wear it all day without the want/need to take it off.”

“I have worn this for high impact exercise as well as 8 hours riding an ATV on trails. This bra kept my breasts where they were supposed to be (DD) and was great for all day wear. I did not have any marks on my neck or shoulders. Hands down most comfortable sports bra. Easy off at the end of a sweaty dusty day was the icing on the cake. Size was 7 but that didn’t come up as an option for me

Size Options:
32A to 42G – and everything in between!

LuxeLift Pullover Bra

Easy to pull on and off, with a scoop neck and backline, removable cups, and seamless and smooth silhouette that can be worn under anything. It may feel a little snug at first, that’s normal – it’s designed to relax and adapt to your shape as you wear it.

What Reviewers Say:
“Good support without wires and snap closures. Comfortable wide straps and band that securely gives a smooth profile. No back or armpit bulges.

“Look no more. It’s right here. Your most comfortable and supportive bra. Thank you Knix.”

Size Options:
28A to 44G – and everything in between!

Montelle Intimates Sublime Spacer Bra

  • Available in band sizes 30-42 and cup sizes C-H
  • Available in four colors, including black, sand, almond, and light blue
  • Ultra lightweight and breathable 3D Spacer knit technology fabric

Light as a feather with all the support larger cup sizes need? Check. Montell Intimates’ Sublime Spacer Bra is loved by reviewers for its shaping and built-in support that doesn’t sacrifice any comfort. Made from a 3D knitted fabric that’s breathable and ultra-lightweight, this t-shirt bra features a 4-way stretch molded knit cup and double layer power mesh on the sides for additional support that’s especially helpful for fuller busts. Cup sizes go up to a size H and the band sizes range from 30 to 42.

What reviewers say: “This bra is my far the best bra I ever tried. I have been buying top of the line bras for years and this one surpasses all! I am a 40D and this bra gives me the best shape and most comfort ever with excellent support. It feels like you don’t even have a bra on. Try it! You will be totally satisfied.”

Miel Racerback Bra

  • Available in sizes S-XL
  • Available in 10 colors
  • Fabric features built-in botanical antimicrobial protection against odors and stains

Opt for Miel’s Racerback bra for a soft, seamless style that still offers some support. If you deal with boob sweat (hello, relatable), you’ll love that its comfy microfiber and Spadex fabric blend features built-in botanical antimicrobial protection to prevent sweat odors and stains. Reviewers with larger busts are fans of its lightweight and breathable feel that still manages to lift and support. Available in a wide range of colors, this is one of those versatile bras to stock up on for lounging and low to medium-impact workouts.

What reviewers say: “I’m a 34DD with natural breasts. I’ve always needed extra lift when buying my bras/sports bras. I’ve never been able to wear a seamless bralette and it support me and look flattering. UNTIL NOW! The Miel seamless bralette is absolutely amazing in every aspect! It lifts and stays all day with no adjustment needed. It’s lightweight and breathable. I’m not in a rush to take it off like most sports bras. It’s the most comfortable bra I’ve ever owned. I purchased 7 total. I’m absolutely obsessed.”

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