High intensity sports bra

Your sports bra should absorb the shock of your workout, not your girls. Can we get an amen? Boob bounce isn’t just a mild inconvenience if you’ve got a bigger bust. It’s downright painful — in the back, shoulders and chest — to the point of making high-intensity workouts feel like they’re designed for all pain and no gain. Like, who wants to choke on their boobs every time they run or jump or get into down dog? Repeat after us: You. Deserve. Better. Bounce. Control.

From our very first sports bra in 1975 (the very first sports bra ever, actually) to our ever-growing and evolving collection of compression, encapsulation and even underwire sports bras today, Glamorise has always been pushing the limit of what plus-size sports bras can do. Our best high-impact sports bras are a total game changer for all women giving their all to their sports.

High intensity sports bra

The Difference Between Encapsulation & Compression Sports Bras
Before we get into no-bounce sports bras, we need to clear up some industry lingo. Compression sports bras, the most common type, hug the girls closer to the chest to keep them from moving up and down when you do. Encapsulation sports bras, on the other hand, hold in each boob individually with inner cups that secure each side (and eliminate the infamous uniboob!). A combination of compression and encapsulation gives Glamorise sports bras the highest levels of support, security and shape.

Total Control Custom Support Sports Bra

This is THE bra for the curvy girl making the most of her ClassPass (and the smorgasbord of sports options that come with it). An inner wire-free bra with seamless cups combined with an outer adjustable compression panel puts total control at your fingertips. With four levels of bounce control, you can go from morning yoga to an after-work Orangetheory class without thinking twice about your sports bra.

No Limits High Support Underwire Sports Bra

We know what your thinking. An underwire sports bra? How is that comfortable? Here’s the thing: boobs are heavy. And for a lot of women with bigger boobs, only a wire feels supportive enough to hold them up — especially when the momentum of, say, CrossFit, is involved. But with this sports bra, all you’ll feel is the support, never the underwire, thanks to three layers of cushion and comfort between you and it. Plus, double-layer cups provide double encapsulation, keeping each girl fully and securely contained on her side.

Max Out High Support Underwire Sports Bra

Meet the dream team of bust containment and bounce control. A full-coverage camisole design with a breathable upper-bust mesh insert means every bit of your bust is held in (no sneak-attack slips during down dog here) and kept cool. More on the compression side of the spectrum, this plus-size underwire sports bra still has inner seamless cups and a cushioned wire to increase shape and support through any workout.

Elite Adjustable Underwire Sports Bra

This is the holy grail of high-support Glamorise sports bras. Like the Total Control Custom Support Sports Bra, it’s engineered with an adjustable outer panel for customizable compression layered over non-stretch cups for secure bust containment. And like the No Limits and Max Out High Support Sports Bras, it has a cushioned Wonderwire® for maximum lift and slip-proof support. Unique to our Elite sports bras, it takes performance to the next level with serious high-tech fabric and advanced moisture control.

Curvy Women Trust Glamorise Sports Bras

Instead of gambling on sports bras that simply squish down your boobs and praying for the best when you start that HIIT workout, opt for plus-size sports bras that you know are up to the job of keeping your girls contained, lifted and cool. Not because we said so. But because other real curvy girls hitting the gym day in and day out have a lot to say about them. 

More than gravity-defying, Glamorise sports bras are cute. We never design anything we wouldn’t want to wear to the gym ourselves because we are so over the fashion world ignoring the reality that curvy girls love style, too. It’s just more fun to kick gymtimidation’s butt in a killer high-impact sports bra that makes us feel supported and unstoppable. High-intensity workouts have met their plus-size sports bra match.

Sports bras have certainly come a long way since Lisa Lindahl invented the first one back in 1977 by fashioning together two jock straps. Throughout the last few years, big brands like Reebok, Brooks, and Lululemon, as well as smaller labels like Knix and Maaree, have dedicated themselves to making even better high-impact sports bras a top priority. From creative construction and technology that cuts back on bounce to designs that keeps you comfy (no more too-tight-to-move constriction!), they’ve found some seriously innovative ways to make it happen.

“It’s interesting, because if you think about the bra and history of the bra, for a long time, there hadn’t been any real innovation in the way companies constructed them,” says Barbara Ebersberger, Reebok’s vice president of performance apparel. “It’s always the same principle: The idea that, in order to create a higher-support sports bra, you need to create more layers, with additional bindings and additional hardware.”

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