Halloween makeup for men with beards

We have selected the best Halloween makeup for men with beards: our collection includes some terrifying and creative makeup ideas for a range of skill levels.

Halloween is a time for dressing up and having fun with your friends and family. But what if you’re the only guy in the group? If you have a beard, there are some things you can do to make sure it’s not the focus of your costume.

First, pick a character that has facial hair. This will help distract from yours. Think about characters like Walter White from Breaking Bad or Wolverine from X-Men.

Second, choose a costume that requires makeup over your lips and cheeks so that they’ll be covered up by your beard. Also consider adding some makeup around the edges of your face to make it appear as though it’s growing out of your chin rather than just sitting on top of it.

Finally, remember that there are tons of great costumes that don’t require any makeup at all (so don’t feel like you have to do anything). The best thing about Halloween is that there are no rules!

Halloween makeup for men with beards

Halloween costumes for the bearded man

Halloween inspiration for the bearded man

With the beloved halloween holiday looming we thought we’d give you a few ideas that are achievable without forgoing the beard. 

The classic halloween costumes:


A thick bushy beard finishes off the skeleton look perfectly, you can spray black and white hair spray to create a monochrome look to match the face make-up or leave it black like below. The top of the face can with be mastered with a mask or if you’re handy with face paint have a crack at creating this skull look. To finish the look pair this spooky face with a skeleton onsie or black and white suit, the choice is yours.

The Devil

A classic costume that looks good with minimal effort; a red shirt and black suit works well, combined with stick on devils horns and you’re winning. The beard can work pretty much any way you want, from neat goatee to a full beard whether neatly trimmed and defined or completely shaggy looking.


Easy peasy a 3 step costume; step one find an old white sheet, step two cut two eye holes, step 3 draw on a moustache. Job Done!

Harry Potter halloween costumes:

Considering that the ‘go to’ costume for so many is a witch or wizard we thought we’d jump on the band wagon with the best of Harry Potter…


 Number one on our list is Hagrid, for obvious reasons his beard is Awesome. Hagrid sports a very extensive bushy beard and hair to match. This would suit any man with a decent beard and you can easily find a wig to match. If you happen to have a scraggly moleskin suit and a lurid tie, you’re all set.

Sirius Black 

Sirius is probably a slightly more achievable and scarier for halloween than Hagrid; the bedraggled matted black hair and gaunt face can be easily replicated with face paint and some hair wax. 


Did you think we’d forget the most prominent beard in the series, of course not; Dumbledore is quite an easy costume, buy or make a wizards hat and long silver beard, or of course use your own if your beard if you’ve a lengthy beard. If you don’t have robes laying about then an old bedsheet works with a few cuts and a safety pin.

With our nautical branding it would be wrong not to include a few pirates;

Davy Jones 

This is perfect for those who like getting creative with beard styles, if your beard is up-to the challenge then this is a perfect halloween costume. Style your beard to look like the picture below and then dress like a pirate; Easy- peasy(sort of).

Captain Jack Sparrow

If Davy jones seems like a tad too much beard preparation then Captain Jack is a great alternative. This look is easily achievable for most men, style your beard to look like Jacks, grab a red bandana, lots of eyeliner and bronzer for that dirty tanned look! Hat or no hat, just come with bags full of charm for this great last minute option. 

And finally just some curve-balls we thought would be fun:


Admittedly painting your upper body red and wearing Leather trousers for halloween does require quite a high level of dedication to your costume, however there’s no doubt you would make quite an impression at any party.  The Hellboy beard is similar to Wolverines but with a soul patch to match, how precise you make your Hellboy beard is entirely up to you. 


Not a classic Halloween costume I’ll grant you but still pretty bad-ass especially if you rock up with a trident. This is another low maintenance costume, if you’re willing to go topless then face or body paint will create the awesome tattoos and will darken your facial hair too for that foreboding look. 

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