Hair and makeup for wedding prices

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by bride’s who are planning their wedding: “Is there any way I can cut down my budget for hair and make-up services for my wedding party?” Many people want to look their best on their big day but saving money always goes directly to the bottom line. It is a daunting task to plan your wedding and trying to account for every little cost. Hair and makeup can be some of the most expensive parts of the entire wedding, so it is important to have strategies in place in order to keep costs low.

Hair and makeup for wedding prices can vary widely depending on the complexity of your look, the number of people getting hair and makeup done, and how far in advance you book your appointment. We recommend booking at least 6 months in advance to ensure that you get the best deal. At a minimum, we’d recommend booking no later than 3 months in advance.

We’ve put together some examples below based on what our clients are typically charged. These are just examples; if you have specific questions about your own wedding, please contact us!

Hair and makeup for wedding prices

How Much Does Wedding Makeup Cost?

Wondering about pricing for wedding makeup or how much wedding makeup costs? This post is your answer! We’ll cover costs, extras, and saving money.

Wedding planning is truly one of the most exciting and happy times of your life! Looking forward to walking down the aisle will almost bring tears to the eye. This is the one day that you are the center of attention. All eyes are on you, rightfully so, and you want to look your absolute best for the amazing memories that will be captured both in your hearts and in your photos.

One aspect of creating your perfect wedding look is wedding makeup! This can include you, your bridal party, and even honored guests such as your mom, your fiancé’s mom, your grandma, etc. Hiring a professional makeup artist costs money, though, so the question is—how much should you plan to spend on your makeup for the day of your wedding?

There’s not exactly a hard and fast rule about how much wedding makeup will cost. There is quite a lot that goes into professional wedding makeup pricing depending on what you want to include in your package. Here are some of the price breakdowns according to your wedding makeup options.

Wedding Makeup Costs Explained

 So how much does a professional makeup artist cost for your wedding day?

 The price will vary upon location and experience, but you can expect to pay $125 to $275 for the bride’s wedding makeup application. This is depending on the experience of the makeup artist and the type of products used.

On average, an exclusive bridal package including wedding makeup, a trial session, and a touchup kit will be between $275 to $400.

Extra costs

Other options that you can add to your wedding makeup package can be “A La Carte.” Thus, they can be added according to your preferences! Here is a list that covers most of those extra options:

  • Airbrush makeup is usually more expensive and will increase the price between $30 to $50
  • False lash application usually cost between $10 to $20 or might be already included in your makeup package.
  • Touch-up kits are specific to the makeup artist as are the per-hour rates that artists will charge to stay around during the day for touch ups. Typically, kits will range in price from $40-$75, and per-hour rates will be around $80-$200 per hour.

 As you can see, the price for wedding makeup is dependent on what you decide on. It truly is your day, so you can book the services that will best suit your wedding day needs. 

Why Is Bridal Makeup More Expensive Than Event Makeup?

If you’ve had your makeup done professionally before, you might be wondering why there’s a price difference in what you paid for that service compared to bridal makeup costs. 

The time your makeup artist spends with you throughout your wedding preparation process is a big part of the price. From emails back and forth to your bridal hair and makeup trial, and finally the on-the-day makeup, your professional makeup artist will take much longer to make sure you, the bride, look perfect for your wedding day. 

As your makeup will need to stay on all day, likely much longer than any other special event, your artist will take their time to set your look for hours of flawless and fabulous photos and celebrations.

It’s also important to understand that your bridal makeup is bespoke and unique to you. If you’re getting ready for an event like graduation, prom, a photoshoot, or party, you may have taken a reference photo and asked your makeup artist to copy that style. 

But for your wedding, your artist will keep your outfit, theme and personal preferences in mind to create a look that’s tailored just for you. Whether that’s a natural face or something more glamorous, they’ll be able to translate your wants and needs into a beautiful final makeup look.

There’s also the rest of your party to consider. If you have bridesmaids or the mother of the bride or groom also want a professional makeup artist to work with them, you’ll need to factor bridal party makeup into your budget too. You can expect to pay between $85 and $200 per person for anyone else in your group who’s getting ready with you.

How to Save Money on Wedding Makeup

If you’re on a really tight budget, you have the ability to do your own makeup or make an appointment at a local beauty counter. Both of these options can save money, but the overall product may not be as good as a professional makeup artist.

Doing it yourself allows you to only spend money on the materials you need, and a makeup counter ranges from $60-$100 depending on your area and beauty store. If this is the option you want to go with, it can be worth spending some money on a makeup lesson ahead of time to learn all the best tips and tricks from a professional makeup artist.

Although doing your makeup yourself or going to a local beauty counter may be more cost-effective options, they are certainly not as reliable, convenient, or breathtaking as a professional makeup artist.

Why Hire a Professional Makeup Artist

So why would you even consider hiring a professional artist? Honestly, there are so many pros that make it so worth the cost.

First, during a big event, the last thing you want to do is add stress to a situation that is likely already pretty stressful. Why not opt in to be pampered? You deserve it!

Secondly, professional makeup artists are extremely experienced. They have honed their craft and practiced their art for years. Hiring a wedding makeup artist means hiring a professional who will ensure that you look and feel your best on your wedding day.

Wedding makeup is an investment, but it’s the kind that you never regret. Not only is it the day you have always dreamed of, but the photos will last a lifetime. When you pay for a professional makeup artist, you’re paying for their talent, their attitude, and their expertise. Working with a professional makeup artist may be a little bit more expensive, but it’s absolutely worth it!

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