Good bras

In 2022, the best bras are introducing something fresh into a category that, just a few years ago, felt a bit stale. Now, sports bras are doubling as posture correctors and powermesh fabrics are supporting in all the right ways. In addition to being functional, bras now have beautiful details like delicately detailed lingerie or hyperfemme colors and patterns.As for its history, the bra’s genesis is fuzzy. Romans are depicted in early mosaics wearing bandeaus while playing sports, and 1893’s “breast supporter” and 1914’s “brassiere” patents were issued to Marie Tucek and Mary Phelps Jacob, respectively. (Both, interestingly, were New Yorkers.)

Good bras

The hunt for the perfect bra seems like a never-ending battle that people around the world struggle with on a daily basis. Where should you turn for advice on the best lingerie, and who should you trust?

When we started spending time trying to solve this problem, we had an epiphany. Instead of turning to salespeople or enticing advertisements, why not turn to the people who actually wear bras? After all, they’re the ones living their lives in these bras, and to our surprise, they had a lot to say about their life-changing undergarments of choice.

As we sifted through countless reader reviews on multiple retailers’ sites, there were three bras that people could not quit raving about. To give you a better idea of what we mean, these bras had between 300 and 600 customer reviews, and each received a five-star ranking.

Each of these bras definitely has a few standout qualities in common, from the technical design and construction to the style and how it makes people feel. We can’t underestimate the importance of quality materials—lace, silk, stretch mesh, hardware, etc. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what people have to say about their favorite bras and find out what they agree on when it comes to the best bra ever.

CUUP The Balconnete

CUUP’s signature mesh bras are eye candy, and the best part is they don’t just look good: they work wonders. Its full coverage bra is known to fit well across sizes, from the smallest to the largest cups. With mesh and no padding, it’s very comfortable and breathable. 

CUUP offers five bra shapes, and we recommend all of them (especially the Demi Bra and Plunge). I’ve grown attached to my CUUP balconette in an unhealthy way. It stays invisible under my clothes and ridiculously comfortable since it molds to my body. If we had to choose an alternative, we’d go for Natori’s underwire feathers bra that has a track record of good support and excellent fit for all. 

Laperla Non Wired Bra

Comfortable everyday bras are important, but so are the ones with embellishments like lace details, cutouts, and sparkles that make you feel irresistible. But it’s not just these details that matter; we like when they’re built to last. La Perla is a heritage brand made by women for women, with pieces crafted to elevate.

We also love the Embroidered Heart Unlined Bra from Love, Vera and the intricate Full On Glam longline bra from Gooseberry Intimates.

Third Love 24/7® Pima Cotton T-Shirt Bra

There’s nothing like wearing your favorite T-shirt but having boob spillage plunging through it. Third Love’s T-shirt bra combines smoothing fabric with an ideal cup fit for a breathable and everyday-wear bra under anything, but especially cotton tees. Not only is it comforting and smoothing, but it’s also inclusive of all cup sizes up to a size H. —Asia Milia Ware

Fits Everybody Crossover Bralette

I didn’t know I could wear bralettes until I tried Skims. As someone with double Ds, I always thought bralettes were out of the question because they lacked coverage. But when quarantine ended and I started going out again, I found it really uncomfortable to go back to underwire bras, so I opted for Skims’ bralette — and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only does it feel comfortable all day long, but it gives me the perfect cleavage and has a soothing and flattering fit.

Ultimate Sports Bra

You know those ads that won’t stop popping up on Instagram but look too good to be true? That’s what Shefit was for me. I saw its bras during my daily scrolls so often that I had to try one for myself — and I was amazed. I’ve tried a lot of high-impact sports bras, and this is in no way average. I love the fact that it has a zip front that’s secured with an auto lock, because I’ve had sports bras slowly zip down on me. The best part by far is the adjustable straps. You can customize the shoulder straps and the bust band for the most compressible and supportive fit. Good-bye to the days of jumping boobies: My morning runs and HIIT workouts will never be the same.

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